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AFA 4: Terpil, Wilson & Company

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(Recorded August 21, 1984)

Covering the numerous and varied activities of the notorious “ex” CIA operatives Frank Terpil and Edwin Wilson, this program centers largely on the pair’s activities training and equipping some of the world’s most notorious “left-wing” terrorists. Mohammar Khadafy’s terrorist cadre, the Red Brigades and Carlos the Jackal were allegedly among the recipients of Wilson and Terpil’s expertise.

Although they supposedly performed as renegades, they claimed that their activities supportive of “left” terror were performed at the bequest of U.S. intelligence. This program presents information which bolsters this contention. Many of the people and elements discussed in this broadcast later figured prominently in the Iran-Contra scandal.

Program Highlights Include: the group’s use of active-duty Green Berets to train Khadafy’s terrorists; Ed Wilson’s operation of Task Force 157, an intelligence operation that spawned the Nugan Hand Bank (a CIA-connected bank that laundered drug and arms deal profits); Wilson’s role in brokering shipments of U.S. arms to Egypt; Eyewitness substantiation of the duo’s connection to Carlos the Jackal; the role of former CIA officials Theodore Shackley and Thomas Clines in Terpil and Wilson’s activities; the untimely deaths of numerous witnesses to, or participants in, the pair’s operations; Wilson’s past operations for CIA, including the Bay of Pigs project and the U-2 spy plane; Wilson’s alleged role in procuring explosives for the assassination of Orlando Letelier; Wilson’s connections to Republican kingmaker Robert Keith Gray; allegations of connections between Terpil and a drug-smuggling gang known as “The Company;” Terpil’s claims that drug profits from the above-mentioned Nugan Hand Bank sustained U.S. electronic surveillance facilities in Australia; statements from former U.S. intelligence officers that the Terpil-Wilson operations in Libya were, indeed, officially sanctioned; allegations that a “tame CIA insider” deflected Congressional inquiries into Terpil and Wilson’s activities; Libyan strongman Khadafy’s bankrolling of the Paladin Group, a fascist mercenary organization; a Latin-American assassination consortium known as “Operation Condor.”