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FTR #109 Monzer Al-Kassar & Co.

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AMIA Bombing

One of the most important and least publicized players in the tangled world of weapons and drug trafficking, terrorism and espionage is Monzer Al-Kassar. A key player in the Iran-Contra Scandal, Al-Kassar imports 20 % of the heroin that comes to the United States (according to the DEA) and has apparently figured prominently in numerous terrorist incidents. This program sets forth allegations of possible involvement by Al-Kassar in two terror bombings in Argentina, as well as his connections to the late Alfredo Yabran, a Mafia-like wheeler dealer who (like Al-Kassar) had strong connections to the government of Argentina. Argentine president Carlos Menem, Yabran and Al-Kassar are all from the same town in Syria. In addition, the program contains information about international connections to the AMIA bombing (one of the bombings Al-Kassar was allegedly involved with), the mysterious “suicide” of Yabran, Yabran’s connections to former U.S. Ambassador Terrence Todman, who assisted with Yabran’s financial machinations and also interceded with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration on Yabran’s behalf. The conclusion of the program deals with Yabran associate Wenceslao Bunge, a Harvard-educated lawyer who is apparently part of the Bunge family that has been pivotally involved with Bunge and Born. One of the world’s largest commodities brokers, Bunge & Born figured prominently in an intricate stock market manipulation that was apparently connected to the assassination of President Kennedy.


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