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FTR #133 Update on the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King

One segment

In spite of the death of patsy James Earl Ray in the spring of 1998, the quest for the truth about the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King continues. The broadcast contains a review of the basic facts of the assassination. The segment begins with analysis of information allegedly contained in documents retrieved by former FBI agent Donald Wilson from James Earl Ray’s car that corroborate Ray’s claim that he was set up as a patsy by a mysterious Latin gun runner known as “Raoul”. In addition, the documents connect Ray to the milieu of Jack Ruby (the killer of Lee Harvey Oswald, the fall-guy in the JFK assassination.) Recent tests on the documents failed to impugn the authenticity of the documents. Most of the program consists of discussion Judge Joe Brown’s investigation of the killing (which resulted in his manifestly unfair dismissal from the case). An avid hunter and firearms enthusiast, Judge Brown turned up compelling evidence that the bullet that killed King could not have been fired from Ray’s rifle. In addition, Brown exposed numerous attempts at tampering with or destroying evidence during the course of his investigation. The broadcast reviews the extraordinarily unlikely circumstances of Ray’s international flight from justice and discusses on-going attempts at cover-up. In addition to the surveillance of and attempted discrediting of Judge Brown himself, these attempts at cover-up include character assassination directed at Dr. King’s family (who are pressing forward with the investigation) and a new book by Gerald Posner, which restates the official disinformation concerning the case. (Posner played a similar role in the JFK assassination investigation with his ludicrous volume Case Closed.)


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