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Ask your local station to carrry For The Record

Call, write or email the program director of your local commercial or non-commercial radio station, and ask him or her to start carrying Dave Emory’s For the Record. Consider these useful points:

  • “For The Record” is a weekly radio program, consisting of two 29-minute segments, and is provided free of charge to both commercial and non-commericial stations.
  • Each week, Dave examines the interconnecting historical processes, people and institutions which shape the complex geopolitical landscape.
  • While often outside the mainstream of public information, Dave Emory has a proven track record of prognostication and “I told you so…” providing much needed context to the fast-moving and often unintelligible news events of our time.
  • You can suggest replacing any repeat programming your local station airs.
  • If a station wants more information, direct them to SpitfireList.com.

Your input and support is valuable, and your local stations will listen if you make an effort.

Here’s a great search tool to find your local radio stations.

Are you a broadcaster?


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