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AFA 5-7: Operation Mind Control

AFA 5: Operation Mind Control, Pt. 1
Part 1a [1] 43:31 | Part 1b [2] 43:47 | Part 1c [3] 29:26
(Recorded September 25, 1984)

The first broadcast of a three-part series, this program covers the successful attempts by U.S. intelligence to develop techniques for manipulating individual behavior in a manner that subverts human will and consciousness. The discussion focuses on methods of causing people to commit assassinations against their will and without their conscious knowledge.

Program highlights include: discussion of a former U.S. intelligence operative who had mind-control devices surgically-implanted in his head and was unable to get them removed; the role of military intelligence in financing the research of Jose Delgado, a pioneer in the control of behavior through surgical implantation of electrodes in the brain; early mind-control experiments demonstrating that hypnotized subjects can be made to commit acts normally repugnant to them; an insidious mind-control methodology called “RHIC-EDOM” (“radio-hypnotic, intracerebral control – electronic dissolution of memory”), in which the levels of a key neuro-transmitter called acetylcholine are manipulated in such a manner as to cause the “subject” to act without conscious knowledge or subsequent recollection of acts committed while affected by the process; the story of apparent former U.S. intelligence operative Angel Castillo, programmed with multiple personalities (some of them developed for assassination operations) and allegedly recruited as a back-up shooter for the assassination of President Kennedy; a U.S. Navy project involving the use of audio-visual desensitization to condition “passive-aggressive” personalities as assassins; an interview with a former U.S. government assassin, who discusses successful use of mind control in assassination operations and maintains that the United States has been taken over by the national security establishment; advanced mind-control research directed toward reading the human mind.

AFA 6: Operation Mind Control, Pt. 2
Part 2a [4] 46:11 | Part 2b [5] 46:56 | Part 2c [6] 44:10 | Part 2d [7] 46:05 | Part 2e [8] 36:24
(Recorded November 29, 1884)

Continuing from the point at which AFA-5 left off, this broadcast begins with analysis of the apparent role of mind control in this country’s political assassinations. Wrongly convicted as the assassin of Robert Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan appears to have been the victim of mind control. The broadcast presents a number of possible “programmers,” notably Dr. William J. Bryan, trained hypnotist, self-described CIA employee and an individual who may have been involved with programming Arthur Bremer (the accused shooter of Governor George Wallace.) A number of clues point to Bryan as Sirhan’s programmer.

The program casts aspersions on the role of Dr. Bernard Diamond’s diagnosis of Sirhan as a “paranoid schizophrenic.” The discussion also highlights the curious “suicide” of Oswald handler George de Mohrenschildt, shortly before his scheduled interview with staff members of the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Many (including family members) believe de Mohrenschildt had been hypno-programmed to commit suicide. (One of the focal points of the CIA’s MK/Ultra mind-control research was developing the capacity to program subjects to commit suicide after performing an assassination.)

The program also touches on James Earl Ray’s interest in and involvement with, hypnosis (Ray was the apparent patsy in the assassination of Martin Luther King.)

Other program highlights include: the CIA’s hypno-programming of famed fashion model Candy Jones; the mind-control indoctrination of virulently racist and anti-semitic attitudes into the previously-liberal Candy; attempts to induce Candy to kill herself when her husband (famed talk-show host “Long John” Nebel) began to de-program her; a talk by Joe Holsinger (former legislative assistant to the late Representative Leo Ryan), in which Holsinger cites indications that People’s Temple may have been an extension of the intelligence community’s mind control programs; the role of alleged CIA officer George Phillip Blakey in establishing the Jonestown compound; the fact that most of the Jonestown victims had been murdered (they were not suicides, as generally reported); the presence of large amounts of psychiatric drugs at the Jonestown site; Temple stalwart Lawrence Layton, Senior’s activities on behalf of the National Security establishment; the presence at Jonestown of CIA’s Guyanese Station Chief Richard Dwyer shortly before the massacre began; structural similarities between the People’s Temple and features of the MK/Ultra program.

AFA 7: Operation Mind Control, Pt. 3
Part 3a [9] 47:19 | Part 3b [10] 47:17 | Part 3c [11] 44:56 | Part 3d [12] 46:50 | Part 3e [13] 38:14
(Recorded January, 1985)

Resuming the discussion from the end of AFA-6, the program explores the intelligence establishment’s use of mind-control cults. After indications that the People’s Temple may have been an intelligence operation, the program presents information about the Rajneesh cult suggestive of similar possibilities. Much of the analysis focuses on Reverend Moon’s Unification Church.

Mr. Emory hypothesizes that Moon’s organization is an extension of the Japanese Patriotic and Ultra-Nationalist Societies, which paved the way for fascism’s rise in Japan through a program of political assassinations, intimidation, bribery and propaganda. Superficially Korean, the Moon organization drew heavily on capital and manpower from the fascist infrastructure of Imperial Japan. In the United States, the Unification Church is very well-connected to elements of the American intelligence establishment and the right wing.

The program concludes with an examination of the Ananda Marga organization, a fiercely anti-communist cult, purporting to derive from Indian spiritual traditions.

Program highlights include: the Nazi antecedents of the Philip family (involved with Jonestown); an order to cease identification of the dead at Jonestown given by National Security Advisor Robert Pastor to the military commander of the U.S. forces a the massacre site; the pivotal role of Japanese war criminals Yoshio Kodama and Royichi Sasakawa in the development of the Moon organization; Moon aide Bo Hi Pak’s background in the Imperial Japanese Army; the anti-Christian, anti-American ideology of the Unification Church; connections of the Moon group to Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski and conservative organizer Richard Viguerie; the suspicious death of Robert Boettcher, a key aide investigating the Moon organization in connection with the Koreagate scandal; discussion of the Japanese Patriotic societies; the activities of Axis spy Subas Chandra Bose (the founder of Ananda Marga was a roommate of his); allegations of terrorism lodged against the Ananda Marga group in India.