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AFA 8: The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Part 1 46:04 | Part 2 44:51 | Part 3 43:26 | Part 4 7:17 | Part 5 46:20 | Part 6 33:42
(Recorded April 4, 1985)

Officially pinned on James Earl Ray (another “lone-nut”), the killing of Dr. King was actually the result of a large conspiracy, comprised of powerful interests. This program details the role of elements of the U.S. intelligence community, right-wing organizations and organized crime in the assassination.

Beginning with the revelations of Robert Byron Watson, the discussion relates Watson’s accidental discovery of part of the assassination conspiracy. Employed at the Magellan Art Gallery in Atlanta, Watson learned that co-workers of his were involved with a criminal organization that smuggled gold and drugs. Overlapping both the intelligence community and the right-wing, the organization had allegedly contributed personnel to the conspiracy to murder President Kennedy. Watson overheard co-workers discussing the (then) forthcoming killing of Martin Luther King, as well as the (then) impending assassination of Robert Kennedy.

In the same discussion, Watson learned that plans were afoot to dispatch Governor George Wallace (whose 1972 bid for the Presidency was ended by gunfire.) Investigators checking Watson’s story found it credible and Watson was threatened with both his and his mother’s death if he talked.

Other highlights include: the role of alleged King assassination conspirator Jack Youngblood in the 1954 coup against President Arbenz in Guatemala; analysis of the “eggs and sausages man” (believed by some to have been involved in the killing); the FBI and CIA/Bay of Pigs background of Arthur Hanes (one of James Earl Ray’s defense attorneys); Hanes’ role in defending perpetrators of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing; the statements of Joseph Adams Milteer connecting that bombing with the assassinations of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King; Ray attorney Percy Foreman’s work on behalf of Jack Ruby; domestic fascist J.B. Stoner’s tenure as Ray’s lawyer; physical evidence that Ray was not the assassin; eyewitness testimony indicating that Ray was not the killer; the dubious testimony of Charles Q. Stephens (the only “eyewitness” to connect Ray with the rooming house from which he supposedly fired the fatal shot); evidence suggesting that Dr. King was aware of his impending death; connections between Dr. King’s assassination and the 1978 Jonestown massacre; Dr. King’s final speech, given on the night before his murder.


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  1. Dr. King died 44 years ago today. I think AFA 8 honors him with an honest examination of his assassination which the justice system and official history has denied him. The impact of the program is powerful and should be shared far and wide.

    Posted by GK | April 4, 2012, 9:26 pm

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