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FTR #142 The Genesis of Latin American Death Squads

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Excerpted from AFA-15, this broadcast highlights the relationship between fascist elements of U.S. intelligence, the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (Mexico), the Latin American Branch of the former World Anti-Communist League and the formation and operation of Latin American death squads.

Operating under the banner of the “White Hand,” Latin American death squads were coordinated by the CAL (WACL’s Latin American affiliate) and had the University as its epicenter. The program analyzes the genesis of this relationship in Guatemala, arising out of the 1954 CIA-backed coup that overthrew Jacobo Arbenz. Utilizing CAL, elements of the CIA midwived the formation of the terror apparatus that sowed death and destruction in Guatemala and other Latin American countries in succeeding decades. (In March of 1999, President Clinton apologized on behalf of the United States for the bloodshed that the United States had been responsible for in Guatemala.)

The program sets forth the pre-World War II background of “Los Tecos,” the Mexican branch of CAL (based in Guadalajara). Allied with Adolf Hitler, tutored by a member who had studied in Nazi Germany and espousing an anti-semitic and anti-catholic occultism, Los Tecos dominate the Autonomous University. Founded, in part, by the U.S. State Department and Agency for International Development (the latter a frequent cover for U.S. intelligence operations abroad), the University serves as an ideological training ground and operational coordinating center for the terror units of the White Hand. (This information was supplied by a member of the Honduran branch of the death squad apparatus.)

The broadcast highlights the milieu’s operations in El Salvador and Nicaragua, both operations coordinated with Ronald Reagan’s CIA and both assisted (particularly in the beginning) by Argentine fascists. In addition, the program delineates the on-going relationship between the Autonomous University and thirteen different American universities. Visiting American students are obliged to comply with ideological training mandated by Los Tecos. (Recorded on 3/14/99.)


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