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AFA 15: The World Anti-Communist League, Pt. 2

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(Recorded March 18, 1986)

Continuing the discussion from AFA-14, this broadcast sets forth the operations of the Nazi and fascist elements described in that program at greater length. The first part of the program highlights the relationship between fascist elements of U.S. intelligence, the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (Mexico), the Latin American Branch of the former World Anti-Communist League, and the formation and operation of Latin American Death Squads.

Operating under the banner of the “White Hand,” Latin American Death Squads were coordinated by the CAL (WACL’s Latin American affiliate) and had the University as its epicenter. The program analyzes the genesis of this relationship in Guatemala, arising out of the 1954 CIA-backed coup that overthrew Jacobo Arbenz. Utilizing CAL, elements of the CIA midwived the formation of the terror apparatus that sewed death and destruction in Guatemala and other Latin American countries in succeeding decades. (In March of 1999, President Clinton apologized on behalf of the United States for the bloodshed that the United States had been responsible for in Guatemala.)

The program sets forth the pre-World War II background of “Los Tecos,” the Mexican branch of CAL (based in Guadalajara.) Allied with Adolf Hitler, tutored by a member who had studied in Nazi Germany and espousing an anti-semitic and anti-Catholic occultism, Los Tecos dominate the Autonomous University. Founded, in part, by the U.S. State Department and Agency for International Development (the latter a frequent cover for U.S. intelligence operations abroad), the University serves as an ideological training ground and operational coordinating center for the terror units of the White Hand. (This information was supplied by a member of the Honduran branch of the death squad apparatus.)

The broadcast highlights the milieu’s operations in El Salvador and Nicaragua, both operations coordinated with Ronald Reagan’s CIA and both assisted (particularly in the beginning) by Argentine fascists. In addition, the program delineates the on-going relationship between the Autonomous University and thirteen different American universities. Visiting American students are obliged to comply with ideological training mandated by Los Tecos.

The second half of the program presents information about the role of WACL elements in the assassination of President Kennedy. (The broadcast sets forth the thesis that the assassination was critical to the eventual formation of WACL. In 1963, the elements that were to formally coalesce as WACL were part of the W.A.C.C.F.L. – the World Anti-Communist Congress for Freedom and Liberation.) Much of the broadcast centers on disinformation (disseminated by WACCFL-related elements) pointing to Lee Harvey Oswald as a KGB-trained assassin.

Attempting to pin the assassination on the Soviets and/or Cubans, these elements spurred many liberals to endorse the “Oswald as lone-nut” hypothesis. They were afraid that the assassination could lead to nuclear war, if the perception gained hold that Oswald was a communist. A central element in this disinformation ploy was an attempt to connect the JFK assassination to the death of Ukrainian fascist Stephan Bandera. Allegedly performed by an alleged KGB assassin named Bogdan Stashynsky, Bandera’s murder took place on the same day that Oswald “defected” to the Soviet Union. (As described in AFA-14, Bandera and his OUN/B were key elements of the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations.)

WACCFL elements disseminated the lie that Oswald was trained at the same facility as Stashynsky, and that the JFK hit was part of a Soviet program of assassination of Western political leaders. It should be noted that WACL-related elements also figured prominently in the “handling” of Oswald in New Orleans, Dallas and (possibly) the Soviet Union.

Program highlights include: Kennedy’s efforts to improve relations with the Soviet Union, including his June, 1963 speech at American University that acknowledged the Soviet Union’s primary role in the defeat of Hitler and which called for a re-examination America’s attitude toward the Cold War; Spas T. Raikin’s greeting of the alleged traitor Oswald upon his return from the Soviet Union (Raikin was a former head of the American Friends of the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations); Guy Bannister’s detective agency as the headquarters of the Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean (later incorporated into WACL); Bannister aide Maurice Brooks Gatlin’s role in the formation of WACL; New Orleans Mafioso Carlos Marcello’s association with Antonio Valladares, his Guatemalan attorney and a key figure in the formation of CAL (Marcello was connected to the JFK assassination); the role of WACCFL spokesperson Salvador Diaz Verson in disseminating the Oswald/Stashynsky/KGB canard; Ilya Mamantov and Igor Voshinin’s handling of Marina Oswald after the assassination (both men were fascists associated with the WACCFL milieu); Charles Willoughby’s International Committee for the Defense of Christian Culture, an international fascist intelligence network uniting Third Reich veterans with members of Texas’ Hunt family; discussion of possible WACL connections to the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme.


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  1. During my research of the Moon Leadership that started in 1975, I discovered the alliance between the WACL and Reverend Moon in Tokyo and Seoul. The Anderson Book “Inside the League” (1986) disclosed the start of this alliance with such Yakuzi Stars as Sasakawa and Kodama, who were released from prison by the CIA in order to fight communism.
    Mister Moon received support from Korean CIA director Kim Jong Pil since 1964 according to a CIA memo.
    L.H.Oswald was prepared by the CIA to kill the president.
    Europa-WACL was directed by the belgium general Robert Close.
    Since 1978, the WACL became infiltrated by neo-nazis.
    The principal fundraisers for the WACL in South East Asia were Prince Khaled of Saudi Arabia and Mister Moon of Seoul, Korea.

    Posted by moonwatcher | October 19, 2010, 3:02 am
  2. […] Spitfire List, The World Anti-Communist League, Pt. 1; Pt. 2 […]

    Posted by More WACL links « kungfuzi | March 29, 2011, 2:52 am
  3. Part 2 of my WACL series on the Bolivian Cocaine Coup, the Fascist Argentine junta of 76, The role of Taiwan in Latin America JFK, and Bush’s sinister reign as CIA director in 1976 and more. Plus I drew heavily on Dave Emory’s episodes on the destabilization of the Soviet Union which sadly almost no one else bothered to investigate.
    A great book on Argentina is “Incomplete transition: Military Power and Democracy in Argentina” By J. Patrice McSherry. Definitely reminded me a bit of Ukraine with a neo-liberal brand of Fascism going on a murderous rampage.

    Posted by Hugo Turner | August 15, 2016, 2:32 pm
  4. I read Peter Dale Scott’s new book Dallas 63 last week and he adds further confirmation and information to your thesis on the role of wacl linked groups in the assassination plus a great chapter on William Pawley.

    Posted by Hugo Turner | January 28, 2017, 10:11 am
  5. A reporter sent me this great Article from the 80’s involving WACL in El Salvador with a couple of interesting Nazi connections as well.

    Posted by Hugo Turner | July 5, 2018, 7:33 pm

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