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FTR #414 Islam Under the Swastika & its Implications for Today

Historical background of contemporary Islamofascism, collaboration between Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and key elements of the Islamic world.

FTR #413 Looking Back and Looking Ahead

France’s arrest of German suspect Christian Ganczanski may shed light on al Qaeda’s operations.

FTR #410 Déjà Vu All Over Again

Influence of the U.S. invasion of Iraq on Al Qaeda activities; totalitarian rule of the House of Saud.

FTR #393 Love Means Never Having To Say You’re Saudi

Institutional connections among elements of the Saudi elite and the Al Qaeda milieu.

FTR #391 Discussion Points on 9/11 and Related Topics

Fascist and Nazi links dating from the 1920s involving Bush family, Arab and Muslim fascists, the Saudi elite and the Underground Reich, perpetrators of 9/11.

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Martin BormannMartin Borman, Nazi in Exile by Paul Manning. German corporate capital flight program in the waning years of WWII.
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