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FTR #135 Update on Germany

One segment

This program updates and/or presents a number of stories concerning German power politics and German fascism. Beginning with analysis of German literary giant Goethe’s spying on the politics of his university students, the program continues with discussion of a nationalistic speech by a recipient of the Book Trade’s Peace Prize that indicated German willingness to dissociate from the concept of national responsibility for the Third Reich. Next, the broadcast highlights the new minister of cultural affairs, Michael Naumann (previously CEO of Henry Holt & Co.). After discussion of friction between Germany, Holocaust survivors and the United Kingdom over trade matters, the program sets forth connections between the milieu of veteran German Nazi Karl Polacek and individuals from the Waffen SS, SA and the organization of Karlheinz Hoffman, a Nazi terrorist implicated in the 1980 Munich Octoberfest bombing. (Recorded in February of 1999.)


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