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AFA 16: AIDS — Epidemic or Weapon?

Part 1 47:33 | Part 2 47:35 | Part 3 47:27 | Part 4 47:22 | Part 5 46:35
(Recorded April 23, 1986)

NB: Much of the printed source material for AFA #16, as well as critical supplemental documentation is available in the description for FTR #606. FTR #686 features detailed information about the NCI/Ft. Detrick connection.

For all of the media attention devoted to the AIDS epidemic, comparatively little notice has been given to very disturbing evidence suggesting that the disease is man-made. Recorded in April of 1986, this program set forth this evidence, anticipating a path of inquiry followed by numerous researchers in the years since it was recorded.

Beginning with American post-war shepherding of the personnel and files of Unit 731 (a notorious Japanese biological warfare center that specialized in experimenting on POW’s, including Americans), the broadcast documents a history of U.S. chemical and biological warfare experiments on unwitting human subjects. In particular, the American CBW research precipitated joint U.S./British experiments on Third World populations, including people in areas where AIDS first appeared.

One of the problems bedeviling biological warfare researchers was that infectious micro-organisms don’t distinguish between “friendly” and “unfriendly” targets – they are likely to infect one’s own personnel, as well as the enemy. To correct this, American researchers focused on biological differences between population groups that could be exploited for BW purposes. By 1962, the Pentagon employed 40 full-time geneticists.

In 1969, a Dr. MacArthur addressed a congressional sub-committee preparing the defense budget for the next fiscal year. In his address, Dr. MacArthur suggested that advances in genetic engineering could permit the creation of immune-destroying biological warfare weapons “within the next 5 to 10 years.” Most of AFA-16 consists of exploration of evidence that AIDS resulted from the successful realization of the project envisioned by MacArthur.

Particular emphasis is on the National Cancer Institute’s relationship to Fort Detrick (the Army’s top BW research facility), as well as NCI’s research into viral causes of cancer. Having allegedly “discovered” the HIV, the National Cancer Institute has co-habited Ft. Detrick, along with the Army, since 1971. Tabbed by Nixon to lead his “war on cancer,” the NCI requisitioned Litton Bionetics to administer its Ft. Detrick facility. Originally christened as Bionetics Research Systems Incorporated, Litton Bionetics was a subsidiary of Litton Industries, a major defense contractor with significant ties to the Nixon administration. (Bionetics Research Systems Inc. had been involved with researching viral cancers in conjunction with NCI for several years.)

Shortly after the “discovery” of the AIDS virus was announced in the spring of 1984, the National Security Agency reclassified the NCI’s files “Top Secret.” No satisfactory explanation was given for the decision.

A critical portion of the program highlights the research of doctors and other medical professionals who share the belief that genetic engineering techniques may have been employed to create AIDS. The broadcast includes several supplements, recorded since the original 1986 recording.

Program highlights include: AIDS “discoverer” Dr. Robert Gallo’s work on immune-suppressant retro-viruses, undertaken on behalf of Bionetics Research Systems in the late 1960’s (this work was done in conjunction with Ft. Detrick veterans as part of the NCI’s research into cancer-causing viruses); connections between the NCI’s viral cancer research program and the Naval Biosciences Laboratory in Oakland; the possibility that AIDS may have been distributed in Africa via the smallpox vaccination program; possible connections between AIDS and Swine Fever (allegedly used as a BW weapon against Cuban livestock during U.S. attempts to oust Castro); the hypothesis that AIDS may result from “cross-vectoring” (simultaneous infection with different pathogenic organisms); the possibility that AIDS may have been distributed in the U.S. via an experimental Hepatitis B vaccination program; the apparent intelligence background of Dr. Wolf Szmuness (who supervised the experimental Hepatitis B vaccine program); the fascistic use of AIDS to stigmatize and oppress those who suffer from the disease.


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