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FTR #788 Greek Tragedy, Part 2: “Clausewitzian Economics–The Continuation of War by Other Means”

This pro­gram details the hor­ri­fy­ing devel­op­ments unfold­ing in Greece. Embody­ing Carl von Clausewitz’s con­cept of “pol­i­tics as a con­tin­u­a­tion of war by other means,” Greece is a cruel and depress­ing exam­ple of the long-standing strat­egy of German/Underground Reich geopol­i­tics. Real­iz­ing a strat­egy for Ger­man polit­i­cal dom­i­na­tion of Europe and the world, the EU and EMU are direct man­i­fes­ta­tions of the strat­egy first advo­cated by Friedrich List in the 19th century.

FTR #787 The Muslim Brotherhood Spring (I Told You So)

We recall the tsunami of praise, Hosan­nas and Hal­lelu­jahs gush­ing forth from the world’s media and polit­i­cal pun­ditry, hail­ing the “Arab Spring” as the dawn­ing of a new enlight­en­ment in that part of the world, they missed the boat–-fundamentally. We, on the other hand, were warn­ing that this phe­nom­e­non was an Under­ground Reich oper­a­tion. Events in Egypt and Turkey have borne out our hypoth­e­sis in grimly con­vinc­ingly fashion.

FTR #786 The Adventures of Eddie the Friendly Spook, Part 16: The Obverse Oswald–Update and Summary Analysis

Ger­man and Brazil­ian dri­ves to update and pop­u­lar­ize their IT sec­tors, sup­pos­edly in response to Edward Snowden’s “dis­clo­sures,” can be safely assumed to have been antic­i­pated quite some time ago. The Snow­den “psy-op” is almost cer­tainly a device for pro­pa­gan­diz­ing on behalf of the German/Brazilian drive, which con­sti­tutes eco­nomic war­fare under the cir­cum­stances. Snowden’s Russ­ian sojourn appears to have been arranged by Wik­iLeaks, which also appears to have arranged his flight to China from Hawaii. Throw­ing Obama’s “reboot” with Rus­sia under the bus, the Snow­den “op” is prob­a­bly part of the broader oper­a­tion that brought the Nazi heirs to the OUN/B to power in the Ukraine.

FTR #785 Bit[coin]burg, Part 4: Fool’s Gold, Part 2

The fourth of our pro­grams about Bit­coin, this broad­cast fur­ther doc­u­ments the pre­dictable chaos and malfea­sance result­ing from a valu­able mon­e­tary entity that is totally unreg­u­lated and open to all of the vagueries and crim­i­nal­ity to which inter­net busi­ness is sub­ject. Much of the pro­gram focuses on the col­lapse of the Mt. Gox exchange in Japan, one of the world’s largest Bit­coin mar­ket­places. Blamed ini­tially on hack­ers, it may well be that the oper­a­tors of Mt. Gox were engaged in delib­er­ate malfea­sance, as were anony­mous hack­ers who called atten­tion to the sins of the company’s man­age­ment. The pro­gram notes that the con­cen­tra­tion of own­er­ship in the Bit­coin com­mu­nity is even more pro­nounced than it is in the reg­u­lar economy.

FTR #784 “First, Tame the Intellectuals . . . .”

Sev­eral Swo­boda par­lia­men­tary deputies roughed up the direc­tor of the largest state TV sta­tion in Ukraine and forced his resignation–this because he broad­cast excerpts of Putin’s speech about the annex­a­tion of Crimea. The assault was led by Ihor Mirosh­ny­chenko, the Deputy Chair of the par­lia­men­tary Com­mit­tee on Free­dom of Speech and Infor­ma­tion! Like the U.S. media, the Ger­man media have been sys­tem­at­i­cally mis­rep­re­sent­ing Swo­boda as some­thing other than the fas­cist orga­ni­za­tion it clearly is. Much of the pro­gram deals with the nature of the so-called demo­c­ra­tic oppo­si­tion in Rus­sia, about which we’ve heard so much cat­er­waul­ing of late. In par­tic­u­lar, the pro­gram high­lights the true polit­i­cal cache of Alexei Navalny, recently fea­tured as an op-ed writer in The New York Times.

FTR #783 Can You Put Lipstick on a Nazi?

The OUN/B heirs dom­i­nat­ing the Ukrain­ian gov­ern­ment are engag­ing in whole­sale fas­cist pro­pa­ganda and indoc­tri­na­tion of chil­dren. As NATO, Ger­many and the U.S. scram­ble to put lip­stick on the Nazi pig hold­ing power in Ukraine, assur­ances are being given that peo­ple have noth­ing to fear. The his­tory of OUN/B mass mur­der reveals that JUST such assur­ances presage mur­der and may­hem. Ger­man gov­ern­ment and neo-Nazi links to Swo­boda emerge, as Swo­boda deputies man­han­dle a state tele­vi­sion executive.

FTR #782 All’s Well That’s Orwell, Part 2: The Ministry of Truth and the Ukrainian Crisis, Part 2 (Schmemann Uber Alles)

The broad­cast high­lights the Orwellian nature of U.S. media cov­er­age of the events in the Ukraine. In par­tic­u­lar, the dis­grace­ful behav­ior of The New York Times–the CIA’s #1 pro­pa­ganda asset–is set forth here. The white­wash­ing of the Nazi and fas­cist nature of the gov­ern­ment in the Ukraine and casual dis­missal of accu­rate Russ­ian claims as “pro­pa­ganda” by the “Gray Lady” as the Times is known, has set the tone for the rest of our media to res­onate with the dic­tates of our Min­istry of Truth. We won­der about the influ­ence in the Times’ cov­er­age of Serge Schme­mann, as well as the pos­si­ble future role of Islamist and Pan-Turkist ele­ments in the crisis.

FTR #781 All’s Well That’s Orwell: The Ministry of Truth and the Ukrainian Crisis (Yuschenko Uber Alles)

The Orwellian aspects of the Ukrain­ian cri­sis could not be exag­ger­ated and are explored at greater length in this post. We have noted that Vic­tor Yuschenko’s term as pres­i­dent of the Ukraine–realized through the so-called Orange Revolution–featured the for­mer Yka­te­rina Chu­machenko as his wife. For­merly Ronald Reagan’s Deputy Direc­tor of Pub­lic Liai­son, the for­mer Ms. Chu­machenko was a promi­nent mem­ber of the UCCA, the top OUN/B front orga­ni­za­tion in the United States. While pres­i­dent of the Ukraine, Yuschenko presided over a fun­da­men­tal makeover of Ukrain­ian his­tory and, through that, polit­i­cal ide­ol­ogy, paving the way for the pub­lic posi­tion­ing of the fas­cist Swo­boda party as a viable, demo­c­ra­tic entity.

FTR #780 OUN/B Redux, Part 2

This pro­gram con­tin­ues analy­sis of the instal­la­tion in the Ukraine of a gov­ern­ment com­posed largely of polit­i­cal forces evolved from, and man­i­fest­ing ide­o­log­i­cal con­ti­nu­ity with, the fas­cist OUN/B. The Ukraine, which has a quar­ter of the world’s proven nat­ural gas reserves, appears headed for EU/German/IMF dic­tated aus­ter­ity, which will fur­ther dev­as­tate the coun­try. OUN/B-linked ele­ments who were ensconced in the Rea­gan and Bush admin­is­tra­tions have been bash­ing and pres­sur­ing Obama over his response to the Ukraine crisis.

FTR #779 OUN/B Redux: The Underground Reich and the Ukrainian Crisis

For decades, we have cov­ered the OUN/B, a Ukrain­ian fas­cist orga­ni­za­tion allied with the Ger­man gen­eral staff in World War II. With a pro­found pres­ence in the GOP’s Eth­nic divi­sion, as well as the con­tem­po­rary Ukrain­ian polit­i­cal infra­struc­ture, the OUN/B is any­thing but an his­tor­i­cal relic. Cen­tered on the Swo­boda party, as well as the Pravy Sek­tor, the mil­i­tary and judi­cial processes in the Ukraine are firmly under the con­trol of the OUN/B heirs.