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FTR #820 Interview with Ed Haslam about Ebola and the New Edition of “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”

Revisiting the heroic Ed Haslam, we highlight new points of information from his book “Dr. Mary’s Monkey,” as well as setting forth information about Ebola, indicating that the official version of the evolution of that deadly disease is badly skewed. Key points of information in Ed’s new edition include the J. Edgar Hoover’s order to preclude FBI involvement in the investigation of Dr. Mary Sherman’s murder; Meyer Lansky aide Chauncey Holt’s links to Lee Harvey Oswald, the CIA and Operation Mongoose (the Agency’s anti-Castro effort); Stanley Stumpf’s possible role in moving Dr. Mary Sherman’s body; the Warren Commission’s omission of Oswald’s signed time cards from the Reilly Coffee Company; Victoria and Owen Hawes’ account of Oswald’s visits to a neighbor of Dr. Mary Sherman and the possible disposal of bio-waste in the neighbor’s toilet; crime scene photos of Dr. Mary Sherman’d corpse that disprove the official version of her killing; the CIA’s complete redaction of “Crown Jewel #1”–the Agency’s activities between the late 1950’s and 1964.

FTR #648 Arthur Who?

” . . . With the segregationist icon Wallace out of the way, Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” of sweeping the racist vote and the deep South in particular was in a position to succeed. . . .”

FTR #644 Interview with Ed Haslam About Dr. Mary’s Monkey

Haslam’s investigations into JFK assassination, CIA cover-up, and iatrogenic (man-made) epidemics.

FTR #597 Interview with Ed Haslam about Dr. Mary’s Monkey

AIDS as biological weapon; Dr Alton Ochsner, Dr Mary Sherman; polio vaccine SV40 contaminant; covert operations against Castro; JFK assassination.

FTR #316 Update on the Politics of SV40

A contaminant in the original polio vaccine, the SV40 appears to be the cause of a soft-tissue cancer epidemic.

FTR #190 Interview with Bill Davy

Listen: MP3 Side 1 | Side 2 The 1991 release of the Oliver Stone film JFK led to the release of previously classified government documents about the Kennedy assassination. Relying on some of this recently released documentation and his own extensive probing of the case, author Bill Davy has crafted a brilliant and thoroughly readable […]

FTR #19 Interview with Ed Haslam

Connections between JFK assassination, medical research, and cancer epidemic that is sweeping the U.S., viral contamination of the polio vaccine. Research may also have led to the accidental or deliberate creation of AIDS.

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