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FTR #140 Update on Health and Scientific Matters

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This program updates a number of stories in the health and science fields. Beginning with discussion of a bill introduced in the California legislature to permit physician assisted suicide, the broadcast presents analysis by author Wesley J. Smith of flaws in reportage about the Oregon euthanasia law (Prop. 16.) The alleged success of the Oregon law was the moral and intellectual premise for the introduction of similar legislation in California. As Mr. Smith points out, the reportage on the Oregon law is fundamentally fallacious and misleading.

Next, the program discusses a new study reinforcing previous information about the carcinogenic properties of SV40 (a cancer-causing monkey virus that contaminated the pre-1963 polio vaccine.) The focus of landmark research by author Ed Haslam, this contamination of the polio vaccine by SV40 has apparently led to a soft-tissue cancer epidemic and (possibly) the development of AIDS. In Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus: The Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory (Wordsworth Press, copyright 1995), Ed makes an excellent case that research into genetically altering SV40 to create a benign strain (for the purpose of inoculating against the cancer epidemic) overlapped the milieu of President Kennedy’s assassination. After the murder of Dr. Mary Sherman, evidence suggests that this research into the genetic altering of SV40 fell into the hands of David Ferrie, a fascist involved with President Kennedy’s assassination. The broadcast concludes with an examination of the perils of genetically modified food products. The focus of a lawsuit filed in early March of 1999, genetically altered foods present a number of perils, including the possibility of unforeseen effects on people who consume the foods, the hazard of “genetic pollution” in the natural environment and the certainty of increased economic suffering for small farmers. One of the most sinister of the new “GM” food products are the “terminator seeds.” These seeds produce plants that bear sterile seeds, mandating that farmers buy new seeds for each planting, rather than saving the seeds from the previous harvest. This not only threatens the livelihood of small farmers in the First World, it threatens the very lives of Third World farmers and their families. (Recorded on 3/7/99.)


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