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FTR #120 Update on Germany

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Updating various aspects of the re-emergence of German fascism and increasing German corporate incursion into the United States, this program begins with discussion of projections that the “Euro” will be a strong currency, with probable adverse affects for the United States.

Next, the program sets forth the emergence of German corporations engaged in mergers of some of the largest entities in their respective fields of business. One of the most important elements of discussion concerns German corporate control of American publishing, which has accelerated dramatically in the last several months of 1998 with Bertelsmann’s acquisition of Barnes & Noble’s online business and Springer-Verlag (with significant presence in American scientific publishing), as well as Barnes & Noble’s acquisition of Ingram, the largest book wholesaler in the United States.

It should be remembered that all major German corporations answer to the deadly Bormann Organization (literally the economic component of a Third Reich gone underground), which will likely prove to be the dominant element in history, barring a significant change in world affairs.

Next, the broadcast goes on to document indications that American fascists, such as former General Charles Willoughby (Douglas MacArthur’s former chief of intelligence) and Allen Dulles (former partner in the Nazi connected Sullivan and Cromwell law firm and former director of the CIA), were promoting a program of German Nazi recruitment from among American service personnel stationed in Germany. That effort appears to have been at least partially successful and elements of the resultant “Fifth Column” participated in the assassination of President Kennedy. In addition, the program highlights the continued program of domestic repression of the new German interior minister, Germany’s involvement with the Kosovo Liberation Army and the continued bloodshed in Yugoslavia and the growth of Nazi ideology and symbolism among youth in the former East Germany.


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