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FTR #103 Updates of Miscellaneous Stories

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These segments update a number of topics covered in the past. After a brief discussion of a recent decision to exhume the remains of P-2 Lodge member and Vatican financial adviser Roberto Calvi (whose 1982 “suicide” appears to have been connected to the collapse of his Banco Ambrosiano), the broadcast focuses on: the Pope’s beatification of fascist collaborators from World War II; the recent murder of an associate of key Iran-Contra player Monzer Al-Kassar; the apparent power politics of Big Oil in parts of the former Soviet Union and the history of the Saudi Arabian Wahabi sect’s machinations with Western oil companies; the growing conflict between American and German intelligence agencies (“The Battle of Menwith Hill”); the career and activities of German fascist publisher and millionaire Gerhard Frey; congressional legislation that would shed light on historical connections between U.S. intelligence and Nazi war criminals; the disappearance of German files on the looting of gold during World War II; the alleged confirmation of the World War II death of Martin Bormann.


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