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We are pleased to announce that a new, 32GB flash drive containing all of Dave Emory's 35 + years of work is available for a tax-deductible contribution of $65.00 or more. The drive contains all of the material on the Spitfirelist.com website, plus videotaped lectures on the relationship between fascism and organized religion and one about the background of Barack Obama. The new drive is current as of 10/02/2014. Whereas the old, 16GB drive had little capacity for new material, the new, 32GB drive has plenty of spare capacity to which listeners can save new printed and/or recorded material. Read more »

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The Fires this Time: Update on the Ukraine

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In addi­tion to detail­ing the maneu­ver­ing sur­round­ing the abun­dant nat­ural gas reserves in Ukraine, the pro­gram high­lights efforts by the EU and U.S. fos­sil fuel inter­ests to manip­u­late the Ukrain­ian cri­sis to their advan­tage. Access­ing excel­lent work by Robert Parry, the broad­cast under­scores the Orwellian cov­er­age of the cri­sis by U.S. and Ger­man media. Delib­er­ately avoid­ing dis­cus­sion of the Nazi char­ac­ter of the Ukrain­ian pro­vi­sional gov­ern­ment, West­ern media have obfus­cated the delib­er­ate burn­ing alive of pro-Russian pro­test­ers in the East­ern part of the coun­try. Appar­ently assisted by ele­ments of Amer­i­can and Ger­man intel­li­gence, the neo-Nazi OUN/B suc­ces­sors in Ukraine are affil­i­ated with The Order, best known for hav­ing mur­dered radio talk show host Alan Berg.

FTR #794

For The Record record­ing is now occur­ring on a reg­u­lar basis. The lat­est pro­grams recorded are FTR #814 and 815.

NB: For The Record is back on WFMU! The broad­cast airs on Tues­days, from 7–8 pm East­ern Time. The For The Record audio files are archived HERE. You can sub­scribe to WFMU’s Pod­cast of For The Record HERE.



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Pterrafractyl's Nest

Knock, Knock? Who’s There? Either a Strongbox or a Wall Safe. It’s Undecided. In this post we're going to take a look at the recent Supreme Court ruling on 4th amendment rights and smartphones and how this ruling could impact the ongoing debate over NSA spying. We're also going to look at the other side of the coin: the 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination during a time when encryption tools strong enough to thwart law enforcement and the NSA are becoming increasingly mainstream. Is encryption like a strongbox or a wall safe? You might be surprised by just how important that question has become. Read more »

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