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AFA 5-7: Operation Mind Control

AFA 5: Operation Mind Control, Pt. 1
Part 1a 43:31 | Part 1b 43:47 | Part 1c 29:26
(Recorded September 25, 1984)

The first broadcast of a three-part series, this program covers the successful attempts by U.S. intelligence to develop techniques for manipulating individual behavior in a manner that subverts human will and consciousness. The discussion focuses on methods of causing people to commit assassinations against their will and without their conscious knowledge.

Program highlights include: discussion of a former U.S. intelligence operative who had mind-control devices surgically-implanted in his head and was unable to get them removed; the role of military intelligence in financing the research of Jose Delgado, a pioneer in the control of behavior through surgical implantation of electrodes in the brain; early mind-control experiments demonstrating that hypnotized subjects can be made to commit acts normally repugnant to them; an insidious mind-control methodology called “RHIC-EDOM” (“radio-hypnotic, intracerebral control – electronic dissolution of memory”), in which the levels of a key neuro-transmitter called acetylcholine are manipulated in such a manner as to cause the “subject” to act without conscious knowledge or subsequent recollection of acts committed while affected by the process; the story of apparent former U.S. intelligence operative Angel Castillo, programmed with multiple personalities (some of them developed for assassination operations) and allegedly recruited as a back-up shooter for the assassination of President Kennedy; a U.S. Navy project involving the use of audio-visual desensitization to condition “passive-aggressive” personalities as assassins; an interview with a former U.S. government assassin, who discusses successful use of mind control in assassination operations and maintains that the United States has been taken over by the national security establishment; advanced mind-control research directed toward reading the human mind.

AFA 6: Operation Mind Control, Pt. 2
Part 2a 46:11 | Part 2b 46:56 | Part 2c 44:10 | Part 2d 46:05 | Part 2e 36:24
(Recorded November 29, 1884)

Continuing from the point at which AFA-5 left off, this broadcast begins with analysis of the apparent role of mind control in this country’s political assassinations. Wrongly convicted as the assassin of Robert Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan appears to have been the victim of mind control. The broadcast presents a number of possible “programmers,” notably Dr. William J. Bryan, trained hypnotist, self-described CIA employee and an individual who may have been involved with programming Arthur Bremer (the accused shooter of Governor George Wallace.) A number of clues point to Bryan as Sirhan’s programmer.

The program casts aspersions on the role of Dr. Bernard Diamond’s diagnosis of Sirhan as a “paranoid schizophrenic.” The discussion also highlights the curious “suicide” of Oswald handler George de Mohrenschildt, shortly before his scheduled interview with staff members of the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Many (including family members) believe de Mohrenschildt had been hypno-programmed to commit suicide. (One of the focal points of the CIA’s MK/Ultra mind-control research was developing the capacity to program subjects to commit suicide after performing an assassination.)

The program also touches on James Earl Ray’s interest in and involvement with, hypnosis (Ray was the apparent patsy in the assassination of Martin Luther King.)

Other program highlights include: the CIA’s hypno-programming of famed fashion model Candy Jones; the mind-control indoctrination of virulently racist and anti-semitic attitudes into the previously-liberal Candy; attempts to induce Candy to kill herself when her husband (famed talk-show host “Long John” Nebel) began to de-program her; a talk by Joe Holsinger (former legislative assistant to the late Representative Leo Ryan), in which Holsinger cites indications that People’s Temple may have been an extension of the intelligence community’s mind control programs; the role of alleged CIA officer George Phillip Blakey in establishing the Jonestown compound; the fact that most of the Jonestown victims had been murdered (they were not suicides, as generally reported); the presence of large amounts of psychiatric drugs at the Jonestown site; Temple stalwart Lawrence Layton, Senior’s activities on behalf of the National Security establishment; the presence at Jonestown of CIA’s Guyanese Station Chief Richard Dwyer shortly before the massacre began; structural similarities between the People’s Temple and features of the MK/Ultra program.

AFA 7: Operation Mind Control, Pt. 3
Part 3a 47:19 | Part 3b 47:17 | Part 3c 44:56 | Part 3d 46:50 | Part 3e 38:14
(Recorded January, 1985)

Resuming the discussion from the end of AFA-6, the program explores the intelligence establishment’s use of mind-control cults. After indications that the People’s Temple may have been an intelligence operation, the program presents information about the Rajneesh cult suggestive of similar possibilities. Much of the analysis focuses on Reverend Moon’s Unification Church.

Mr. Emory hypothesizes that Moon’s organization is an extension of the Japanese Patriotic and Ultra-Nationalist Societies, which paved the way for fascism’s rise in Japan through a program of political assassinations, intimidation, bribery and propaganda. Superficially Korean, the Moon organization drew heavily on capital and manpower from the fascist infrastructure of Imperial Japan. In the United States, the Unification Church is very well-connected to elements of the American intelligence establishment and the right wing.

The program concludes with an examination of the Ananda Marga organization, a fiercely anti-communist cult, purporting to derive from Indian spiritual traditions.

Program highlights include: the Nazi antecedents of the Philip family (involved with Jonestown); an order to cease identification of the dead at Jonestown given by National Security Advisor Robert Pastor to the military commander of the U.S. forces a the massacre site; the pivotal role of Japanese war criminals Yoshio Kodama and Royichi Sasakawa in the development of the Moon organization; Moon aide Bo Hi Pak’s background in the Imperial Japanese Army; the anti-Christian, anti-American ideology of the Unification Church; connections of the Moon group to Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski and conservative organizer Richard Viguerie; the suspicious death of Robert Boettcher, a key aide investigating the Moon organization in connection with the Koreagate scandal; discussion of the Japanese Patriotic societies; the activities of Axis spy Subas Chandra Bose (the founder of Ananda Marga was a roommate of his); allegations of terrorism lodged against the Ananda Marga group in India.


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  1. Comment: The story below posits that James Holmes, the Aurora Colorado “Dark Knight Shooter”, may have “hypnotized himself” … Further details in the story suggest an obvious handler.


    Sunday, July 22, 2012

    The strangest thing you’ll read all day about the Batman killer (Updated)

    Arguably, the post you are about to read is irresponsible. Nevertheless, I’ve been thinking about the possibility that accused “Batman” killer James Holmes has warped his mind by dabbling in hypnosis.

    I keep mulling over the ABC News report of a video [link: http://abcnews.go.com/US/james-holmes-video-colorado-shooting-suspect-abc-news/story?id=16830653#.UAyJy6ODpw8%5D featuring James, then 18, as he discusses his interest in science:

    In the video, he is standing among his peers at a science camp held at Miramar College in San Diego talking about “temporal illusions.”

    “Over the course of the summer I’ve been working with a temporal illusion. It’s an illusion that allows you to change the past,” Holmes said in the video.
    This is how he was explaining his mentor’s shared interest in fantasy versus reality in the video: “He also studies subjective experience, which is what takes places inside the mind as opposed to the external world. I’ve carried on his work in dealing with subjective experience.”

    The ABC New report is badly written. It does not identify this “mentor.”

    (Update: The mentor has now been identified. See below.)

    Whoever he is, his recommendation must have had some pull — because this bizarre interest in changing the past earned Holmes a major federal grant to study neuroscience at a highly competitive institution. I’ve heard that fewer than ten students each year get such a grant.

    To the best of my knowledge, the only scientist who ever tried to do what Holmes proposed to do was a famous hypnosis researcher named Milton Erickson.

    * * *

    Many years ago, while wandering without aim through a college library, I ran across a fascinating book by Erickson called The February Man. In short and in sum, that book discusses a technique of using hypnosis to create the illusion of a past that never actually occurred.

    Although copies of the book are now rare and expensive, a summary may be found here [link: http://www.chuckholton.com/synopsis_feb_man.html%5D. I’m afraid that the precis does not do the book justice.

    Basically, Erickson was dealing with a young woman who needed to change her self-destructive behavior. As the saying goes, “the child is father to man.” Thus, the hypnotherapist reasoned that changing the subject’s past — through hypnotic regression — could change her present.

    [Quote from the book]:

    “In the third interview Erickson spends five hours training her in hypnotic responsiveness. He regresses her to various ages and neutral memories, including their first interview, into which he “interpolates” a brief hypnotic episode that did not occur in the actual interview…

    “When Erickson has established various regressions as a “general background for new, interpolated behavioral experiences” he rouses her “somnambulistically in this regressed state.” Erickson defines somnambulistic trance as “a form of hypnotic behavior always significant of a deep trance state. In this condition subjects behave and respond as if they were wide awake and may even deceive observers with their seeming wakefulness.” In her wide-awake four-year-old state, he begins to talk to her and identifies himself as a friend of her daddy’s. After each episode of meeting Erickson while regressed, she is instructed to sleep hypnotically, then roused with the wrist cue for another meeting with him at a different age. Finally, she receives “extensive posthypnotic instructions to ensure a comprehensive amnesia for all trance experiences” and the session ends…

    “In subsequent sessions, “usually of several hours’ duration,” Erickson carefully interpolates himself into her regressed memories, offering perspective and “friendship, sympathy, interest, and objectivity, thereby giving him the opportunity to raise questions concerning how she might later evaluate a given experience.” “The consistent and continual rejection she experienced from her mother presented many opportunities to reorganize her emotions and understanding.” He offers therapeutic reframes of traumatic events (she will be able to remember her childhood grief over a broken china doll when she herself is a mother, and will be able to understand when her own daughter is sad), perspective (a teenage humiliation will one day be looked on as amusing), and weaves real happy memories in with the February Man episodes to insure integration.”

    * * *

    Erickson called himself “the February Man” because he visited the subject during every February of her life.

    The basic idea here is that all we retain of our past is our memory of it. By using hypnosis to alter those memories, we can recreate who we are today. By changing the past, we can change our identity.

    Was Holmes proposing to carry on Erickson’s work? I don’t know — but at the moment, that’s the only sensible interpretation I can offer for Holmes’ words in that video. Under normal circumstances, a student isn’t likely to get any major grants if he blathers on about “temporal illusions.” Even the SyFy channel wouldn’t consider that kind of thing to be scientific. The money will come only if the student can cite respected previous work.

    Within the field of hypnotherapy, Erickson was a giant; his name still carries great weight. Thus, I wonder if this mysterious “mentor” had introduced the bright youngster to the work of Milton Erickson, or perhaps to the work of a hypnotherapist who did similar research. If so — and if Holmes decided to carry out his own studies — he probably would have used himself as a subject.

    It is common for a hypnotherapist to use imagery drawn from popular culture.

    Update: A friend to this blog informs me that the mentor has been identified. From her comment:

    “This is interesting: {link:http://www.latimes.com/news/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-movie-shooting-james-holmes-20120722,0,2746583.story%5D. The guy that’s listed as Holmes’ mentor in that “temporal illusions” video, John Jacobson, repudiates the idea that Holmes was “brilliant” and says that he all but fired him from the research internship program. He also talks about assigning Holmes the task of writing computer code for a rock-paper-scissors game–no mention of “temporal illusions” at all.

    “… However, in 2002, Jacobson was second author of a paper entitled “Perceived Luminance Depends on Temporal Context” [PDF link: http://papers.cnl.salk.edu/PDFs/Perceived%20Luminance%20Depends%20on%20Temporal%20Context%202004-3355.pdf%5D…”

    Although Jacobson may have considered Holmes a mediocrity, you can’t bullshit your way into Phi Beta Kappa. The kid must have had something going for him.

    Posted by R. Wilson | July 23, 2012, 6:54 pm
  2. Just found this:


    A long article about CIA banking houses, “Gangsters from Argentina and Macau, and a murder by an almost certainly “programmed” woman.


    On the morning of Nov. 19, 1985, a wild-eyed and disheveled homeless woman entered the reception room at the legendary Wall Street firm of Deak-Perera. Carrying a backpack with an aluminum baseball bat sticking out of the top, her face partially hidden by shocks of greasy, gray-streaked hair falling out from under a wool cap, she demanded to speak with the firm’s 80-year-old founder and president, Nicholas Deak.

    The 44-year-old drifter’s name was Lois Lang. She had arrived at Port Authority that morning, the final stop on a month-long cross-country Greyhound journey that began in Seattle. Deak-Perera’s receptionist, Frances Lauder, told the woman that Deak was out. Lang became agitated and accused Lauder of lying. Trying to defuse the situation, the receptionist led the unkempt woman down the hallway and showed her Deak’s empty office. “I’ll be in touch,” Lang said, and left for a coffee shop around the corner. From her seat by a window, she kept close watch on 29 Broadway, an art deco skyscraper diagonal from the Bowling Green Bull.

    Deak-Perera had been headquartered on the building’s 20th and 21st floors since the late 1960s. Nick Deak, known as “the James Bond of money,” founded the company in 1947 with the financial backing of the CIA. For more than three decades the company had functioned as an unofficial arm of the intelligence agency and was a key asset in the execution of U.S. Cold War foreign policy. From humble beginnings as a spook front and flower import business, the firm grew to become the largest currency and precious metals firm in the Western Hemisphere, if not the world. But on this day in November, the offices were half-empty and employees few. Deak-Perera had been decimated the year before by a federal investigation into its ties to organized crime syndicates from Buenos Aires to Manila. Deak’s former CIA associates did nothing to interfere with the public takedown. Deak-Perera declared bankruptcy in December 1984, setting off panicked and sometimes violent runs on its offices in Latin America and Asia.

    Lois Lang had been watching 29 Broadway for two hours when a limousine dropped off Deak and his son Leslie at the building’s revolving-door rear entrance. They took the elevator to the 21st floor, where Lauder informed Deak about the odd visitor. Deak merely shrugged and was settling into his office when he heard a commotion in the reception room. Lang had returned. Frances Lauder let out a fearful “Oh—” shortened by two bangs from a .38 revolver. The first bullet missed. The second struck the secretary between the eyes and exited out the back of her skull.
    Deak, fit and trim at age 80, bounded out of his office. “What was that?” he shouted. Lang saw him and turned the corner with purpose, aiming the pistol with both arms. When she had Deak in her sights, she froze, transfixed. “It was as if she’d finally found what she was looking for,” a witness later testified. Deak seized the pause to lunge and grab Lang’s throat with both hands, pressing his body into hers. She fired once next to Deak’s ear and missed wide, before pushing him away just enough to bring the gun into his body and land a shot above his heart. The bullet ricocheted off his collarbone and shredded his organs.

    Deak crumbled onto the floor. “Now you’ve got yours,” said Lang. A witness later claimed she took out a camera and snapped photographs of her victim’s expiring body. The bag lady then grabbed the banker by the legs, dragged him into his office, and shut the door.

    She emerged shortly and headed for the elevator bank, where three NYPD officers had taken position. They shouted for Lang to freeze. When she reached for her .38, an officer tackled her to the floor. A second cop grabbed her arm as the first hammered her hand with the butt of his gun. As he jarred the revolver free, she turned into a cowering child — “like a frightened animal,” one of the officers later testified.

    “Please don’t hurt me,” Lang begged. “He told me I could carry the gun.”


    As Kuhlmann traveled the world trying to repair relationships, trace lost assets and solve the mystery of Deak’s murder, he descended ever deeper into a rabbit hole. One of his stops was in Macau, where Deak’s office manager vanished without a trace after the collapse. Kuhlmann entered the paper-strewn offices to find the manager’s girlfriend sitting at her boyfriend’s old desk. She opened a drawer and pulled out a photo she’d found there: a grainy black-and-white snapshot of Nicholas Deak, lying bleeding on his office floor, just minutes from death. The photo, seemingly taken by Lang, had never been made public. Shortly thereafter, two of Kuhlmann’s investigators reported that Lang had met with two Argentineans in Miami before her bus trip to New York.
    In other words, the doctor who cared for Lang in Santa Clara was a senior figure at one of the CIA’s top institutional grantees. He worked side-by-side with a self-identified CIA collaborator, and conducted research into the kind of drug-induced behavior modification that the agency is known to have funded.
    By the early 1980s, Lang drifted north to her birthplace and spent her last free years lurking around the University of Washington campus wearing a feathered Robin Hood cap. Occasionally she was arrested and sent to one of the nearby mental hospitals before making her way back again. A local police officer told the New York Times after her arrest in 1985 that Lang “usually had money,” despite roaming “the [university] campus in unkempt clothes, usually wearing a green felt Tyrolean-style hat.” Once the police found more than $800 in her possession.

    As with Stanford, the university employed a military-linked behavioral psychiatrist, Dr. Donald Dudley, who later became infamous for carrying out experiments in behavior modification. Dudley taught there from the 1960s through the early 1990s, and also worked at nearby mental institutions where Lang was periodically committed. The landmark lawsuit that ended Dudley’s career revealed that Dudley’s hobby was taking patients brought to him for lesser mental illnesses, pumping them full of drugs, hypnotizing them, and trying to turn them into killers.

    We know this thanks to a suit brought by the family of Stephen Drummond, who entered Dudley’s care in 1989 for autism treatment. He was returned to his family in 1992 suffering from severe catatonia. According to lawsuit testimony, Dudley shot Drummond up with sodium amytal and hypnotized him with the intention of “erasing” a portion of his brain and turning him into an assassin. When Drummond’s mother confronted Dudley, the mad scientist threatened to have her killed, claiming he worked for the CIA. Dudley was arrested soon after the confrontation in a local hotel where he had shacked up to “treat” a suicidal 15-year-old drifter. Dudley had given the boy sodium amytal and several other drugs, hypnotized him, and convinced him that he was part of a secret army of assassins. Police were called in when the boy threatened hotel staff with a .44 caliber handgun. Not long after, Dudley died in state custody and his estate was forced to pay the largest psychotherapy negligence lawsuit in history. During the trial, it emerged that Dudley had possibly subjected hundreds of victims to similar experiments. Lang was not mentioned.
    Here Kuhlmann pauses for the first time.

    “I know a few more things about them,” he said. “But this gets a little dicey. I don’t know how to play that game. I don’t want to be the next target.”
    “Lang and the Argentineans — it’s like a jigsaw puzzle,” said Kuhlmann with a sigh. “You have to fill in the missing 30 percent. That doesn’t work in a court of law.”


    Fascinating, with lots of names and linkages

    A cross-over between Bormann Nazis from Argentina and Yamashita Gold in Macau?

    Much more at link

    Posted by Swamp | June 28, 2013, 8:56 am
  3. http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2013/neuroscientists-plant-false-memories-in-the-brain-0725.html

    Neuroscientists plant false memories in the brain

    MIT study also pinpoints where the brain stores memory traces, both false and authentic.
    Anne Trafton, MIT News Office

    July 25, 2013

    The phenomenon of false memory has been well-documented: In many court cases, defendants have been found guilty based on testimony from witnesses and victims who were sure of their recollections, but DNA evidence later overturned the conviction.

    In a step toward understanding how these faulty memories arise, MIT neuroscientists have shown that they can plant false memories in the brains of mice. They also found that many of the neurological traces of these memories are identical in nature to those of authentic memories.

    “Whether it’s a false or genuine memory, the brain’s neural mechanism underlying the recall of the memory is the same,” says Susumu Tonegawa, the Picower Professor of Biology and Neuroscience and senior author of a paper describing the findings in the July 25 edition of Science.

    The study also provides further evidence that memories are stored in networks of neurons that form memory traces for each experience we have — a phenomenon that Tonegawa’s lab first demonstrated last year.

    Neuroscientists have long sought the location of these memory traces, also called engrams. In the pair of studies, Tonegawa and colleagues at MIT’s Picower Institute for Learning and Memory showed that they could identify the cells that make up part of an engram for a specific memory and reactivate it using a technology called optogenetics.

    Lead authors of the paper are graduate student Steve Ramirez and research scientist Xu Liu. Other authors are technical assistant Pei-Ann Lin, research scientist Junghyup Suh, and postdocs Michele Pignatelli, Roger Redondo and Tomas Ryan.

    Seeking the engram

    Episodic memories — memories of experiences — are made of associations of several elements, including objects, space and time. These associations are encoded by chemical and physical changes in neurons, as well as by modifications to the connections between the neurons.

    Where these engrams reside in the brain has been a longstanding question in neuroscience. “Is the information spread out in various parts of the brain, or is there a particular area of the brain in which this type of memory is stored? This has been a very fundamental question,” Tonegawa says.

    In the 1940s, Canadian neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield suggested that episodic memories are located in the brain’s temporal lobe. When Penfield electrically stimulated cells in the temporal lobes of patients who were about to undergo surgery to treat epileptic seizures, the patients reported that specific memories popped into mind. Later studies of the amnesiac patient known as “H.M.” confirmed that the temporal lobe, including the area known as the hippocampus, is critical for forming episodic memories.

    However, these studies did not prove that engrams are actually stored in the hippocampus, Tonegawa says. To make that case, scientists needed to show that activating specific groups of hippocampal cells is sufficient to produce and recall memories.

    To achieve that, Tonegawa’s lab turned to optogenetics, a new technology that allows cells to be selectively turned on or off using light.

    For this pair of studies, the researchers engineered mouse hippocampal cells to express the gene for channelrhodopsin, a protein that activates neurons when stimulated by light. They also modified the gene so that channelrhodopsin would be produced whenever the c-fos gene, necessary for memory formation, was turned on.

    In last year’s study, the researchers conditioned these mice to fear a particular chamber by delivering a mild electric shock. As this memory was formed, the c-fos gene was turned on, along with the engineered channelrhodopsin gene. This way, cells encoding the memory trace were “labeled” with light-sensitive proteins.

    The next day, when the mice were put in a different chamber they had never seen before, they behaved normally. However, when the researchers delivered a pulse of light to the hippocampus, stimulating the memory cells labeled with channelrhodopsin, the mice froze in fear as the previous day’s memory was reactivated.

    “Compared to most studies that treat the brain as a black box while trying to access it from the outside in, this is like we are trying to study the brain from the inside out,” Liu says. “The technology we developed for this study allows us to fine-dissect and even potentially tinker with the memory process by directly controlling the brain cells.”

    Incepting false memories

    That is exactly what the researchers did in the new study — exploring whether they could use these reactivated engrams to plant false memories in the mice’s brains.

    First, the researchers placed the mice in a novel chamber, A, but did not deliver any shocks. As the mice explored this chamber, their memory cells were labeled with channelrhodopsin. The next day, the mice were placed in a second, very different chamber, B. After a while, the mice were given a mild foot shock. At the same instant, the researchers used light to activate the cells encoding the memory of chamber A.

    On the third day, the mice were placed back into chamber A, where they now froze in fear, even though they had never been shocked there. A false memory had been incepted: The mice feared the memory of chamber A because when the shock was given in chamber B, they were reliving the memory of being in chamber A.

    Moreover, that false memory appeared to compete with a genuine memory of chamber B, the researchers found. These mice also froze when placed in chamber B, but not as much as mice that had received a shock in chamber B without having the chamber A memory activated.

    The researchers then showed that immediately after recall of the false memory, levels of neural activity were also elevated in the amygdala, a fear center in the brain that receives memory information from the hippocampus, just as they are when the mice recall a genuine memory.

    These two papers represent a major step forward in memory research, says Howard Eichenbaum, a professor of psychology and director of Boston University’s Center for Memory and Brain.

    “They identified a neural network associated with experience in an environment, attached a fear association with it, then reactivated the network to show that it supports memory expression. That, to me, shows for the first time a true functional engram,” says Eichenbaum, who was not part of the research team.

    The MIT team is now planning further studies of how memories can be distorted in the brain.

    “Now that we can reactivate and change the contents of memories in the brain, we can begin asking questions that were once the realm of philosophy,” Ramirez says. “Are there multiple conditions that lead to the formation of false memories? Can false memories for both pleasurable and aversive events be artificially created? What about false memories for more than just contexts — false memories for objects, food or other mice? These are the once seemingly sci-fi questions that can now be experimentally tackled in the lab.”

    The research was funded by the RIKEN Brain Science Institute.

    Posted by Vanfield | July 25, 2013, 8:11 pm
  4. Dr. William J. Bryan was also involved in the Boston Strangler Case and was also a member of the Old Catholic Orthodox Church like David Ferrie, who was also an hypnotist and told to Judyth Vary Baker that he took part in the project of Mind Control by the CIA

    Posted by Patrick | August 29, 2013, 5:11 am
  5. From a knowledgeable listener (note that “TM” refers to Transcendental Meditation.

    “I had NO IDEA that Ivanka and Kushner were TMers! Total garbage puff piece from the Wapo on David Lynch’s charity event in DC is below. Lynch is hardcore TM. As always, I have NO problem with meditation, an ancient and healthy practice. TM is a totally different ball of wax. Puffy articles like these tend to conflate the two. TM has been incredibly effective at making meditation synonymous with Transcendental Meditation. And TM is political as fuck, with a shockingly underrated impact on history! Brought this up multiple times over the years, but here is a quick recap. This all sounds crazy, but is all true.

    -Mike Love of the Beach Boys was a big GHWB supporter and TM acolyte. He helped to forge an alliance between the Maharishi and the Bushes during the 1980 primary where George ran against Reagan. Got a huge turnout for Bush, who won Iowa (home of TM), one of only 6 states Bush won. He didn’t even win his “home” state of Texas! But he won Iowa. This decent showing in the primaries, especially his surprise win in Iowa, helped him get on the ticket in the Fall

    -Fast-forward 20 years to the 2000 election, with a NEW Bush running for office. While the Nader campaign certainly deserves the blame it received, a more overlooked aspect was the Maharishi takeover of Perot’s Reform Party. Perot stripped a LOT of support from the GOP in 92 and 96, empowering Clinton’s two wins. In 2000, they did not have Perot, but Buchanan was their candidate, a Nazi with a fairly large base that turned out strong in the ’92 and ’96 primaries. Not in 2000! Buchanan spent his entire campaign battling the Maharishi folks, including in court, and never really ran a true campaign. A Buchanan campaign unhindered by the TM cult would EASILY have found 500 votes in Florida to pull away from GWB, making the “Nader effect” a non-factor.

    -2001-2002 TM shill John Gray begins funding, with pal Khashoggi (also a Trump pal), 911 Truth events.

    TM, in effect, empowered TWENTY YEARS of Bushes either in the Presidential or Vice-Presidential role (with GHWB really calling the shots for most of Reagan’s term) AND helped create the asinine Truther movement. And now here we have the Trump brats in their thrall as well.

    With the whole Trump crew, including The Donald, I have always wondered about mind control. Donald at times seems like his brain is torn between two warring mind control factions! Would probably sound like “madness to the unititated” as you like to say, Dave, but I’ve listened to all your mind control shows and they stick with me. That is why I was such a fan of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. I saw it as a quite likely dystopian vision of the future.

    Combine mind control tech with things like NSA leaks, and guys like R Cody Wilson and their 3D printed guns. Is the notion of a future with easily downloaded and 3d printed mind control tech available to anyone REALLY that outlandish, considering the “online trends” of today’s news cycles? But I digress… I was unaware that Seinfeld was a TM shill now. Funny guy, but I always knew he was a fucking douchebag…


    The David Lynch Foundation — a nonprofit started by the “Twin Peaks” director aimed at spreading the use of Transcendental Meditation to poor children in urban areas, veterans and victims of violence — held its first D.C. fundraiser, a celeb-studded concert at the Kennedy Center that drew an audience including first daughter/White House adviser Ivanka Trump and her husband and fellow West Winger, Jared Kushner. Trump and Kushner (who are practitioners of TM) didn’t speak but sat gamely listening to performances by the likes of comedians Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno and Margaret Cho, actor Hugh Jackman, and music by Ben Folds, Kesha, and Angelique Kidjo.

    No longer is TM seen as the exclusive terrain of crystal-bearing kooks — everyone’s doing it these days, Seinfeld assured us during the pre-show red carpet interviews. “Starting seven or eight years ago, there are very few top athletes or top business people who don’t have any meditation technique,” said the comic, who began practicing TM in 1972. “Everybody has something now.” Seinfeld is now a huge evangelist, and says he recently got A-list actor Tom Hanks — who had confessed to Seinfeld that he wanted to take a year off work to de-stress — “100 percent better” by getting him into TM.

    NOTE: I was wondering where TM’s revival was coming from (besides Lynch), considering their guru bit the dust in ’08. Turns out it is partially being funded by Ray Dalio, head of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s biggest hedge fund! (Ptera, please chime in if you have any Bridgewater dirt). Here is an interesting article on TM’s rise on Wall Street… with the gory details of TM reality politely pulled out. I looked for a Dalio/Trump connection, but he appears to be mostly critical of him. But who knows? He was a McCain bundler in 2008. UPDATE: I dug a little deeper. Here’s a fun fact: Bridgewater’s corporate counsel from 2010-2013? James Comey.


    NOTE: Here is a great article on the cult atmosphere at Bridgewater.


    …Dalio, a tall, gaunt 61-year-old man with a swoop of gray hair, is an adherent of “radical transparency,” a management theory that calls for total honesty and accountability. He’s also a longtime practitioner of Transcendental Meditation and has built its precepts on self-actualization into Bridgewater’s office culture. (He’s even brought in David Lynch, the film director and unofficial TM spokesman, to lead a seminar for his staff.) Dalio expects employees to openly criticize not just the cafeteria fare but also each other; behind-the-back gossip is strictly prohibited. “Issue logs” track mistakes ranging from significant (poorly executed trades) to small (one employee is said to have been issue-logged for failing to wash his hands after a trip to the bathroom) and can result in “drilldowns,” intense sessions—one insider compares them to a cross between a white-collar deposition and the Spanish Inquisition—during which managers diagnose problems, identify responsible parties (“RPs,” in Daliospeak), and issue blunt correctives. Other employees can withdraw recordings of these proceedings from the firm’s “transparency library.”

    Should Bridgewater employees need a refresher on the house rules, they can consult their copy of Principles, the 110-page manifesto Dalio has written to codify his philosophies about life, work, and the pursuit of greatness. The book used to be given to all Bridgewater employees in paper form and is now distributed via a custom app. Dalio’s axioms are studied with Talmudic intensity at the firm, and conversations with employees tend to be sprinkled with company jargon: “ego-barrier,” “probe,” and the ultimate Bridgewater insult, “suboptimal.”

    “Empathy and kindness aren’t a top priority there,” says a former Bridgewater employee. The firm’s culture of absolute candor is designed to strip out emotional considerations and emphasize cold, Vulcan logic in all decision-making—the thin-skinned need not apply.

    …“They’re just out there in Connecticut, not really part of the scene,” says one Goldman Sachs employee. “But they had a killer year, and with that big a fund …” The Goldmanite trails off. “What do they do? No, seriously. Do you know?” Bridgewater makes it hard to answer that question. Like a lot of hedge funds, it requires its employees to sign nondisclosure agreements designed to keep trading strategies under wraps. Even more than its peers, it cultivates a paranoia in its ranks, monitoring e-mails and phone calls and keeping tabs on employees via a network of overhead cameras. Most of the current and former Bridgewater employees contacted for this article, along with several nonstaffers who were afraid of angering the firm, spoke on the condition of anonymity. ‘

    …With nothing scandalous to spread around, finance-world gossips have been left to focus on what a strange, strange place Bridgewater is. When the blog Dealbreaker posted leaked excerpts from Principles last May, the industry got a window into Dalio from his calls for his employees to “humiliate themselves” in pursuit of the truth and his comparison of the process of self-improvement to “when a pack of hyenas takes down a young wildebeest.” Dalio responded by posting the full Principles on the Bridgewater website, but if he thought his ideas would be judged more kindly in context, he was mistaken. “I’m sure our reputation on the Street is that we’re completely insane,” says a current Bridgewater employee. An executive recruiter who works with hedge funds confirms that suspicion, describing Bridgewater as a “bunch of fucking nutcases.”

    …To Dalio’s defenders, though, there’s nothing that odd about how the place functions. “Sure, Bridgewater could be defined as cultish,” says an ex-employee who has since decamped to Silicon Valley. “But companies like Google and Apple are also cults. Goldman Sachs is a cult. If you’re creating a strong corporate culture, to some extent you’re creating a cult.”

    By hedge-fund standards, Dalio’s lifestyle is almost monastic. He lives with his wife of 35-plus years in a 5,550-square-foot home that’s a flophouse compared to some of their Greenwich neighbors. (Investor kingpin Paul Tudor Jones III has a 13,000-square-foot mansion nearby.) He dresses casually for work in button-downs and rumpled khakis. He bundled money for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign but has otherwise expressed no interest in being a power broker. Former employees speak of the charity donations he makes in each staffer’s name during the holidays, and some recalled his practice of lending out his vacation homes.

    Bridgewater’s institutional clients, most of whom would invest with Gary Busey if it meant a 45 percent return, seem happy to overlook the hoopla surrounding Principles. But according to people who know him, Dalio has been hurt by the suggestions that he’s basically running a mind-control operation. After an article last month in Absolute Return + Alpha magazine lambasted Bridgewater’s culture as “brutal” and “demoralizing,” Dalio made an exceedingly rare TV appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box. Part of the defense he gave was tactical—Dalio indicated that the hype surrounding Principles had made hiring more difficult. But it also seems that Dalio might now be coming around to the idea that not all battles are worth fighting, after all.

    Last month, a slightly tweaked version of Principles appeared on Bridgewater’s website. The document’s revised title: Principles (That Might Be Right or Wrong, for You to Take or Leave).

    NOTE: Kept thinking I was through with this post, but the well gets deeper! Here is the mother lode. Holy crap! This is a pro-Trump page DIRECT from the TM website, discussing his support for TM’s vet programs, while he was campaigning in Iowa ( a state he almost won in the primaries and DID win in the general election). Now, it’s hard to blame a stumping candidate for saying nice things about a program supporting veterans. But here we learn that Donald J. Trump, Jr. is ALSO a TM practitioner. This site has pictures of all this. A must-read.


    NOTE: To wrap this all up, let’s connect a few more dots, shall we? TM leader John Hagelin was also involved with Ramtha followers in making the popular “What the Bleep?” movie, which spawned a series of clones during the last decade that essentially promulgated a modern version of Norman Vincent Peale’s “Power of Positive Thinking” coupled with pseudo-scientific misreadings of quantum mechanics.

    Naturally, Peale being both a Nazi spy and the man who conducted Trump’s first wedding. Basically, “you create your own reality”. That trend was largely killed off, I suspect, by the ’08 global recession, because, let’s face it, folks standing in unemployment and bread lines aren’t exactly feeling the “YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN REALITY” notion that much. But it never truly goes away… and for folks like the Trumps, who live their lives with everything going their way, the philosophy has a continued appeal!

    Gotta run for now, but I will keep digging on this connection…

    More of this to come,


    Posted by Dave Emory | June 8, 2017, 4:13 pm
  6. More from the skilled listener about Trump, TM, mind control etc.

    Check this shit out… this is from the previously linked Trumpfairfield.com, which looks like it is a pro-Trump site run by TMers. Fairfield, Iowa, is the home of the Maharishi School of Universal Management and their headquarters.

    “Trump wins America’s Most Enlightened Precincts surrounding the “TM capital” of the USA – Fairfield. Iowa”


    This is from their front page:

    “Donald Trump for President Sharing rides and information about events to make Fairfield and America rich again, using the power of positive consciousness from near the center of the USA population.”


    Oooh, they also tossed in some Trutherism! Keep in mind, Trump has hinted at Trutherism. I haven’t gone down that rabbit hole much, but I bet there is good stuff. I would also note that Anonyous Scandinavia posted audio of Trump in the runup to the Vault 7 wikileaks release (see below for link).

    “Bush’s donors booed when Trump told 9/11 Truth, but 66% of the voters cheered. Trump: “The World Trade Center came down during his brother’s reign. Remember that.”

    Trump predicted 9/11 better than the Bush Administration. (TM comment, not mine)


    Here’s what Trump wrote in the book released 19 months before 9/11. He was pushing Trutherism BEFORE 9/11! Holy fuck… Gee, this reminds me of another Nazi with amazing prescience on this event, William Pierce of the National Alliance.

    “I really am convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers….No sensible analyst rejects this possibility, and plenty of them, like me, are not wondering if but when it will happen.”

    “One day we’re told that a shadowy figure with no fixed address named Osama bin-Laden is public enemy number one, and U.S. jetfighters lay waste to his camp in Afghanistan….He escapes back under some rock, and a few news cycles later it’s on to a new enemy and new crisis.”

    NOTE: Here is the audio Anonymous publicized of Trump espousing Trutherism about “melting steel” TWO DAYS AFTER 9/11. Keep in mind Hopsicker’s allegations that Trump was helping Khashoggi (Saudi funder of 911 truth with his pal John Gray) hide from the law! Now we see Trump pushing the truther script before the disinformation campaign had even become a widespread thing. UPDATE: Well, this day keeps getting weirder and weirder! Googled Khashoggi and Trump to see if I could get to the bottom of their relationship… and it turns out Khashoggi died yesterday. Good night, evil man!


    Here are a few more tidbits on Trump/Khashoggi:

    This obit has a picture of Khashoggi at the Trump/Marla Maples wedding… The main tie between them was Trump’s purchase of Khashoggi’s opulent yacht for $28 million.


    This is a GREAT article on the many, many times Trump has skated. Further convinces me of my theory that Trump is a longtime FBI (or other agency) asset. Quick mention of a neat little scam Trump and Khashoggi were both involved in.


    …2. The Empty Box, 1986. In the 1980s it was a common practice to avoid state sales tax: You walk into the store and buy something expensive, like jewelry. To avoid the tax, in collusion with the merchant, you direct that an empty box be shipped to an out-of-state address. Many, many merchants engaged in this shabby scam, which gave them a competitive advantage over honest retailers; many were caught. Trump was a regular at Bulgari, a jewelry store on Fifth Avenue. Like other rich, famous people (Henry Kissinger, Mary Tyler Moore, Frank Sinatra), Trump partook of the empty box discount, skipping the state sales tax on some $65,000 worth of purchases. Once pinched, in 1986, he testified against the retailer, avoiding a prosecution that would have jeopardized his New Jersey casino license.

    Fascinatingly, infamous Saudi arms dealer and Iran-Contra figure Adnan Khashoggi was also one of the scammers. Khashoggi later sold his personal ocean liner to Trump for use as a private yacht.”

    BTW–David Cay Johnston wrote about this as well.



    Posted by Dave Emory | June 8, 2017, 4:15 pm
  7. More about “Trumpendental Meditation”

    I wrote about this many years ago when the incident first happened, and mostly forgot about it until now. Invincible Germany is literally a Goebbels concept and phrase. Quick summary: The Trump children are part of a mind control cult that has an agenda of creating an “Invincible Germany”. I do not think that is a “coincidence”.

    UPDATE: After writing about the David Lynch/Germany aspect of all this, I found something new that is at the bottom of this piece: Trump worked to undermine the Buchanan wing of the Reform Party by attacking him and David Duke, while not criticizing the TM wing. Also keep this in mind when one considers Trump’s “who is he?” moment during the ’16 campaign when asked about David Duke. He knows EXACTLY who fucking David Duke is…

    …back to our regularly scheduled TM crazy bullshit…


    …A crowd of starry-eyed film students and meditation devotees filled an auditorium in Berlin Tuesday expecting to hear a lecture by David Lynch, the quirky but accomplished Hollywood director. What they got, however, was a sales pitch for a New Age university that Lynch, the Oscar-nominated director of movies like “The Elephant Man” and “Mullholland Drive,” wants to build on the Teufelsberg, Berlin’s highest hilltop. Lynch does not speak German and the man he chose to relay his vision, his German guru Emanuel Schiffgens, described the proposed university in terms sure to offend any German with any grasp of 20th century history.

    “Invincible Germany! Invincible Germany! I want to hear you all say, invincible Germany!” said Schiffgens to the audience in Berlin’s Urania theater. Reaction from the audience was immediate — and overwhelmingly negative. “That’s what Hitler wanted!” shouted one man. Schiffgens’ response only made matters worse: “Yes, but unfortunately he didn’t succeed.”

    NOTE: Here is video of this incident…


    NOTE: More on the Teufelsberg manmade hill in Berlin… quite a history! Angry local Lutherans got pissed off about the cult’s plan to build a school at the hill, so the plan was squashed.


    …Teufelsberg, ‘Devil’s Mountain’ in German, is an abandoned NSA spy station just 30 minutes out of the city centre in Grunewald Forest.

    Over the years it has served many purposes: Nazi college, ski jump, espionage unit, Lynchian yoga school, etc. And like any other site of significance in Berlin, Teufelsberg has been treated to a pastel coat of paint from the city’s industrious street artists.

    In addition to street art, Berlin is also a city synonymous with secrecy. The Gestapo secret police brought terror to the streets during Hitler’s reign and just a few years later the Soviets assembled a complex network of informers in East Berlin known as the Stasi.

    …During the Cold War, the Stasi wasn’t the only organisation spying on the German capital. In 1961 the NSA built the sophisticated Teufelsberg listening station at the top of Devil’s Mountain, the highest point in the city, to eavesdrop on the Eastern Bloc. Devil’s Mountain is actually a manmade hill. It was formed from around 75 million cubic metres of rubble from a Nazi technical college that was too sturdy to demolish. The tor was initially used as a ski jump, with capacity for 5,000 spectators, but it seems the US preferred not to have so many civilians knocking about near their spy station and the alpine centre was closed in 1969.

    …For decades the beautiful radomes were used to protect antennae and accentuate their signal, as NSA workers listened in on East Berlin. But when the Wall fell in 1989 the station was closed and a group of investors bought the area with plans to build hotels and apartments. However, these construction plans never got off the ground and neither did David Lynch’s attempt to build an ‘invincible university’ for the practice of ‘transcendental meditation’ in 2007.
    One of Lynch’s advocates mistakenly used language evocative of Adolf Hitler’s visions during a public lecture and the project was swiftly canned.

    NOTE: I had not seen this story before, but Raja Emmanuel Schiffgens had actually been in the news five years previous for creepy behavior on behalf of TM, this time in Costa Rica. They basically tried to create their own autonomous region in Costa Rica on a native reservation! Fucking assholes…

    From AP:


    SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – Costa Rica’s president has ordered the expulsion of a group of foreigners, apparently linked to an Indian guru, after they paid members of an Indian reservation in return for the right to name a king, the
    country’s security minister said Thursday.
    The foreigners, members of an organization called the Global Country for World Peace, allegedly offered each family dlrs 250 a month in return for the right to name the king of the Talamanca reserve, 140 miles (230 kms) south of the capital, San Jose.

    A ceremony on June 23, which named one of the Indians as the community’s first king, caused unrest among many residents of the reserve. They then asked Costa Rican officials to step in. After analyzing a report by the security ministry, President Abel Pacheco decided to expel German Emmanuel Schiffgens, the organization’s presumed leader.

    “The president reviewed the report and for him it was obvious that they were promoting an independent state within Costa Rica, and we can’t tolerate that,” Security Minister Rogelio Ramos said. In March last year, Schiffgens was listed as prime minister of the Netherlands-based Global Country of World Peace, a “nation without borders” founded by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a spiritual leader with followers around the world who was once guru to The Beatles.

    His followers also have a large base and schools in Fairfield, Iowa. The Global Country’s “sovereign ruler” is Raja Nader Raam, also known as Tony Nader, who the group’s web site credits with discovering “the constitution of the universe.” Schiffgens has said that the group did nothing wrong, and only wanted development for the remote, poor region in the mountains near the border with Panama.
    Ramos accused the group of trying to “seduce the Indians with large quantities of money.”

    Officials did not release the number of foreigners who accompanied Schiffgens, or where they were from. He said all would be forced to leave the country.

    NOTE: The end game for the David Lynch Foundation is to get TM into schools. Separation of Church and State? Ah, forget about it. Keep in mind, if I was from a right-wing church in the area of a school that was allowing TM to be taught, I would GO APESHIT if my church was not getting the same treatment. And they would be right. The same thing happened with Scientology which has been relentless in trying to get their program into LA schools, with occasional success! I don’t want ANY of them in public schools: no TM, no anti-gay Christians, no $cientology, no sharia, NONE of it. Call me old-fashioned..

    This anti-TM website (by an ex-member) has some more info on the TM/Lynch agenda, including the Invincible Germany concept… Better to read it at the site, as it has hyperlinks to more good info on these topics. But here are the highlights…


    …As the parent of a school-age child, however, you only need to know three things about him:

    He wants your child to learn TM.
    He’ll pay for it.
    He’s wants to do this within the authority and moral auspices of your child’s school.

    The man has wonderful intentions. I know this because so did I when I was a TMer. He believes very deeply that TM will do wonderful things for your children.

    And he has research to “prove” it. And lots of celebrity endorsements. And endorsements from educators. The problem is that none of those celebrities and educators know what is behind the facade of the Transcendental Meditation organization. They only know what they’ve been told.

    ….What’s happening in the video is that Lynch is lending his prestige to support the “Raja of Germany” at a news conference held to promote the building of a “Tower of Invincibility” in Germany. The mere building of such a tower will make Germany literally invincible against its enemies! Lynch believes this! Furthermore he wants your children to believe it too! And some of them eventually will!

    There’s more to the invincibility thing though. In order to achieve invincibility the Tower must be staffed with “yogic flyers”! David Lynch believes that the people in this video are literally physically levitating! (While the music is a bit whimsical that video is not a joke – those guys do think that they are actually levitating!) Your kids will find out about levitation in the TM Clubs. They won’t be taught how to “levitate” in the clubs but they will be indoctrinated via trance and suggestion so that it is something that many of them will end up strongly wanting to learn when they get old enough.

    NOTE: These are the people who bounce around on mats while sitting on their asses and tell them it is “yogic flying”… funny as hell… if you can ignore the deep psychological brainwashing it takes to make people believe this.

    ,,Picture your child in that video sometime in the future! It’s highly possible. Those are somebody’s children, and I guarantee that these young people didn’t learn in grade school like your kids will. They weren’t exposed to TM trance and suggestion indoctrination until after age 18, and they still ended up there! Grade-school kids don’t have much of a chance against the type of powerful indoctrination they’ll be exposed to for years in school.

    Yes, I said Raja, as in “King.” Lynch believes that the guy in the Burger King crown and white sheets really is the Raja of Germany! He’s “Raja of Germany for the Global Country of World Peace”, and is therefore the spiritual leader of all of Germany!

    The guy in the Burger King crown in the video is “Raja Emanuel.” He is a sort of “assistant” Raja. He’s “only” the Raja of Germany instead of Raja of the entire world, but he’s still a “Raja.”

    He went to a real live “Raja Training Course” to attain this height. I’m dead serious, a course that he paid a million dollars for in order to train to be a “Raja.” If you’ll replay the video above you’ll hear Lynch mentioning the power of the Raja Training Course to the audience. By the way, I’m sure that Emanuel Schiffgens was a fairly normal guy too before Mahesh broke his mind and turned him into the blathering robot you see in the video.

    ..Lynch doesn’t just believe that these guys are literally spiritual kings. He believes in the entire TM fantasy universe. Lynch is completely unbelievably nuts! It takes nothing away from his being a great artist. And it’s nothing personal, I was unbelievably nuts too. Lynch is a nice guy, I was a nice guy, it doesn’t matter. Lynch is incredibly brilliant and creative, I’m pretty smart but not remotely as creative, it doesn’t matter. We both put our pants on one leg at a time, we both have human psychologies, which does matter, and we were both just as helpless.

    Lynch wants to teach your children to achieve the same delusional state he is in! For their own good, of course.

    …Some facts

    – The DLF tried to get into a school in San Rafael, California. Unfortunately for them one of the school’s parents, Gina Catena, was a former fully-involved TMer who knew everything found in this web site and more. Here’s her letter to the School District. Even after that the principal and school district wanted to continue with the program! However having gotten wind of this the DLF withdrew their offer . I can only think it’s because Gina is very well known in the TMer community and knows where the bodies are buried, and the DLF knew they were in for some bad publicity.

    – They will tell you that TM is a “simple natural relaxation technique.” That’s all they say about what your children will learn. This is “mental reservation again”, i.e. a deception. The TM technique is never taught alone, it is only ever taught combined with instruction in TM-the-religion.

    – This isn’t the first time that TMers have tried to insinuate themselves into public schools. They tried it in the 70’s. What Mahesh did was to recast TM religious doctrine in the guise of a “science”, which he dubbed the “Science of Creative Intelligence.” All of the dogma was still there, it was just enrobed in pseudoscientific babble. Since many people seem to think that anything that sounds like science is science, a lot of people fell for the “SCI” approach. However, the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey found that SCI is religious doctrine. Your kids will be learning the exact same doctrine.

    – The DLF will have already preemptively prepared the principal and the school district with defenses against your objections! The principal knows that you are coming, and has been prepped. You will have already (without knowing exactly who you will turn out to be yet) been cast as “ignorant” of what TM really is. And you will have been cast as a bit of a religious fanatic if you have religious convictions (TMers don’t like the First Amendment much). In the art of rhetoric this strategy is called poisoning the well. It will allow the principal and school district to rationalize dismissing you out of hand without really considering the merits of your arguments. Remember, the principal and the school district have already put themselves out on a limb for this and they are very likely to fight you, as was the experience in San Rafael. When the parent meeting was called there the establishment of a “TM Club” in school was presented to the parents as a fait accompli which they were being informed of, not being consulted on! It’s only because parents, including Gina, made themselves informed and then stood their ground that it was stopped. Don’t be cowed. Even if the program gets ramrodded in you can still fight it.

    – You will be told that the DLF is giving a “grant to the school”. This sounds great, except that the grant money does not go to the school. It goes to the TM organization.

    – There have been no longitudinal studies on the effect of this dissociative mediation technique on the developing psychologies of children. The few studies that have been done on children and youth consist of study samples too small to be statistically significant.

    – If the DLF has your school in their sights, or if they are already there, then you are not only dealing with a highly respected and admired public figure, you are also dealing with highly polished full-time professional TMers who have dedicated their whole lives to this. They’ll fight you with some very slick “mental reservation”, and unless you know what they’re hiding it will be hard to counter them. I’d be happy to give you advice on countering their arguments. You can also write to Gina (the San Rafael mom) here. And you can visit her blog ” comingtolifestories.com.”

    NOTE: I never knew this until right now! Apparently, TRUMP had flirted with the idea of becoming the Reform Party candidate in 2000. I don’t even remember that. So once again, we find him close to the TM nexus. And in his statement announcing he wasn’t going to go for the nomination, he took a swipe at Pat Buchanan, David Duke (I’d also forgotten he was in the Reform mix that year as well!), and Lenora Fulani (who is part of the cult/party New Alliance considered “left wing”, but whose only purpose has been to help draw votes from liberal candidates who opposed Giuliani and Bloomberg, who openly support the party’s efforts… in case you are wondering how the hell liberal NYC ever had GOP mayors).

    While taking shots at Buchanan, Duke, and Fulani is NOT a negative in my view of Trump ( I agree with him on that) think about what he is affecting here. He is bashing those who were against John “What the Bleep” Hagelin who was the rep of the TM wing of the party! His sentence ” ”The Reform Party now includes a Klansman, Mr. Duke, a neo-Nazi, Mr. Buchanan, and a communist, Ms. Fulani,”. DOES NOT include “a crazy ass meditation cult”. Even 17 years ago, Trump was effectively working with the TM agenda, which undermined Buchanan… which would up electing Bush as Buchanan could not pull votes from him in Florida. Politics, man…


    …He said that although his book and his businesses had probably benefited from the exposure his campaign generated, ”I did not launch my exploratory campaign for that reason.” Mr. Trump painted a fairly dark picture of the Reform Party in his statement, noting the role of Mr. Buchanan, along with the roles of David Duke, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, and Lenora Fulani, the former standard-bearer of the New Alliance Party and an advocate of Marxist-Leninist politics. ”The Reform Party now includes a Klansman, Mr. Duke, a neo-Nazi, Mr. Buchanan, and a communist, Ms. Fulani,” he said in his statement. ”This is not company I wish to keep.”

    Ain’t we got fun!



    Posted by Dave Emory | June 8, 2017, 4:19 pm
  8. As a side note to the TM entertainment angle:

    Howard Stern is also a well known advocate and decades long practitioner of TM.

    When he interviewed Jerry Seinfeld they both discussed their mutual appreciation for TM.

    They are both cold-hearted assholes whose comedy relies exclusively on the victimization of weak people.

    Jerry Seinfeld also practiced Scientology for a few years.

    If any of your listeners have any history of watching the Howard Stern show from its infancy on local station WWOR channel 9 in NYC, then later on the cable E! network, you’ll see the advent of cameras everywhere on his staff, and his demands that nothing be scripted, and everything about everyone on the table as fodder for his ratings at all times.

    He would mock his staff into nervous breakdowns on air, and reply those episodes over and over for more humiliation. (Gary Dell’Abate “Baba Booey” , Scott The Engineer, Stuttering John Melendez, etc.)

    Stern is infamous for demanding that everyone around him bring in their personal stories on his show to drive conflict between staff, conflict between celebrities and all the while his style was to bring in his wife and parents into his paradigm.

    Actress Dana Plato, from Different Strokes, committed suicide a day after her last interview with Howard Stern.

    He encouraged actual ring-fights between his staff, with betting pools. (Stuttering John and Cabbie)

    He enabled alcoholics to drink themselves in to unconsciousness on the air and for his E! shows. (Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf – eventually drank himself to death)

    He encouraged and broadcast crank-calls conducted during live emergencies on television news where his fans would pretend to be at an emergency scene, call into a live news broadcast then say “Baba Booey” as a reference to Howard’s show. (Captain Janks)

    Howard would crack up as his fans continued to make prank calls during emergency events.

    This was what was channeled out of his creative impulses.

    Stern had no boundaries and he credited his success to his daily practice of TM, and actively advocated it on the air and in his books.

    Posted by participo | June 9, 2017, 4:13 am

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