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FTR #110 The Tyree Suit

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The program details an important lawsuit filed by former Special Forces soldier Bill Tyree. Tyree was involved in “Operation Watchtower,” a CIA operation that imported cocaine into the United States. (Tyree and his fellow operatives infiltrated Colombia in order to place electronic beacons in the jungle to guide the planes carrying the cocaine.) Tyree also contends that he was involved in an operation to surveil and blackmail political and law-enforcement figures who were attempting to interdict the cocaine traffic. When he dissented, his wife (also in the Army) was murdered and Tyree was framed for the murder. The lawsuit names (among others) George Bush and the Central Intelligence Agency as defendants. One of the central elements in the information developed by Tyree’s counsel is Albert Vincent Carone. Carone worked for/with the U.S. Army, the CIA, the New York Police Department and the Mafia. In addition to working with Tyree and (allegedly) Oliver North, Carone allegedly retrieved Elaine Tyree’s diaries at the request of the CIA. The suit embraces many elements in addition to the Iran-Contra drug traffic including political fundraising, FEMA and the assassination of President Kennedy. In affidavits filed by Carone’s family, they contend that Carone maintained that he had made payoffs to Jack Ruby in Dallas on 11/21/63 and that he was on top of a building at Love Field in Dallas as part of a plan to assassinate Kennedy before the fateful motorcade got underway.


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