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FTR #821 Continuity of Government, the JFK Assassination and Covert Operations

Ana­lyz­ing the role of net­works orig­i­nally set up to per­pet­u­ate and sus­tain gov­ern­ment in the event of nuclear war, this pro­gram high­lights the role of Con­ti­nu­ity of Gov­ern­ment (COG) ele­ments in a num­ber of domes­tic and/or ille­gal covert oper­a­tions. With its own com­mu­ni­ca­tions net­work, the COG has proved an effec­tive vehi­cle for side­step­ping nor­mal oper­a­tional chan­nels in order to real­ize nefar­i­ous aims. The COG-related net­works and indi­vid­u­als have fig­ured promi­nently in aspects of the JFK assas­si­na­tion, Water­gate, the Octo­ber Sur­prise, the Iran-Contra scan­dal and events pur­suant to the 9/11 attacks. Dick Cheney and Don­ald Rums­feld are two of the promi­nent fig­ures in the COG net­works and have been present in the Nixon/Ford, Reagan/Bush, Clin­ton and George W. Bush administrations.

FTR #820 Interview with Ed Haslam about Ebola and the New Edition of “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”

Revis­it­ing the heroic Ed Haslam, we high­light new points of infor­ma­tion from his book “Dr. Mary’s Mon­key,” as well as set­ting forth infor­ma­tion about Ebola, indi­cat­ing that the offi­cial ver­sion of the evo­lu­tion of that deadly dis­ease is badly skewed. Key points of infor­ma­tion in Ed’s new edi­tion include the J. Edgar Hoover’s order to pre­clude FBI involve­ment in the inves­ti­ga­tion of Dr. Mary Sherman’s mur­der; Meyer Lan­sky aide Chauncey Holt’s links to Lee Har­vey Oswald, the CIA and Oper­a­tion Mon­goose (the Agency’s anti-Castro effort); Stan­ley Stumpf’s pos­si­ble role in mov­ing Dr. Mary Sherman’s body; the War­ren Commission’s omis­sion of Oswald’s signed time cards from the Reilly Cof­fee Com­pany; Vic­to­ria and Owen Hawes’ account of Oswald’s vis­its to a neigh­bor of Dr. Mary Sher­man and the pos­si­ble dis­posal of bio-waste in the neighbor’s toi­let; crime scene pho­tos of Dr. Mary Sherman’d corpse that dis­prove the offi­cial ver­sion of her killing; the CIA’s com­plete redac­tion of “Crown Jewel #1″–the Agency’s activ­i­ties between the late 1950’s and 1964.

FTR #819 Proxy War and the Earth Island Boogie (What the Hell Does Dave Emory Mean by “Underground Reich?,” Part 3)

Author Peter Lev­enda has posted an arti­cle (excerpted from his recent book) that encap­su­lates sig­nif­i­cant ele­ments of dis­cus­sion pre­sented by Mr. Emory and fea­tured on this web­site. Not­ing Impe­r­ial Germany’s use of Islamic proxy war­riors dur­ing the First World War and Nazi Germany’s incor­po­ra­tion of the same strat­a­gem, Lev­enda notes that Nazi ele­ments have con­tin­ued to use Mus­lim proxy war­fare to advance the goals of what Mr. Emory calls the Under­ground Reich. Hav­ing incor­po­rated many impor­tant ele­ments of Nazi Germany’s national secu­rity estab­lish­ment into its own after World War II, the United States has co-opted the tac­tic of proxy war. To its detri­ment, the U.S. has failed to grasp that the Under­ground Reich and its Islamist prox­ies have their own agen­das. Those agen­das fea­ture the defeat of the United States as a cen­ter­piece of long-term strat­egy. Con­clud­ing with an exam­i­na­tion of recent Amer­i­can mil­i­tary involve­ment, the pro­gram notes that much of what we are doing actu­ally ben­fits Ger­many and occurs in areas for­merly belong­ing to the Ottoman Empire.

FTR #818 Can You Put Lipstick on a Nazi? (Part 3): Update on Ukraine and Timeline of Ukrainian Fascism

Fur­ther ana­lyz­ing the recent Ukrain­ian elec­tions, the broad­cast high­lights the incor­po­ra­tion of fas­cist and Nazi per­son­nel into the so-called “mod­er­ate” forces in that unfor­tu­nate coun­try. In turn, the “mod­er­ates” have imple­mented polit­i­cal steps advo­cated by the fas­cists. Exem­plary of this dynamic is Petro Poroshenko’s sup­port for “lus­tra­tion laws.” Osten­si­bly designed to root out the marrow-deep cor­rup­tion that has plagued Ukraine and spurred social unrest, the laws are a vio­la­tion of inter­na­tional prin­ci­ple and appear to be aimed at fur­ther purg­ing Russ­ian influ­ence in that coun­try. Poroshenko’s “point per­son” push­ing sup­port of the lus­tra­tion laws is Svit­lana Zalis­chuk, who received finan­cial sup­port from Pierre Omid­yar, Glenn Greenwald’s finan­cial angel. Sev­eral mem­bers of the neo-Nazi Azov Bat­tal­ion, includ­ing its com­man­der Andriy Bilet­sky, have been elected to Par­lia­ment. The deputy com­man­der of the Azov Bat­tal­ion is the new chief of police in Kiev.

FTR #817 Can You Put Lipstick on a Nazi? (Part 2): Update on Ukraine

The Ukrain­ian elec­tion results have pro­duced hosan­nas in the West about the far-right par­ties hav­ing been mar­gin­al­ized in the vote. Noth­ing could be far­ther from the truth. Svoboda–one of the OUN/B heirs on the Ukrain­ian polit­i­cal landscape–has rep­re­sen­ta­tion in par­lia­ment, as does the Rad­i­cal Party of Oleg Lyashkov, who helped form many of the fas­cist mili­tias active in the civil war in the nation’s East­ern sec­tion. Dimytro Yarosh, hed of Pravy Sek­tor also won a seat in par­lia­ment, though Pravy Sek­tor fared poorly at the polls. What has received lit­tle cov­er­age is the fact that the so-called “mod­er­ate,” “pro-EU” par­ties such as Poroshenko’s party and Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s People’s Front have incor­po­rated some of the worst of the Ukrain­ian fas­cists. Poroshenko has OUN/B wartime pres­i­dent Jaroslav Stetsko’s per­sonal sec­re­tary (Roman Svarych) as an adviser, along with Oleh Makhnit­sky, the for­mer jus­tice min­is­ter from Svo­boda. Yat­senyuk has peo­ple from the fas­cist Azov Bat­tal­ion in the ranks of his orga­ni­za­tion. The effects of hav­ing peo­ple from Svo­boda in charge of the judi­cial process can be sam­pled from the attempt to pin the sniper killings in the Maidan demon­stra­tions on a leader of Yanukovich’s secu­rity forces. “Pho­tographed” hold­ing a sniper rifle with two hands–supposedly the “proof”–Dmytro Sadovnyk only has ONE hand, hav­ing lost the other to a grenade in a train­ing acci­dent years ago. The Poroshenko gov­ern­ment has been using clus­ter muni­tions against its own citizens.

FTR #816 Revisiting the 1972 Olympics Massacre

Revis­it­ing the sub­ject of the 1972 Olympics mas­sacre, we probe more deeply into the under­ly­ing dynam­ics of that event. Hav­ing noted in AFA #22 that secu­rity for the games was han­dled by a BND agent named Hans Lange­mann, we review his work cov­er­ing up for the neo-Nazis behind the Okto­ber­fest bomb­ing of 1980. Ger­man neo-Nazis also aided the Black Sep­tem­ber ter­ror­ists who per­pe­trated the Olympics mas­sacre. Despite the fact that the Ger­man gov­ern­ment had advanced warn­ing of the impend­ing attack, no pre­ven­tive action was taken. After the attacks, the Ger­man gov­ern­ment was in close touch with the per­pe­tra­tors and down­play­ing the sig­nif­i­cance of the inci­dent. Willi Pohl, one of the neo-Nazis involved who assisted Black Sep­tem­ber with the 1972 attack, began work­ing in a counter-terror capac­ity for the CIA. Black Sep­tem­ber chief Ali Has­san Salameh, in charge of the attacks, was also impressed into duty with CIA, hav­ing been recruited while Henry Kissinger was astride of Richard Nixon’s national secu­rity pol­icy. In spec­u­la­tive mode, we ask if there MAY be a con­nec­tion between Kissinger’s efforts to desta­bi­lize the Willi Brandt government–undertaken con­junc­tion with Third Reich veterans–and the Olympics massacre?

FTR #815 Walkin’ the Snake at Al Jazeera

In pre­vi­ous posts, we have noted that Al Jazeera is run by the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood. We have also dealt with the Nazi tract “Serpent’s Walk,” which focuses on a Nazi takeover of the U.S. in the mid-21st cen­tury. Fun­da­men­tal to the sce­nario pre­sented in the book is the Under­ground Reich/SS money com­po­nent buy­ing into the opinion-forming media, in order to swing the Amer­i­can people’s point of view in a pro-Nazi direc­tion. With Al Jazeera among those media out­lets gain­ing grav­i­tas in the U.S., it is worth exam­in­ing the net­work in detail to under­stand its rela­tion­ship with the Broth­er­hood, an Islamic fas­cist orga­ni­za­tion. The Al Jazeera network’s shep­herd­ing of a report about the late Yasser Arafat hav­ing been poi­soned with polo­nium 210 affords us an ideal oppor­tu­nity to eval­u­ate the outlet’s jour­nal­is­tic integrity. (Polo­nium 210 is a highly radioac­tive sub­stance.) The “inves­ti­ga­tion” is an Al Jazeera “op” from start to fin­ish. The alleged “poi­son­ing” is: extra­or­di­nar­ily unlikely; at vari­ance with the con­clu­sions of the French med­ical team attend­ing Arafat and in con­flict with the con­clu­sions of the PLO leader’s per­sonal physi­cian, who attrib­uted the death to AIDS.

FTR #814 The National Socialist Underground File

We’ve cov­ered the neo-Nazi group The National Social­ist Under­ground and its links to Ger­man intel­li­gence for sev­eral years. In addi­tion to shred­ding files on the NSU, which was financed in con­sid­er­able mea­sure by Germany’s domes­tic intel­li­gence ser­vice and ele­ments of its mil­i­tary intel­li­gence ser­vice, files on other Ger­man neo-Nazi groups have been destroyed before being prop­erly vet­ted by Ger­man jour­nal­is­tic and legal author­i­ties. One of the most sig­nif­i­cant aspects of the case is the fact that pow­er­ful ele­ments within the Ger­man gov­ern­ment are going to extra­or­di­nary lengths to eclipse the insti­tu­tional con­nec­tions of the group. Turk­ish media were excluded from being seated at the trial of the group, many of whose vic­tims were Turks. In addi­tion, lead­ing Ger­man media were left out of a “raf­fle” to award seat­ing at the trial. Attor­neys for the vic­tims’ fam­i­lies have opined that the pros­e­cu­tors have no real inter­est in pur­su­ing the case.

FTR #813 Return of the Rising Sun, Part 3

Grand­son of the Japan­ese war crim­i­nal who signed that country’s dec­la­ra­tion of war against the U.S., Shinzo Abe is fol­low­ing in the foot­steps of Nobo­suke Kishi (his grand­fa­ther), as well as those of Kishi’s asso­ciates in Japan’s expan­sion­ist empire. Revis­ing school text­books about World War II, pass­ing a new secrecy law, insti­tut­ing greater state con­trol of news media, dra­mat­i­cally increas­ing defense spend­ing while mov­ing to alter the con­sti­tu­tion to per­mit a more mil­i­taris­tic agenda, Abe is turn­ing back the Japan­ese his­tor­i­cal and polit­i­cal clock. Japan­ese gov­ern­ment offi­cials are openly sanc­tion­ing anti-Korean racism and net­work­ing with orga­ni­za­tions that pro­mote that doc­trine. Sev­eral mem­bers of Abe’s gov­ern­ment net­work with Japan­ese neo-Nazis. Vice-Prime Min­is­ter Taro Aso is a long­time admirer of Nazi polit­i­cal strat­egy and advo­cates using the Nazi method for seiz­ing power to sneak con­sti­tu­tional change past the Japan­ese public.

FTR #812 Kim Dotcom and Divine Laissez Faire Economics

A col­league of Eddie the Friendly Spook [Snow­den], Julian Assange and Glenn Green­wald, Kim Schmitz, aka “Kim Dot­com”] espouses the same libertarian/free mar­ket ide­ol­ogy under­ly­ing the “cor­po­ratism” of Ben­ito Mus­solini. With an exten­sive crim­i­nal record in Ger­many and else­where, “Der Dot­com­man­dant” has eluded seri­ous pun­ish­ment for his offenses, includ­ing exe­cut­ing the largest insider trad­ing scheme in Ger­man his­tory. Embraced by the file-sharing com­mu­nity and ele­ments of the so-called pro­gres­sive sec­tor, Dot­com actu­ally allied him­self with John Banks and his far-right ACT Party in New Zealand. His embrace of the so-called pro­gres­sive sec­tor came later and is viewed as hav­ing dam­aged left-leaning par­ties at the polls. Dot­com is enam­ored of Nazi mem­o­ra­bilia and owns a rare, author-authographed copy of “Mein Kampf.” Much of the sec­ond side of the pro­gram com­pares the “Divine, Theo­cratic” free-market eco­nomic the­ory of The Fam­ily and the cor­re­spond­ing ide­ol­ogy of the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood. Both see wealth and eco­nomic priv­i­lege as a mat­ter of divine will, with that per­ceived will being the gov­ern­ing ethos of an ideal society.