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FTR #787 The Muslim Brotherhood Spring (I Told You So)

We recall the tsunami of praise, Hosan­nas and Hal­lelu­jahs gush­ing forth from the world’s media and polit­i­cal pun­ditry, hail­ing the “Arab Spring” as the dawn­ing of a new enlight­en­ment in that part of the world, they missed the boat–-fundamentally. We, on the other hand, were warn­ing that this phe­nom­e­non was an Under­ground Reich oper­a­tion. Events in Egypt and Turkey have borne out our hypoth­e­sis in grimly con­vinc­ingly fashion.

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? The Clipper Chip and Four Horsemen.

Angela Merkel made an omi­nous announce­ment last week. She wants to move ahead with walling off the EU’s web traf­fic and begin a “mas­sive” counter-espionage cam­paign against the US and its Five Eyes part­ners. Brazil is mov­ing ahead with its plans to remake the inter­net, includ­ing local data stor­age require­ments and state-encrypted web ser­vices sim­i­lar to Germany’s new anti-NSA state-backed email ser­vices. So domes­tic spy­ing could be on the rise, the inter­net itself is at risk, and state-encryption ser­vices are now being offered as an anti-NSA panacea. Main­streamed unbreak­able encryp­tion is also com­ing with­out a debate. An old enemy of pri­vacy, the Clip­per Chip, has returned in a new form. And its own arch-nemeses, the Four Horse­men of the Infopoca­lypse, are back too. And there are no obvi­ous ways to unin­vite these guests with­out a long talk

EU Buys Bees A Breather With Neonicotinoid Ban. Bees’ Goose Still Cookin’

In the quest to pre­vent a col­lapse in the global bee pop­u­la­tion, few approaches look more promis­ing than sim­ply ban­ning the use of neon­i­coti­noids in agri­cul­ture. To the EU’s credit, that’s exactly what was done last May when the EU passed a two-year ban on nicoti­noid usage. For life on earth it was the bee’s knees, although the Life Sci­ences indus­try wasn’t entirely pleased. But the bees aren’t out of the oven yet. For a lot of reasons.

“Anything Can Be Arranged in Pakistan”

“Van­field” calls to our atten­tion a very impor­tant story from The Times of India that high­lights pos­si­ble equip­ping of jihadists with nukes. Pak­istani and Indian jihadis heav­ily over­lap the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood, a ter­ri­fy­ing prospect. The pos­si­bil­ity that one or more jihadi nukes may be used at some point in the future is one to be taken into account.

Walkin’ the [Islamist] Snake at Annapolis: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrating the U.S. Naval Academy

For many years, we’ve cov­ered the activ­i­ties of the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood, an Islamic fas­cist orga­ni­za­tion allied with the Axis in World War II and West­ern intel­li­gence ser­vices dur­ing the Cold War. Now, the Broth­er­hood is infil­trat­ing the U.S. Naval Acad­emy. Pro­fes­sors there are linked to the enti­ties tar­geted by Oper­a­tion Green Quest.

Blast from the Past: Reagan, George H.W. Bush Administrations Aided Secret Japanese Nuclear Weapons Program

Rea­gan, Bush I admin­is­tra­tions secretly armed Japan with weapons-grade plu­to­nium. Space explo­ration projects a cover for Japan­ese nuclear arms devel­op­ment. How far do these ten­ta­cles reach?

Introduction to Anti-fascist books

by Dave Emory. Inci­sive analy­ses pub­lished before, dur­ing and imme­di­ately after World War II.

Muslim Brotherhood/Islamist Coup Attempt in Bangladesh

Islam­o­fas­cist Mus­lim Broth­er­hood behind recent coup attempt in Bangladesh.

Depressing, Terrifying Article about Pakistan’s Nukes

Pak­istani nukes being dri­ven in easily-hijacked vans. Extrem­ists could access them eas­ily. Pak­istani lead­er­ship more afraid of U.S. than Islamists.

FTR #745 WikiFascism, Part 2

Wik­iLeaks’ res­i­dent fas­cist Jermas/Shamir piv­otally involved with estab­lish­ing Wik­iLeaks in Swe­den; Julian Assange a com­pul­sive Jew-baiter with a Dar­win­ian, eugen­ics phi­los­o­phy. Enlist­ing a mys­te­ri­ous “nanny” to run impor­tant func­tions for Wik­iLeaks, Assange may well be part of the San­tikine­tan Park cult.

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