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FTR #132 Update on Biological Warfare and Genetic Engineering

One segment

This broadcast highlights aspects of the potential application of genetic engineering to biological warfare. The segment begins with discussion of a forecast by the British Medical Association that genetically engineered, “ethnic cleansing weapons” would become a reality within ten years. Taking advantage of genetic differences between different ethnic groups, such weapons could make genocide more feasible than ever before. Significantly, the BMA warned that such research would be difficult to distinguish from “legitimate” scientific study. Equally terrifying is a project being undertaken by American scientists involving the synthesis of living cells from scratch. Bio-technology of this type could facilitate the development of deadly biological warfare weapons by terrorist groups. Other points of discussion include: a proposal to catalog the genes of potential biological terror weapons; the alleged “discovery” of the African Chimpanzee genesis of AIDS (an extremely unlikely possibility) and the recent disclosure that people of African extraction have a genetic mutation that makes them more susceptible to AIDS, while people of European extraction have a mutation that makes them less so. This last point of discussion suggests that the BMA’s forecast of the development of “ethno-specific” biological warfare weapons may be closer than they suggest.


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