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FTR #116 Interview with Dee Carone Ferdinand, Ray Kohlman and Mike Ruppert

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Following up on FTR # 115, Mr. Emory’s guests in that interview are joined by Dee Carone Ferdinand, the daughter of the late Albert Vincent Carone. After a brief discussion of the military career of former Special Forces soldier Bill Tyree and the lawsuit he has filed, most of the program centers on the career of Col. Carone, whose activities could be said to be “the glue” that ties the various elements of the lawsuit together. Ms. Ferdinand detailed her father’s career, beginning with his boyhood on the streets of Brooklyn, where he became a protege of Vito Genovese (the role model for the title character in the movie The Godfather). During the war, Col. Carone worked for OSS (The U.S. World War II intelligence agency) and continued working on the “covert side” after the war. An intimate of many of the most important figures in organized crime, Carone was heavily involved with a series of activities subsumed under the code name “Amadeus”. According to Ms. Ferdinand, “Amadeus” covered activities going back to World War II and involved gold smuggling (allegedly in conjunction with or through the Vatican) and the smuggling of Nazi SS men out of Europe and into Latin America after the War, as well as drug smuggling. (The Amadeus activities went on up through the mid 1980s, according to Ms. Ferdinand.) The “Amadeus” activities were also connected to George Bush. In addition to his connections to Oliver North, Col. Carone was also closely connected to the late William Casey, with whom Carone allegedly arranged lucrative insider trading deals for various organized crime figures. The interview concludes with discussion of Col. Carone’s alleged participation in the assassination of President Kennedy. Ms. Ferdinand alleged that Col. Carone called the assassination “a coup” and that the Army was told to “stand down” and that Col. Carone was in Dallas with Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis (then known as Frank Fiorini).


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