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Nazi and German Support for the Apartheid Government

In the aftermath of Nelson Mandela’s passing, it is important to remember the true nature of the forces he opposed and the fact that they did NOT disappear with the demise of Apartheid. In FTR #225, among other programs, we examined the Nazi heritage of the Broederbond, the primary power center of the Apartheid government of South Africa. In Miscellaneous Archive Show M8, we noted the profound German role in aiding the South African effort to develop the atomic bomb. An incisive post by German-Foreign-Policy.com (which feeds along the bottom of the front page) supplements the information in these programs.

FTR #754 The Adventures of Eddie the Friendly Spook, Part 1: Dramatis Personae, Part 1 (Citizen Greenwald)

Glenn Greenwald’s no defender of human rights. He defended the rights of Nazi murderers and terrorists, doing so pro-bono. Using the rubric of “protected free speech,” he ran interference for the leaderless resistance strategy, defending the National Alliance, whose books are intended as instructional manuals for terrorists and assassins. He violated legal ethics while defending Nazi leader Matthew Hale. He defended Hale when he was accused of soliciting the murder of Judge Joan Lefkow (Hale was convicted.)

Snowden’s Ride, Part 7: Citizen Greenwald, The National Alliance and The Underground Reich

In our last post, we highlighted Greenwald’s five-year long representation of Matthew Hale, head of the World Church of the Creator. In addition to Hale, Greenwald also represented a consortium of neo-Nazi/White Supremacist groups, including the National Alliance. Accused of inciting followers to racist violence, The National Alliance was defended by Greenwald in order to preserve their right to free speech. National Alliance books are specifically crafted to incite murder and terrorism. National Alliance head William Luther Pierce networked with Nazis in Latin America, as did the terrorist group The Order, which his work inspired. UPDATED ON 7/20/2013, 7/29/2013.

FTR #642 Update on the Anthrax Attacks, AIDS and Biological Warfare

Following suicide of Dr. Bruce Ivins, 2001 anthrax attacks return to journalistic center stage.

FTR #520 Update on Neo-Nazis & White Supremacists

Recorded August 7, 2005REALAUDIONB: This stream contains both FTR #s 520 and 521 in sequence. Each is a 30 minute broadcast. As the title indicates, this broadcast highlights old and new stories about white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Beginning with coverage of the Atlanta child murders that dominated the news in 1980, the program sets forth […]

FTR #443 The Serpent’s Diaries Pt. II (Neo-Nazis and 9/11)

Neo-nazis, Islamofascists and 9/11

FTR #419 Looking back at the Anthrax Attacks

Listen: MP3 Side 1 | Side 2 RealAudio This program documents key areas of overlap between the activities of Aryan Nations activist Larry Harris and Dr. Larry Ford, who had worked on deadly biological warfare agents with, and for the CIA and the now infamous Project Coast in South Africa. Harris was arrested by the […]

FTR #407 Pecunia Nervus Belli

“The title translates: ‘Money is the sinew of war.'”

FTR #399 The Serpent’s Diaries

Neo-Nazi “novels,” ‘Serpent’s Walk’ and ‘The Turner Diaries,’ as blueprints and manifestos, predicting triumphant return of the Third Reich, destruction of the U.S.

FTR #391 Discussion Points on 9/11 and Related Topics

Fascist and Nazi links dating from the 1920s involving Bush family, Arab and Muslim fascists, the Saudi elite and the Underground Reich, perpetrators of 9/11.

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