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FTR #102 Connecting the Dots

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The focal point of the broadcast is the “trans-Atlantic Industrial and Financial Axis” that has been instrumental in developing and sustaining fascism on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean throughout the course of the 20th Century. Collating information presented in previous programs, Mr. Emory develops connecting links between the American financing of German industry prior to and after World War II with events such as the murder of Nicole Simpson and the framing of O.J., the killing of Denver talk show host Alan Berg by the Nazi group The Order, the (probably) deliberate creation and dissemination of AIDS, as well as the profound influence of American eugenics thinking and legislation on the development of the Nazi racial laws. (For discussion of the American-German eugenics connection, see Archive Programs such as Euthanasia in Contemporary America & Nazi Germany and The Seeds of Nuremberg: Fascism Grows Again From the Seeds of The Old Harvest. They are available from Spitfire, as are various 30-minute segments about topics such as the O.J. Simpson case, the obscure but significant Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk, the development of AIDS and the right-to-die movement.)


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