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FTR #847 Interview (#10) with Peter Levenda about “The Hitler Legacy”

In this broadcast, we continue to “Follow the Money” and analyze its primary role in the perpetuation of Nazism and its attendant methodologies and resultant ills. Peter notes that the postwar Nazi Underground constituted a “government-in-exile” and “an army in exile.” “Following the money” moved by what Mr. Emory calls The Underground Reich inevitably leads to Francois Genoud, Hjalmar Schacht and the extensive postwar Nazi connections to Middle Eastern anti-colonial, anti-Israel and terrorist milieux. The Third Reich and its postwar underground manifestation directly impacted, intersected with, and formed the operational template for, many of the world’s terrorist organizations. Recapping previous discussion of the Third Reich as a “cult” or spiritual movement, Peter notes that this “Underground Reich” not only is a parallel entity to contemporary Islamist terror groups, but has actively dovetailed with them. Program highlights include: terrorists’ abuse of the ancient hawala system of money transfer; discussion of the Bank Al-Taqwa; the use of Islamists against China; analysis of the “Tri-Border” area in Latin America; Germany’s return to power in Europe.

FTR #705 Update on 9/11 and Related Matters

Islamist terror, drug smuggling and weapons trafficking are closely linked; major aviation networks serve all three and could be used to strike the U.S. with WMD’s; GOP and Grover Norquist are very close to these elements.

FTR #583 Update on Islamic Fascism

Islamic fascism and its links with fascists from Europe and America and relationships going back to the Third Reich are highlighted in this program.

FTR #467 Fifth Column, Part IV

GOP kingmaker Grover Norquist’s active recruitment of Islamists to the Republican cause.

FTR #457 Three’s a Crowd—Terrorism and the Triple Border Area

Recorded April 25, 2004 REALAUDIO Listen: MP3 Side 1  Side 2 Introduction: Exposing a truly terrifying political reality, this program details the development of the Triple Border area of Latin America as an operational epicenter for terrorist groups. In addition to Islamist groups such as Al Qaeda and Hezbollah, the region has become a base for […]

FTR #454 The War President in Action

Recorded April 4, 2004 Listen: MP3 Side 1 | Side 2 RealAudio Archiving important material from past broadcasts about the Bush administration’s record on combating terrorism, this program evaluates the performance of this “war president” (as Bush characterized himself in a recent interview.) Not only has the administration run interference for powerful Saudi interests (with […]

FTR #425 Closing the Ring: An Update on 9/11

Fascist milieu of Al Taqwa and the Muslim Brotherhood; investigation and harassment of Operation Green Quest investigators by the FBI and the CIA.

FTR #423 I’ve Got a Secret: Update on 9/11 and Related Subjects

White House facilitated the escape of Saudi elite; update on Al Taqwa-Nada Management-Saddam Hussein links.

FTR #403 Lets Make a Deal (None Dare Call It Treason)

The title is a reference to two deals that are significant to an analysis of the events of 9/11, as well as the Iraq war.

FTR #402 Pincer’s Movement

Islamofascist and white supremacist links, twin elements of a pincers movement directed by the Underground Reich.

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