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AFA 3: Reinhard Gehlen & His Organization

Part 1 45:14 | Part 2 41:09 | Part 3 46:10 | Part 4 47:15
(Recorded June 21, 1984)

The third program in the series focuses on the pivotal role Hitler’s top spymaster (General Reinhard Gehlen) and his organization played in post-World War II history. In charge of all intelligence on the Eastern Front during the war, Gehlen’s organization was adopted by U.S. intelligence after the war and became, in turn, the CIA’s intelligence eyes and ears on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, the de-facto NATO intelligence organization and the intelligence service of the Federal Republic of Germany, the BND. In this capacity, Gehlen was able to exert a profound influence on the course of world events.

Despite a pledge to his American sponsors not to employ war criminals, from the first, Gehlen did not hesitate to utilize some of the worst offenders. SS colonel Otto Skorzeny put his post-war ODESSA network of SS men to work for Gehlen as part of the latter’s operation. This broadcast documents Gehlen’s use of Skorzeny and a force composed largely of veterans of Hitler’s “Final Solution” to train the Egyptian intelligence service, having undertaken the mission on behalf of the CIA.

Program highlights include: Gehlen’s central role in the creation of Radio Free Europe; Gehlen’s employment of Eichman’s superior in the Final Solution, Otto Von Bolschwing; the BND’s employment of Eichmann’s deputy Alois Brunner; the appointment of Von Bolschwing associate Helene Von Damm to serve as White House specialist for Presidential personnel; Skorzeny’s creation and training of the first Palestinian terrorist groups while serving on the Gehlen-CIA mission in Egypt in the 1950’s; Gehlen’s use of Adolph Eichman in the Skorzeny/CIA/Gehlen mission in Egypt; text of a rare interview with Gehlen, in which he demonstrated his unreconstructed Nazi sympathies; Gehlen’s pivotal role in the establishment of Radio Free Europe; a history of Gehlen operative Helmut Streicher, a former SS officer, whose intelligence activities ranged from the Eastern Front in World War II to the Bay of Pigs invasion; Gehlen’s work as a minister in “the Evangelical Church,” following his alleged retirement from the BND (Germany’s intelligence service and the final incarnation of Gehlen’s Nazi spy outfit.


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  1. Almost 30 years have passed since then, and it’s still an exciting listening. Thanks!

    On a side-note, calling Russian White movement “tzarist” is an oversimplification of actual history. Simply put, the White =/= Imperial. Many leaders of the Whites have participated in the February revolution and forced Alexei’s abdication.
    The Whites, generally speaking, were a combination of great multitude of groups, united only by their descent and a common cause – opposing the Reds. It doesn’t mean that there wasn’t any internal strife between and among their various factions.
    Truth be told, most of the exiles who associated themselves with the Whites, actually supported USSR in World War 2.

    Also I may be wrong, it seems like there’s a serious misconception about Imperial Russia in the West – just like about the USSR.

    Posted by Vitaly | April 24, 2013, 9:18 am
  2. http://www.jpost.com/Jewish-World/Jewish-News/German-court-blocks-release-of-secret-Eichmann-files-318088

    German court blocks release of secret Eichmann files

    Classified documents reportedly reveal West Germany intelligence knew Eichmann was in Argentina as early as 1952.

    The German Federal Administrative Court vetoed a bid to release classified foreign intelligence documents that would reveal western spies knew where Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann escaped to after World War II, British media reported on Friday.

    The documents are also thought to contain details about Eichmann’s kidnapping from Argentina by Israeli Mossad agents in 1960, as well as details about a possible collaboration between Israel and West Germany to pull the operation off, according to reports.

    Eichmann was responsible for the Nazi extermination program that killed six million Jews in the Holocaust. He coordinated the deportation of Jews from across Europe to the extermination camps.

    After his abduction to Israel, he was put on trial and found guilty of war crimes. He was sentenced to death and hanged in 1962 – the sole execution in the State of Israel’s history.

    The court determined the German foreign intelligence agency was within its rights to black out passages from the documents, that were requested by German daily Bild. The ruling followed a decision from last year in which the court ordered the Federal Intelligence Service to release classified documents.

    Bild reported that West German intelligence knew Eichmann was in Argentina as early as 1952.

    The CIA wrote to its West German counterpart in 1958 that it had information that Eichmann is reported to live in Argentina under the alias ‘Clemens’ since 1952, documents released in 2006 revealed. Eichmann’s actual alias was Ricardo Klement.

    The German intelligence service said in response to the request to release the documents that most of the files on Eichmann were already public and only a small portion is blacked out due to laws on “protecting state security interests,” according to reports in the British media.

    Posted by Vanfield | June 28, 2013, 1:13 pm
  3. Another Classic episode check out my take on the topic based on Christopher Simpson’s book ” Blowback” I’m reading Simpson’s science of coercion right now inspired by the great interviews you did with him. The mass media and academia one big psychological warfare operation
    Nazis & the CIA

    Posted by Hugo Turner | June 18, 2016, 2:48 pm

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