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FTR #130 Don’t Cry for Her, Argentina

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Although Evita Peron has enjoyed a reputation as a friend of Argentina’s downtrodden, she was also instrumental in helping to build the large Nazi and fascist emigre community that developed in that country in the post-World War II period. During a 1947 tour of Europe, Evita touched bases with Swiss and Spanish government officials and Pope Pius XII (among others) in order to facilitate the transport of numerous Nazis to Argentina. Juan Peron (her husband) was not only the dictator of Argentina but an ardent and open admirer of Nazism and fascism. The “rat lines” that Evita helped to develop were realized with the assistance of the large German-Argentine community, elements of the SS and its ODESSA network, Swiss government officials and private bankers and Argentine security officials employed by her husband. In addition the wealth that many of the Nazi emigres brought to Argentina, the Nazi exiles contributed their technical expertise to the development of Argentina’s military-industrial complex. Ultimately, the fascist roots that this Third Reich established in Argentina and elsewhere in Latin America grew into the murderous fascist dictatorships that plagued the region in the 1970s and 1980s. (Recorded in February of 1999.)


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