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Funky Resumes: Update on Socialists for Trump and Hitler ("The Assistance")

FTR #1082

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Latest Program Recorded is: FTR #1083 AOC and The Illegal Immigrant “Psy-Op”: More about Socialists for Trump and Hitler (“The Assistance”)

Mr. Emory has how finished and published AFA #39: “The World Will be Plunged into an Abyss . . . .”   Mr. Emory VERY much hopes listeners and readers will closely examine, record and disseminate this information. It may well be what the Nazi future will look like, up to a point.

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” . . . . An analysis of FEC filings shows that their network of PACs, LLCs, board and staff navigate in the same legal and ethical grey area their [AOC and Chakrabarati’s] entire ‘anti-dark money’ platform is based on combatting. . . .”

Saikat Chakrabarti

Supplementing previous discussion and analysis of the so-called progressive sector (the left-wing of the Democratic Party in particular), we delve further into information indicating that a goodly portion of same are, in fact, ringers. Elevated by people and interests that either are, or very much appear to be, clandestine creatures of the far-right, these “socialists for Trump and Hitler” are, in fact, The Assistance.

Recently, Donald Trump targeted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her compatriots in “The Squad” (as they have been christened) as exemplifying the Democratic Party. It is our contention that AOC, Bernie Sanders and, very possibly other members of that milieu, have been manipulated precisely to serve as racist foils for Team Trump and their foot soldiers in the paramilitary ranks of the “Alt-Right.”

In this program, we highlight the disconcerting CV’s of Saikat Chakrabarti, Cenk Uygur, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the PACs, as well as related entities created by Chakrabarti and underpinning AOC. Chakrabarti appears to be a political acolyte of Subhas Chandra Bose, “The Duce of Bengal.” In a YouTube segment defending AOC against criticism, the recently resigned Chakrabarti sported a T-shirt featuring the likeness of that key Indian fascist.

Subhas Chandra Bose

“Subhas Chandra” Chakrabarti ignited the war within the Democratic Party that he had intended. Noteworthy in his “funky resume” is the fact that he worked for Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund. James Comey was the firm’s chief legal counsel, before moving to head the FBI. Comey’s “reopening” of the Hillary Clinton e-mail non-scandal just before election day helped give Trump the victory.

Following his resignation this past week, “Subhas Chandra” Chakrabarti is now under investigation for his campaign finance activities: ” . . . The inquiry centers on two political action committees founded by Saikat Chakrabarti . . . . The two PACs being probed, Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats, were both set up by Chakrabarti to support progressive candidates across the country. . . . But they funneled more than $1 million in political donations into two private companies that Chakrabarti also incorporated and controlled, according to Federal Election Commission filings and a complaint filed in March with the regulatory agency. In 2016 and 2017, the PACs raised about $3.3 million, mostly from small donors. A third of the cash was transferred to two private companies whose names are similar to one of the PACs — Brand New Congress LLC and Brand New Campaign LLC — federal campaign filings show. . . .”

We suspect that the irregularities in Chakrabarti’s activities and the irregularities in Ocasio-Cortez’s resume and activities were not only deliberately preconceived, but are part of an electoral “Psy-Op” that will get considerable coverage in the 2020 campaign, possibly handing victory to Trump.

“Team AOC” will of, course, cry “racism” via  Twitter.

Subhas Chandra Bose Meets Hitler

AOC has already been handed Martyr Status by Donald Trump’s attacks, and we believe she may well become the face of the Democratic Party, as Team Trump wishes.

A blog post from The Medium notes the fishy elements of AOC’s CV, the questionable activities of the Chakrabarti entities and the indications that “Team AOC” has more in common with the very right-wing elements and individuals that they decry than anything that could be called “progressive:” ” . . . . independent research into her background and funding has revealed ‘Democratic Socialist’ Ocasio-Cortez is neither a progressive Democrat nor a good faith candidate. And for someone with an economics degree — one of the only claims on her resume that checks out — the 28-year-old candidate has a lot to learn about campaign finance and election law. At any other time, Ocasio-Cortez’ myriad red flags — her unlikely victory, antagonistic rhetoric, national amplification, and shady funding — would beg media scrutiny. . . .This new breed of supposed “progressives” — with their radicalized, anti-establishment fervor — appear to have more in common with that far-right insurgency [the Tea Party] than either group has with mainstream American politics. . . . But we are not living in ordinary times — a situation Ocasio-Cortez and her “progressive” posse are all too willing to exploit to accomplish their destructive goals. As natural as any evolution, the “Bernie or Bust” influence operation that infected our 2016 election is alive, well, and adapted for survival. It’s new useful idiots are Ocasio-Cortez and the murky entanglement of two new Political Action Committees (PACs)— founded by The Young Turks’ scandal-plagued host Cenk Uygur and a group of tech-savvy ex-Bernie campaign staffers. . . .”

Subhas Chandra Bose (left) networking with Heinrich Himmler.

Questionable aspects of Team AOC include:

  1. Her entrepreneurial pretense, which appears to be illusory.
  2. Her elevation of undergraduate/internship activities to be political posts.
  3. The dubious fabric of her Bronx working class cache: ” . . . . Ocasio-Cortez has claimed to be a ‘third-generation Bronxite’ from a ‘working class’ family. . . . She graduated from the predominately white Yorktown High School located in Yorktown Heights, NY, where the average household income is $141,254 and average household net worth is $1,192,838. . . .”
  4. The fact that she appears to have vetted herself as a candidate: ” . . . . A review of the core staff reveals significant crossover and a musical chairs of board members between the two [PACs]. Ocasio-Cortez assumed a leadership role with Justice Democrats sometime in 2017 — thereby effectively vetting herself for the role of candidate. . . .”
  5. Brand New Congress recruiting candidates to run as Republicans in red districts: ” . . . . Brand New Congress, the PAC we now see Ocasio-Cortez criss-crossing the country helping to promote, has the perplexing mission of ‘attempting to recruit Congressional candidates to run as Republicans in red districts.’ . . .”
  6. The contradictory nature of Team AOC’s activities is encapsulated in the following analytical synopsis: ” . . . . An analysis of FEC filings shows that their network of PACs, LLCs, board and staff navigate in the same legal and ethical grey area their entire “anti-dark money” platform is based on combatting. Beginning with Justice Democrats, the PAC has raised $2,100,399 over the course of the 2017–2018 election season. Yet over that same time period, the PAC has made zero independent expenditures in support of any candidates. In fact, dozens of candidates have instead made payments to Justice Democrats. . . .”
  7. The central role of the “Bernie Bots” in this unsavory activity: ” . . . . A review of disbursements reveals that of the $2,026,298 spent to date, over $600,000 for “strategic consulting” services was directed to Brand New Congress LLC — a business entity controlled by Chakrabarti. Another $1 million in contributions has been directed to ex-Bernie staffers or their firms. This includes $222,000 to Middle Seat Consulting LLC, run by Brand New Congress co-Founder Zack Exley, and about $800,000 in salaries and payroll costs. Because those LLCs have not disclosed financial reports, the public has no way of knowing what that money was used for. . . .”
  8. Brand New Congress also benefiting the Bernie Bots: ” . . . . A review of Brand New Congress PAC filings demonstrate a similar movement of fundraising donations into the pockets of ex-Bernie “consultants”. Of the $477,688 raised, no independent expenditures to candidates were made, yet $261,000 was paid to Brand New Congress LLC and over $100,000 was disbursed as salaries or payroll costs. . . .”
  9. A constellation of highly questionable activities in connection with AOC’s defeat of 10-term Congressman Joe Crowley, such as the role of the “Blue America” PAC, UK English copy: ” . . . . The meme-heavy social media pages for the PAC’s various websites pushed out vitriolic blog and social media posts during the primary, using budget graphics with British-English copy to promote hashtags like #AbolishICE #Berniewouldhavewon and #MobBossCrowley. . . .”

Program Highlights Include:

  • Review of key points of the fascist activities of “Team Bose.”
  • Review of Narendra Modi’s fushion of Hindutva fascism with Team Bose.
  • An overview of Cenk Uygur’s curious resume.




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