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AFA 14: The World Anti-Communist League, Pt. 1

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(Recorded January 14, 1986)

Obscured by a name-change and the sands of time, the former World Anti-Communist League (WACL) has been eclipsed. Despite relative obscurity, the organization played a significant role in the politics of the second half of the 20th century. The first of a two-part series, this program documents the League’s composition and activities, with particular emphasis on WACL elements in Asia and Europe.

Mr. Emory’s analysis focuses on the League (WACL), as the reformation of the Hitler-Goebbels Anti-Comintern of 1939-40. (The Anti-Comintern was a Third Reich-led, international consortium of fascists, fashioned by the Fuehrer and his propaganda chief. In addition to coordinating international fascist groups, it functioned as a “sales tool” with which the Nazis could use anti-communism to peddle their movement to conservatives.) The broadcast documents the overtly fascist antecedents of many of the individuals and organizations involved with WACL.

With its roots in the original Anti-Comintern, the American Security Council is a key American link to WACL. Created by former FBI agents disgruntled at the demise of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s “investigations,” the American Security Council coalesced around the files of Harry Jung’s American Vigilance Intelligence Federation. (Virulently anti-Semitic, Jung’s organization was part of the original Anti-Comintern prior to World War II.) Counting among its ranks some of the most prominent names on the far right, the organization kept track of those it considered “subversive.” The group shared its political intelligence with prospective employers (particularly defense contractors.)

Third Reich veterans belonging to the European branch of WACL ran a similar organization in Germany; some of its principals had been with the Goebbels propaganda ministry and the original Anti-Comintern, as well.

In addition to MacArthur’s former intelligence chief (and doctrinaire fascist) Charles Willoughby, one of the ASC’s most important members was General Albert Wedemeyer, a lynch-pin of the China Lobby. Recapitulating parts of AFAs 7 & 11, the broadcast sets forth the links between international fascism, the China Lobby and the Asian Peoples’ Anti-Communist League or APACL (the Asian branch of WACL.) In addition to the fascist heritage of the Kuomintang (Chiang Kai-Shek’s political party) , the program highlights the significant participation of the Moon organization and Japanese war criminals in the APACL. Royichi Sasakawa and Yoshio Kodama (both accused war criminals freed by the United States) were prominent in both the Unification Church and APACL.

One of WACL’s central elements, the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN) was essentially a re-naming of the Committee of Subjugated Nations, formed by Hitler in 1943. Comprised of fascist organizations allied with Hitler, such as the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists/Bandera or OUN/B and Hungarian Arrow Cross, the ABN advocated an anti-communist approach that not only favored the rolling back of Soviet influence from Eastern Europe, but the dissolution of the Soviet Union into its constituent republics. A political goal of the Third Reich, the eventual resolution of events in the manner favored by ABN wasn’t accidental. (AFA #’s 36 & 37 document the role of ABN elements in the destabilization of the former Soviet Union.)

One of the elements represented in the ABN is the pan-Turkist movement. Allied with Nazi Germany in World War II and fascist in nature, the pan-Turkists had long sought to carve up the Soviet Union and restore the Ottomon Empire. The main contemporary vehicle of pan-Turkism is the National Action Party and its youth wing, the Grey Wolves. Founded by Alparslan Turkes (who advocated a war-time alliance between Turkey and Nazi Germany), its best-known member is Mehmet Ali Agca, convicted of shooting the Pope. An associate of the National Action Party, Ruzy Nazar, represented the ABN at a WACL conference in Dallas in 1984.

Next, the broadcast sets forth the history of the Promethean League, a pre-World War II anti-communist confederation. A direct predecessor of WACL, the Promethean League was based in Paris and had as its goal, the break-up of the former Soviet Union. It united a number of elements that also worked for the Nazis during the war and WACL afterward, including pan-Turkist and Ukrainian Nationalist elements.

Program highlights include: the role of the American branch of WACL in generating support for the Contras; Turkes’ role as a key Turkish representative to NATO; Ruzy Nazar’s participation in an SS unit notorious for it extreme brutality; collaboration between Grey Wolf elements and Italian fascists associated with the P-2 Lodge and the Strategy of Tension (see AFA #’s 19-21); the career of SS veteran Theodor Oberlander, a Nazi war criminal and WACL member; the extermination of the Lvov (Ukraine) ghetto by the Einsatzgruppe Nightingale, composed of Ukrainian fascists associated with the OUN/B and commanded by Oberlander; Martin Bormann’s creation of 750 corporations near the end of World War II, in order to finance the creation of a Fourth Reich.