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FTR #119 U.S.-German Intelligence Wars

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In the wake of the Cold War, the lines of political struggle are being redrawn, with potential conflict between the United States and Germany (and beyond that the German-dominated European Union) threatening to replace the confrontation between the U.S. and former U.S.S.R. In the field of intelligence, the U.S.-German conflict is already beginning to manifest itself. This broadcast sets forth some of the most important and recent developments in the friction between American and German intelligence. After a brief discussion of Germany’s expulsion of an American diplomat who allegedly worked for the CIA, the broadcast sets forth friction between German intelligence chief Bernd Schmidbauer and the FBI over industrial spying, as well as a consummately important story about attempts by the European Union (read “Germany”) to compromise the National Security Agency’s vital Menwith Hill electronic listening post in England. Mr. Emory has characterized that pressure on the NSA facility as an act of war and believes it to be (in the “Information Age”) as strategically significant as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in World War II. After that discussion, the program further develops the story of Geman-EU pressure on Menwith Hill, followed by analysis of a story about Germany’s reorganization of the BND counter-intelligence arm for the purpose of improving relations with Washington. The program concludes with analysis of an apparent reversal of Germany’s traditional reluctance to bring to justice people involved in Middle East terrorism and the arming of Iraq.


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