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AFA 36: The Destabilization of the USSR and Eastern Europe

The Prelude to World War III?
Part 1a
45:56 | Part 1b 42:15 | Part 1c 9:42
Part 2a
16:39 | Part 2b 31:20 | Part 2c 43:50 | Part 2d 34:21
Part 3a
27:51 | Part 3b 45:13 | Part 3c 34:01
Part 4a 46:28 | Part 4b 45:09 | Part 4c 32:34
Part 5a
43:34 | Part 5b 20:40 | Part 5c 18:17 | Part 5d 38:24
Part 6a
41:19 | Part 6b 32:48
(Originally Broadcast March 1991)

This program analyzes the Persian Gulf War, U.S. covert action in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and Reagan-Bush defense and foreign policies as coordinated elements of a strategy to pressure and destabilize Russia. The broadcast focuses on American promotion of resurgent fascist elements in that part of the world and the possibility that the American strategy might result in a return of the Cold War or the start of a third world war.


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  1. I found a copy of Covert Action #35 which Dave Emory frequently cites. It makes for fascinating reading https://archive.org/details/CovertActionInformationBulletinNo35TheCIAInEasternEurope

    Posted by Hugo Turner | March 13, 2017, 11:18 am

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