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FTR #141 Interview III with Wesley J. Smith

MP3: One segment
NB: This stream combines a 30 minute broadcast of FTR 141 and the first 30 minutes of FTR 152: Update on Germany, originally aired May, 1999.

This broadcast is the third of Mr. Emory’s interviews with Wesley J. Smith, the author of Forced Exit: The Slippery Slope From Assisted Suicide to Legalized Murder (Times Books, copyright 1997). Focusing on Oregon’s Proposition 16 (the first euthanasia law in the United States), Mr. Smith points out how, in practice, the law has already proceeded very far down the “slippery slope.” Portrayed as a last-ditch measure to relieve extreme suffering of terminally-ill patients, who have been in lengthy relationships with their attending physician, the law has been used to dispose of people who are depressed and in need of assistance in living. Ominously, the Oregon law does not require physicians to report assisted suicides, indicating that the number of “suicides” is probably much higher than reported and the abuses much more flagrant. Many of the people who have been dispatched under the Oregon law appear to have been prescribed their legal dose by “death lobby” doctors, after a cursory examination and relationship. In March of 1999, a Berkeley assemblywoman introduced a “right-to-die” bill in the California legislature, based on the “satisfactory” results of the Oregon law. The mounting number of HMO’s failing for financial reasons constitutes another factor inclining health care in the direction of killing. Assemblywoman Aroner also introduced “capitation” legislation that would incline California HMO’s still further toward killing, rather than caring for patients. The interview also reviewed a number of topics from previous interviews with Wesley, including the catastrophic experience with euthanasia in the Netherlands and the German euthanasia movement early in the 20th century. The latter led directly to the Third Reich’s extermination programs. (Recorded March 14, 1999.)


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