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The Guns of November Audio Archive

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G-1. Background
Part 1 44:11 | Part 2 44:02 | Part 3 44:41 | Part 4 06:44

G-2. The Assassination
Part 1 44:14 | Part 2 44:42 | Part 3 43:33

G-3. Vietnam and Watergate
Part 1 44:39 | Part 2 44:37 | Part 3 44:27 | Part 4 02:24

G-4. Nazi Connections and Other Assassinations
Part 1 44:28 | Part 2 44:27 | Part 3 44:38 | Part 4 44:33 | Part 5 23:45


13 comments for “The Guns of November Audio Archive”

  1. tks so much for making these available… i know you used to charge for these…have listened on and off for years and found your podcasts compelling and thougt provoking…esp. the shows in which you’d excerpt this series

    now i can listen end-to-end– can’t wait!

    Posted by Ex-pat Fan in Oz | June 27, 2010, 1:04 am
  2. @Ex-Pat: Yeah. Haven’t gotten the chance to listen to all these yet, but I’m going to sometime. This is important information.

    Posted by Steven L. | April 20, 2012, 6:28 pm
  3. I have listened to the “Guns Of November” series about four or five times and only taken in maybe ten or twenty percent of the vast knowledge base it generates.

    What really amazes me is how seldom I hear the work of either Dave Emory or Mae Brussell discussed by the current online “JFK Research community” – which suggests they were/are both extremely close to mapping out what exactly went on.

    The more I read and listen, the more I am of the opinion that the “CIA did it” (the most recent Mark “Jonestown” Lane book for example) is a total smokescreen (in terms of the ultimate milieu that sanctioned it) and the answers do indeed lie with the Corporate Banking/Fascist Nazi-DISC-NSC-NSA axis as Dave, Mae and others layed out.

    Posted by paul | June 19, 2012, 6:01 pm
  4. 49 Years to the day. Don’t forget JFK. Everybody around could tell you where they were. Except for Nixon and George W. Bush. Don’t forget the witnesses who lost their lives, as part of the cover up of this terrible crime.

    Posted by GK | November 22, 2012, 10:44 am
  5. @Paul: Yeah, I agree. Dave did a LOT of fantastic work on this subject.

    @GK: He was a wonderful guy, that J.F.K.
    Rest in peace, JFK35. =(

    Posted by Steve L. | November 22, 2012, 5:51 pm
  6. Dave;

    As the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination approaches, I have listened again to “The Guns Of November”.
    You comment that some though that, though flawed, the Torbitt Document came closest to the truth.
    I picked up a copy (Kenn Thomas edition) for my library and have just skimmed through it.

    With years gone by, and the criticism that Torbitt receives, is it just as relevant as it was when it was first passed around?

    Which contemporary source would you consider to be most reliable on the subject?


    Posted by Swamp | July 27, 2013, 9:41 am
  7. @SWAMP–

    I think Torbitt is valuable, although, as an unfinished manuscript, it has some large holes.

    The sourcing is imprecise and analysis and distillation would be essential to a “finished Torbitt,” so to speak.

    I don’t discuss it at this point in time. It was crafted in 1969 and much has come to light since.

    On the subject of the JFK assassination in general, a good recent work is “JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Was Killed and Why It Matters.”



    Posted by Dave Emory | July 27, 2013, 1:56 pm
  8. To Dave Emory,
    I have had access to the internet for only about three years. I am getting a great deal of satisfaction listening to the audio archives, especially The Guns of November. About two years ago I took advantage of Spitfirelist’s list of out of print books. I downloaded and printed at home the great book Martin Boorman: Nazi In Exile. A great, heartfelt thanks to Dave for the incredible work he has done and continues to do. I attended one of Dave’s public speaking events in Oakland around 1991, before Bush-Cheney got into power. I can remember that at the event there were books being offered for sale. Back in 1991, at one of Dave’s events, we were being warned about the Bush family and Skull and Bones. Dave, you are a true inspiration to me. I still tune in to KKUP on Monday nights to listen to For The Record. I am so happy to have you back on the air.
    I am sorry that you suffered some type of illness that has affected
    your speaking voice. Dave, may your recovery continue to be a success. We need your voice on the air, no matter what condition it may be in. Your continued bravery and integrity are unsurpassed. No one else in the media equals you.
    Wishing You Continued Health and Strength,
    Jeffrey B. Roth

    Posted by Jeffrey B. Roth | November 29, 2013, 11:27 pm
  9. I remember it ( Nov. 22 1963 ) very well even though I was only 7 years old. I was watching the live broadcast from Dallas and many of the replays of those few moments in Dallas that caused a whole nation mourn. I cried even though I was Canadian.

    Posted by Glen | December 10, 2013, 6:09 pm
  10. http://www.timesofisrael.com/nazis-vast-secret-wmd-facility-uncovered-in-austria/

    “A huge, secret, underground Nazi weapons factory, believed to have been built for the development and planned manufacture of nuclear weapons and other WMDs, has been uncovered in Austria.

    Now scholars want to know if the SS general who oversaw it was brought to America after the war to help the US with its weapons programs.”

    Read more: Nazis’ vast, secret WMD facility uncovered in Austria | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/nazis-vast-secret-wmd-facility-uncovered-in-austria/#ixzz3NZ5rMULb
    Follow us: @timesofisrael on Twitter | timesofisrael on Facebook

    Posted by GK | January 1, 2015, 2:40 am
  11. On the anniversary of his death remember the remarkably progressive president John F. Kennedy. Realize the next president Donald trump is the reactionary product of ignoring the lifetime work of Dave Emory as documented on spitfirelist.com Thanks Dave and spitfire list.com

    Posted by Gk | November 22, 2016, 7:24 pm
  12. The following names are the people involved in the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency’s “Operation 40” assassination program. Any serious researcher into the topic of president John F. Kennedy’s murder needs to know the backgrounds of these people. It will help to understand what happened on the 22nd of November 1963: a fascist-oriented military coup.

    1. Col. John “Jack” Alston Crichton (488th Military Intelligence Detachment/ Cuban-Venezuelan Oil Voting Trust/ Empire Trust Company)
    2. George Herbert Walker “Poppy” Bush (Zapata Off-Shore)
    3. Col. Frank Maryan “Brandy” Brandstetter (488th Military Intelligence Detachment)
    4. Gen. Charles Pearre Cabell (Operation Zapata commander)
    5. Col. Stanley W. Beerli (Operation Zapata officer)
    6. David Atlee Phillips aka “Maurice Bishop”
    7. Col. Jack L. Hawkins (Operation Zapata officer)
    8. George “Guv” S. Musulin (Operation Zapata officer)
    9. Col. Richard Dale Drain (Operation Zapata officer)
    10. William “Rip” Robertson Jr. (Operation Zapata officer)
    11. David “El Indio” Sánchez Morales
    12. Jacob Donald ‘Jake’ Esterline
    13. Edwin Wendell Pauley Sr.
    14. William C. “Bill” Liedtke Jr.
    15. Thomas J. Devine “WUBRINY-1”
    16. Jose Jesus Basulto “El Capitán Araña” Leon
    17. Charles Tracy Barnes (Chief Of Domestic Operations Division)
    18. John Hugh Liedtke
    19. Grayston L. Lynch (Operation Zapata officer)
    20. Col. Sheffield M. Edwards
    21. Jose Luis Gonzalez Gallarreta “QUHOPS-1”
    22. Lt. Col. Esteban Ventura Novo Rivero
    23. Viola June Cobb “AMUPAS-1”
    24. Ilona Marita Lorenz
    25. Edward Scannell Butler (Information Council Of The Americas)
    26. Alberto Blanco “El Loco” Romariz “AMLASH-3”
    27. Richard Mervin Bissell Jr. (Operation Zapata commander)
    28. Thomas Dudley Cabot (Gibraltar Steamship Company)
    29. Maj. Gen. Edward Geary Lansdale (Operation Mongoose)
    30. Allen Welsh Dulles (Project Tropical)
    31. Jorge “El Mago” Robreno Marieges “AMLASH-2”
    32. Robert Aime Maheu
    33. Col. Joseph Caldwell King
    34. James “Big Jim” O’Connell
    35. Thomas “Tommy The Cork” Gardiner Corcoran (Civil Air Transport)
    36. Juan Manuel Salvat “El Gordo” Roque “AMHINT-2”
    37. Charles Siragusa (FBN-CIA)
    38. George Hunter White (FBN-CIA)
    39. Lt. Col. James Walter McCord Jr. (Fair Play For Cuba Committee)
    40. William Putnam “Bill” Bundy (OPLAN 34-Alpha comptroller)
    41. Richard Milhous Nixon (Operation 40 commander)
    42. McGeorge “Mac” Bundy aka “Odin” (Operation Zapata commander)
    43. Desmond FitzGerald
    44. William King “Bill” Harvey (Task Force W)
    45. Thomas Hercules Karamessines
    46. Col. Clarence Ward Bishop aka “William C. Bishop” aka “John Adrian O’Hare” aka “Oscar del Valle Garcia”
    47. Winston Mackinley Scott
    48. Col. Albert Richard Haney
    49. Enno Hobbing “GPAZURE” (1964 Brazilian Coup d’état)
    50. Theodore George “Ted” Shackley Jr. aka “The Blond Ghost” (Zenith Technical Enterprises)
    51. Orlando Bosch “Dr. Death” Ávila (Chicago Junta)
    52. Carl Elmer Jenkins
    53. Alfred Conrad “Al” Ulmer Jr.
    54. Nicolas Louis Deák
    55. Boris Fedorovich Pashkovsky aka Col. Boris Theodore Pash (Health Alteration Committee)
    56. Andres Nazario Sargen (Alpha 66)
    57. Mitchell Livingston WerBell III
    58. Col. Paul Lionel Edward Helliwell (Red Sunset Enterprises)
    59. Michele “The Shark” Sindona (Operación Cóndor)
    60. Brig. Gen. Paul Francis Gaynor (Project ARTICHOKE)
    61. Filippo Sacco aka John “Handsome Johnny” Rosselli aka “Col. John Rawlston”
    62. Charles Gregory “Bebe” Rebozo
    63. William Guy Banister (La Legión Anticomunista del Caribe)
    64. Guillermo Hernández-Cartaya (World Finance Corporation)
    65. Walter Sterling Surrey (World Finance Corporation)
    66. Edwin Paul Wilson
    67. James Jesus Angleton
    68. Lt. Col Ermal P. Geiss
    69. Raymond G. Rocca
    70. Col. Napoleon Diestro “El Ulupong” Valeriano
    71. Jorge Mas Canosa
    72. Otto Skorzeny (Project Tropical)
    73. Philippe Thyraud de Vosjoli
    74. Lt. Col. Jack Y. ”Texas” Canon (“Z-Unit” commander)
    75. Henry D. Hecksher
    76. José “El Padrino” Miguel Battle Sr.
    77. Richard McGarrah Helms (Gehlen Organisation)
    78. George Efythron Joannides (JM/WAVE Psychological Warfare Chief)
    79. Richard Scully Cain aka “Richard Scalzetti” (ZR/RIFLE asset)
    80. Whiting Willauer (Operation PBSUCCESS)
    81. Pedro Luis Diaz Lanz “QDBIAS”
    82. Gen. Adolf Heusinger (Schnez-Truppe)
    83. Lee R. Pennington Jr. (American Security Council)
    84. Col. George Laster “Lonnie” Lumpkin (488th Military Intelligence Detachment)
    85. Lt. Col. George Luster Whitmeyer (488th Military Intelligence Detachment)
    86. Gaspar Eugenio Jimenez “Gasparito” Escobedo
    87. Lt. Gen. Vernon A. Walters (Piano Solo Coup)
    88. Col. Walter Rauff (Operación Cóndor)
    89. Otto Albrecht Alfred von Bolschwing (Gehlen Organisation)
    90. Michael Vernon Townley (Operación Cóndor)
    91. Félix Ismael “El Gato” Rodríguez Mendigutia
    92. Clay LaVerne Shaw (Centro Mondiale Commerciale)
    93. George Russell Wackenhut
    94. Lt. Gen. William Wilson “Buffalo Bill” Quinn
    95. Lt. Gen. Joseph Francis Carroll
    96. Guillermo Novo “Mr. Bill” Sampol
    97. Richard Ober (MHCHAOS)
    98. Heinrich “Harry” August Rositzke (MHCHAOS)
    99. Hal Hendrix “QDELF” (Citizens Committee To Free Cuba)
    100. Isaac Irving Davidson
    101. Ignacio Novo Sampol
    102. Ray Steiner Cline (Asian People’s Anti-Communist League)
    103. Jean-Pierre Lafitte “QJ/WIN” (Reily Coffee Company)
    104. Thomas Eli Davis III
    105. Col. Manuel Rangel-Escamilla (Dirección Federal de Seguridad)
    106. Virgilio R. “Villo” González
    107. Fernando Gutierrez Barrios “LITEMPO-4”
    108. George de Mohrenschildt (“Crusade For Freedom” Texas)
    109. Miguel Nazar Haro “LITEMPO-12” (Operación Cóndor)
    110. Salvador Díaz-Versón “AMPALM-26” (Chief Of Cuban Military Intelligence)
    111. Everette “Eduardo” Howard Hunt Jr. (Domestic Operations Division Chief Of Covert Action)
    112. John S. Earman Jr. (Operation Bloodstone)
    113. Daniel Anthony “Dan” Mitrione (International Cooperation Administration)
    114. Edwin Anderson Collins aka “Angelo” (Intercontinental Penetration Force)

    115. Robert Emmett Johnson (Intercontinental Penetration Force)
    116. Jose Dionisio “Bloodbath” Suarez Esquivel
    117. Gen. Lyman Louis Lemnitzer (Operation Northwoods)
    118. Roberto Alejos Arzú
    119. Thomas Gregory Clines
    120. Col. Wickliffe Preston Draper (Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission)
    121. Luis “El Bambi” Clemente Faustino Posada Carriles “AMCLEVE-15”
    122. William Harding Jackson (Operations Coordinating Board)
    123. Gordon Gray (Psychological Strategy Board)
    124. James Hardesty Critchfield (Gehlen Organisation)
    125. Gen. Charles Andrew Willoughby (International Committee For The Defense Of Christian Culture)
    126. Eugenio Rolando “Musculito” Martínez “AMSNAP-3”
    127. Satiris “Sonny” G. Fassoulis (World Commerce Corporation)
    128. José Egozi Bejar (Brigade 2506)
    129. Alberto Sicilia-Falcón (Dirección Federal de Seguridad asset)
    130. Gen. Charles Douglas Jackson (Operation Mockingbird)
    131. Rafael Aureli “Chi-Chi” Quintero Ibarbia “AMJAVA-4”
    132. Junio Valerio “Black Prince” Borghese (Operation Gladio)
    133. Lt. Gen. Pedro Augusto del Valle (The Constitution Party)
    134. Guido Giannettini (Operation Gladio)
    135. Clare Boothe Luce (Citizens Committee For A Free Cuba)
    136. Ricardo Morales “El Mono” Navarrete
    137. William Douglas Pawley “QDDALE” (Civil Air Transport)
    138. Patrick Joseph Frawley Jr. (Information Council Of The Americas)
    139. Theodor Oberländer (International Committee For The Defense Of Christian Culture)
    140. Sergio Arcacha-Smith (Frente Revolucionario Democrático)
    141. José Joaquin Sanjenís “Felix” Perdomo “AMOT-2”
    142. Col. Howard Lay Burris
    143. Anthony “Tony” Ulasewicz
    144. Brig. Gen. Charles “Babe” Baron
    145. David William Ferrie (International Anti-Communist Brigade)
    146. Rolando Arcadio “El Tigre” Masferrer Rojas
    147. Dr. Frederick Charles Schwarz (Christian Anti-Communism Crusade)
    148. ADM. Arleigh Albert Burke (Citizens Committee For A Free Cuba)
    149. Thomas Clifton Mann (1964 Brazilian Coup d’état)
    150. William Joseph “Bill” Casey (National Strategy Information Center)
    151. Bernard Leon “Macho” Barker “AMCLATTER-1”
    152. Loran Eugene Hall (International Anti-Communist Brigade)
    153. Cord Meyer Jr. (International Organizations Division)
    154. Robert Boliver “Bob” DePugh (Minutemen)
    155. William Cornelius Sullivan (COINTELPRO)
    156. Eladio Ceferino del Valle Gutierrez
    157. Robert John Morris (Defenders Of American Liberties)
    158. Col. Dr. Jose A. Rivera (NIH Board Of Directors/ MKULTRA)
    159. Henry Robinson Luce (Alpha 66)
    160. Carmel Offie (Operation Bloodstone)
    161. Porter Johnston Goss
    162. Gen. Robert J. Smith (Dallas Council On World Affairs)
    163. Col. Robert G. Storey (Dallas Council On World Affairs)
    164. Luis Echeverria Alvarez “LITEMPO-8”
    165. Luis Alberu Soeto “LITAMIL-9”
    166. Adler Berriman “Barry” Seal
    167. Aldo Vera Serafin (Chicago Junta)
    168. Thomas Wardell Braden (International Organizations Division)
    169. Walter E. Turnbull (United Fruit Company)
    170. Santo Trafficante Jr. (ZR/RIFLE asset)
    171. Antonio “Tony” Cuesta del Valle “AMDENIM-14”
    172. Salvatore “Sam Gold” Giancana (ZR/RIFLE asset)
    173. Carlos “The Little Man” Marcello (ZR/RIFLE asset)
    174. Byron Engle (Office Of Public Safety)
    175. José Ignacio Rasco (Foreign Intelligence Digest)
    176. Herminio Díaz García
    177. Yaroslav Stetsko (Foreign Intelligence Digest)
    178. Emilio Núñez Portuondo (Foreign Intelligence Digest)
    179. Maj. Gerhard Mertins (Merex AG)
    180. Anastasio “Tachito” Somoza DeBayle (Anti-Communist League Of The Caribbean)
    181. Eduardo Víctor Arocena Pérez
    182. Orlando Eleno Piedra Negueruela (Anti-Communist League Of The Caribbean)
    183. Hanna Yazbeck “QJ/WIN”
    184. Harold “Happy” Meltzer “QJ/WIN”
    185. Percival Flack Brundage (Southern Air Transport)
    186. Antonio Veciana Blanch “AMSHALE-1” (Alpha 66)
    187. Edward Perkins McGuire (Southern Air Transport)
    188. Robert Trumbull “The Crow” Crowley (Clandestine Operations Division)
    189. Maurice Brooks Gatlin Sr. (Anti-Communist League Of The Caribbean)
    190. William B. Reily (Crusade To Free Cuba Committee)
    191. Alvin Ross Diaz
    192. Frank R. Barnett (Richardson Foundation)
    193. Col. William Potter Gale (Minutemen)
    194. Dr. Alton Ochsner (Information Council Of The Americas)
    195. Nestor “Tony” Izquierdo
    196. Manuel Francisco Artime Buesa (Cuban Revolutionary Council)
    197. Capt. Jean-René Souètre (Organisation armée secrète)
    198. Gordon Michael Dwayne Novel
    199. William Egan Colby (Operation Gladio/ Phoenix Program)
    200. Frank A. Capell (Foreign Intelligence Digest)
    201. Manuel “Manolito” Rodriguez Orcarberro
    202. Austin J. App (Foreign Intelligence Digest)
    203. Revilo Pendleton Oliver (John Birch Society)
    204. Spas Todorov Raikin (American Friends Of The Anti-Bolshevik Bloc Of Nations Secretary General)
    205. Richard Case Nagell (Field Operations Intelligence)
    206. Frank Angelo Fiorini aka Frank Anthony Sturgis (Chicago Junta)
    207. Gilberto Policarpo Lopez (Fair Play For Cuba Committee)
    208. Thomas Arthur Vallee (John Birch Society)
    209. Gen. Lauris Norstad (Clandestine Planning Committee/ Operation Gladio)
    210. Anne Lorene Goodpasture (LITEMPO asset)
    211. Rolando Cubela Secades “AMLASH”
    212. James Burnham (Office Of Policy Coordination Political And Psychological Warfare Division)
    213. Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. (United Fruit Company)
    214. Donald Dean “Don” Bohning “AMCARBON-3”
    215. Gen. Adolf Heusinger (Schnez-Truppe)
    216. Gerald Patrick “Gerry” Hemming Jr. (Intercontinental Penetration Force)
    217. Insall Bailey “I. B.” Hale (“American Society For Industrial Security” chairman; Chief Of Security Convair/ General Dynamics; Forth Worth FBI office agent)
    218. Carlos Cuesta Gallardo “Tecos” (Mexican Anti-Communist Federation)
    219. Clark Anderson (FBI Legal Attaché)
    220. John Jay McCloy (Ford Foundation-CIA)
    221. Lt. Col. Lucien Emile Conein (JM/WAVE)
    222. Gordon Barton McLendon (Association Of Former Intelligence Officers)
    223. John Alexander McCone (1964 Brazilian Coup d’état)
    224. Harold “Hal” Sydney Geneen (Project SHAMROCK asset)
    225. Mario Garcia Kohly (United Organization For The Liberation Of Cuba)
    226. Bernardo de Torres aka “Leopoldo” (Brigade 2506 Chief Of Intelligence)
    227. Robert L. Bannerman (State Security Office Chief)
    228. Clarence Douglas Dillon (Operation 40 comptroller)
    229. David Dean Rusk (Operation 40 comptroller)
    230. Adolf Augustus Berle Jr. (Operation 40 comptroller)
    231. David Rockefeller (Operation 40 comptroller)
    232. George Frost Kennan (“Inauguration of Organized Political Warfare”- NSC 10/2)
    233. Jay Lovestone (AFL-CIO International Affairs Department Chief)
    234. David Harold Byrd (“Crusade For Freedom” Texas)
    235. Henry Neil Mallon (Zapata Corporation)
    236. Col. Cecil Himes (U.S. Army School Of The Americas Commandant)

    Posted by Robert Ward Montenegro | June 11, 2018, 4:29 pm
  13. …here are a few more names to round off the list of “Operation 40” financiers and collaborators…

    237. Anthony “Tony” Sforza “AMRYE-1”
    238. Emilio Americo Rodriguez “AMIRE-1”
    239. John Thomas Masen (Minutemen)
    240. Carlos Jose Bringuier (Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil)
    241. Warren E. Frank “AMPARCH-1”
    242. Hans Bernd Gisevius (Dresser Industries)
    243. Prescott S. Bush Jr. (National Strategy Information Center)
    244. Lt. Gen. Reinhard Gehlen
    245. Jorge Diaz Serrano (Perforaciones Marinas del Golfo)
    246. Mario Brod (CIA Counterintelligence Staff Agent)
    247. Thomas E. Dewey (Mary Carter Paint Co.)
    248. Shig Katayama (ID Corporation)
    249. Edward Levinson (Bank Of World Commerce)
    250. Burton W. Kanter (Castle Bank & Trust)
    251. Wallace Groves (Mary Carter Paint Co.)
    252. Cornelius Vander Starr (AIG-CIA)
    253. Duncan Chaplin Lee (AIG-CIA)
    254. Willis H. Bird (Sea Supply Inc.)
    255. Edward K. Moss (Political Action Group CIA Covert Action staff)
    256. Irving Brown (American Institute For Free Labor Development)
    257. Ryōichi Sasakawa (Asian People’s Anti-Communist League)
    258. Yoshio Kodama (“M-Fund” comptroller)
    259. Herbert Itkin
    260. J. Walton Moore (Dallas Council On World Affairs)
    261. Dino Cellini (Operation Mongoose)
    262. Fred Chase Koch (John Birch Society)
    263. Isaac Don Levine (American Committee For The Liberation Of The Peoples of Russia)
    264. Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt (Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty)
    265. Col. Garland H. “Dee” Williams (FBN-CIA)
    266. Samuel Halpern (Task Force W)
    267. William S. Paley (Operation Mockingbird)
    268. Dr. L. Wilson Greene (Edgewood Arsenal Scientific Director)
    269. Roswell L. Gilpatric (Operation Mongoose)
    270. Ira “Ike” Feldman (Operation Midnight Climax)
    271. George Munro (LITEMPO officer)
    272. Roger Hilsman Jr. (“DEPTEL 243” author)
    273. Michael Vincent Forrestal (“DEPTEL 243” author)
    274. George Wildman Ball (“DEPTEL 243” author)
    275. W. Averell Harriman (“DEPTEL 243” author)
    276. John Martino (Operation TILT)
    277. Roy Hargraves (Intercontinental Penetration Force)
    278. Joseph Adams Milteer (National States Rights Party)
    279. Maj. Alexander M. Haig Jr. (Operation Mongoose)
    280. Joseph A. Califano Jr. (Operation Mongoose)
    281. Enrique “Harry” Ruiz-Williams (Operation Mongoose)
    282. U. Alexis Johnson (Operation Mongoose)
    283. Felipe Vidal Santiago
    284. Cyrus R. Vance (Operation Mongoose)
    285. Maj. Gen. Edwin Anderson “Ted” Walker (John Birch Society)

    Posted by Robert Ward Montenegro | June 19, 2018, 1:08 am

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