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AFA 23: The Terror Connection, Pt. 2

California Under Ronald Reagan

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(Recorded August 28, 1986)

When Ronald Reagan was Governor of California, the state was the focal point of a number of highly visible, influential and politically-connected murders and terrorist plots (real and alleged) associated with activism in the African-American community and/or anti-Vietnam war movement. This program sets forth and analyzes evidence linking much of this violence to infiltration and provocation by elements of law-enforcement and the intelligence community.

The broadcast begins with discussion of the Criminal Conspiracy Section of the Los Angeles Police Department, an intelligence unit of LAPD involved with political espionage, frequently conducted in conjunction with elements of the federal law enforcement and intelligence establishment (FBI and CIA in particular.) Targeting elements of the political left (the Black Panthers and related elements in particular), the unit was alleged by Louis Tackwood (one of its operatives) to have deliberately engaged in criminal activities, including murder. The unit operated outside of the city of Los Angeles and even outside of California. (By functioning outside of its municipal jurisdiction, the unit was operating illegally.)

One of Tackwood’s most startling revelations concerns the “Squad 19” or “San Diego” conspiracy. Tackwood’s disclosures outline a plan for the CCS (operating in concert with elements of the CIA and the Nixon White House) to stage a violent incident at the 1972 Republican Convention in San Diego. This incident, to be blamed on “left-wing militants,” was to be used as a pretext for suspending the ’72 elections and, in effect, instituting martial law. (Tackwood passed a polygraph examination and his allegations were substantiated by the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and Newsweek.)

Next, the program discusses Operation Garden Plot, a late’60’s and early ‘70’s program which coordinated local police, FBI, and military intelligence activities against the political left, the anti-Vietnam war movement in particular. Supervised by then Reagan legal adviser Edwin Meese (later U.S. Attorney General under Reagan), the undertaking spawned the plans for martial law, which were developed by Oliver North’s National Security Council in the 1980’s. (AFA-23 directly anticipated the Rex 84 martial law contingency plans that were publicly revealed in July of 1987, nearly a year later.)

Much of the program deals with abundant evidence that the Symbianese Liberation Army were an “agents provateurs,” operating on behalf of elements of the federal government. This portion of the broadcast draws on the seminal research on the SLA by Mr. Emory’s dear friend and colleague the late Mae Brussell.

Program Highlights Include: evidence linking the CCS’s operations to a number of violent deaths in the Black Panther Party; Tackwood’s contention that the CCS was involved in the framing of Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt (a Black Panther Party member wrongly convicted of murder and later freed after decades of imprisonment); Tackwood’s contention that CCS was involved in the death of black activist George Jackson and that of his brother; Tackwood’s allegation that CCS was involved in framing black activist Angela Davis; evidence linking the Squad 19 conspiracy to Watergate; evidence suggesting that the operations originally scheduled for San Diego may have evolved into disturbances at the convention in Miami (the event was moved to that city); evidence that the various crimes of the SLA were aided and abetted by local police, as well as elements of the federal law enforcement establishment; evidence that the SLA’s operations served as a pretext for cracking down on political activism and restricting civil liberties; information indicating that the operations that took place in California under the Reagan gubernatorial administrations served as the foundation for similar machinations conducted at the federal level when Reagan became President.


2 comments for “AFA 23: The Terror Connection, Pt. 2”

  1. Great program. Too Relavant to the news of the day.

    Posted by GK | February 11, 2013, 11:51 am
  2. The disturbing manifesto of Christopher Dorner brought to mind the allegations of informant/whistleblower Louis Tackwood and the controversy around Mark Furhman during th OJ Simpson Trial.


    Was Dorner’s rampage simply the act of a disgruntled ex-cop, or could this be a weird unfortunate addition to the intellegence connected California Violences like SLA and the Zodiac Killings?
    Is it possible Dorner was subjected to mind control like Jack Ruby probably was? What was the psychological effect of the rampage on the civilian population, and on the authorities?

    Posted by GK | February 24, 2013, 12:12 pm

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