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FTR #12 Interview with Stephen Singular

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This interview highlights the central points of Singular’s book Legacy of Deception (soft-cover, Dove Books, copyright 1995). Contacted by an anonymous source from within the Los Angeles legal system, who provided him with inside information about the Simpson murder case, Singular helped to shape the course of the trial of O.J. Simpson, as some of the information he developed was utilized by the defense. Singular’s source contacted him because of Stephen’s work on the murder of Denver talk-show host Alan Berg by the Neo-Nazi group “The Order”. (This book, Talked to Death, became the basis for the Oliver Stone film “Talk Radio.”) Singular’s source contacted him because the source felt that Simpson had been framed by people within the legal system, who held views similar to those of “The Order”. Singular discusses many elements of the Simpson case that were ignored by the national news media including: a blue plastic object adjacent to Simpson’s guest house, which may well have been a plastic evidence bag from a police evidence kit; the fact that it may have held the glove that was discovered on O.J.’s property; the fact that the blood found in Simpson’s Bronco may well have been planted; the fact that the blood sample collected from the back gate at Nicole’s property was probably planted and that it contained samples of a preservative (EDTA) used in forensic evidence kits; information indicating that Ron Goldman may have been the actual target of the killings and information that Mark Fuhrman may well be a Nazi and that he may very well have had a romantic affair with Nicole. (Recorded in the spring of 1995.)


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