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FTR #456 Compendium on Nazi and Fascist Connections to 9/11

Documentation of Nazi and fascist connections to 9/11.

FTR #416 Fascism, Islamism & Terrorism

Political, economic and historical overlap of Muslim Brotherhood and Axis powers of Europe; philosophy of Sayyid Qutb and decisive influence on Ayman Al Zawahiri.

FTR #414 Islam Under the Swastika & its Implications for Today

Historical background of contemporary Islamofascism, collaboration between Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and key elements of the Islamic world.

FTR #402 Pincer’s Movement

Islamofascist and white supremacist links, twin elements of a pincers movement directed by the Underground Reich.

FTR #395 Tangled Webs: Deep Politics, Para-Politics, and Proxy War in the Middle East

Deep political maneuvering in relation to the conflict in Iraq.

FTR #397 The Virtual State & Machiavellian Politics

The program highlights Underground Reich presence on both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

FTR #383 Interview with Kevin Coogan

Historical and contemporary fascism that are not generally known.

FTR #371 Interview with Kevin Coogan

Political and historical context of 9/11/2001; Kevin Coogan’s landmark book on American fascist Francis Parker Yockey.

Achmed Huber, The Avalon Gemeinschaft, and the Swiss “New Right”

Achmed Huber is not only a devout Muslim, but also a leading member of the pagan Swiss-based Avalon Gemeinschaft.

The Mysterious Achmed Huber: Friend to Hitler, Allah . . . and Bin Laden?

Achmed Albert Friedrich Armand Huber, a former Swiss journalist with close ties both to Islamic fundamentalists and far-right extremists.

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