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Interview IV with Martin A. Lee

FTR #81

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The latest programs recorded are: FTR #961 Watergate and the Assassination of President Kennedy, Part 1FTR #962 Watergate and the Assassination of President Kennedy, Part 2  and FTR #963 Watergate and the Assassination of President Kennedy, Part 3

NB: Mr. Emory is putting the finishing touches on AFA #39, Titled “The World Will be Plunged into an Abyss . . . .” For The Record production will resume this week. Listeners are strongly encouraged to listen to four interviews with Martin A. Lee, author of “The Beast Reawakens.” Recorded 20 years ago, they are more relevant than ever.

TheBeastReawakensThe fourth of Mr. Emory’s interviews with Lee (the author of The Beast Reawakens, hardcover, Little Brown & Co., copyright 1997), these segments begin with discussion of the re-institution of Nazi elements in the German Army after World War II and disturbing signs that the seeds sown at that time are now resulting in a resurgence of fascism in the Bundeswehr.

In addition, the broadcast highlights Operation Stay Behind, a NATO contingency operation to set up anti-communist guerrilla groups in Europe (see numerous previous segments and archive programs on “the Strategy of Tension” and “Operation Gladio.”)

Other topics include: the re-emergence of Nazism in Germany; the analytical complexities of the subject of American and German agents who belong to fascist groups; the career of American fascist and U.S. government agent Roy Frankhouser; the Oklahoma City Bombing; the career of German fascist Andreas Strassmeier; internecine warfare within the American Nazi movement; David Duke and his connections to the Christian Coalition and the proto-fascist ideology of Pat Robertson.

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Pterrafractyl's Nest

Trumplandian Feudalism: Employ the Unemployed While Still Starving Them Did Trump suddenly drop his oft-repeated criticism of tradition unemployment reporting and assertions that in reality its 42 percent and 94 million American adults are out of work? Well, as we're going to see, probably not because his administration is still planning on redefining the "official" unemployment rate to be much "looser" and his claims that 42 percent if American adults are out of work are necessary to achieve a long-held GOP goal championed by House Speaker Paul Ryan: converting the US safety-net - including Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security - into a "work for a pittance to get a pittance of government support"-net that traps the poor in system where if you have to find full time work to get any help at all. Maybe even for the elderly. And the help you get in return for that work-requirement will keep shrinking year after year. It's a plan that can't happen unless almost all non-working adults are defined as "unemployed". So, no, Trump didn't change his mind. He just still thinks we're all stupid (maybe). Read more »