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FTR #144 Miscellaneous Stories and Updates

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Beginning with the resignation of the European Commission, this program highlights “matters European” during the first half the broadcast. The Commission’s resignation gives more political power to the European Parliament and will reduce the influence of the United Kingdom and France within the EU – this at a time when Germany is seeking important political and economic concessions from both countries. In the past, the European Parliament has proved politically accessible to fascist and Nazi candidates. Comparing articles from both the L.A. Times and Financial Times of London, the discussion centers on analysis of growing trade friction between the United States and the European Union. Growing commercial and political friction between these powers impelled Germany to propose separate European military and security arrangements. In numerous broadcasts, Mr. Emory has advanced his opinion that the next major international conflict would be between Germany and the German-dominated EU and the United States. Mr. Emory believes Germany will ultimately prevail in this conflict, barring significant alteration in the course of world events. After highlighting several critical flaws in standard arguments for gun control, the program turns to the issue of the contamination of the polio vaccine with the cancer causing simian virus SV40. (This viral contamination is a major focal point of the landmark research of Ed Haslam, author of Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey virus: The Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory, Copyright, 1995 by Wordsworth Press.) Alarmingly, the oncogenic virus (apparently responsible for a soft-tissue cancer epidemic sweeping the United States) can hybridize with DNA viruses, compounding its pathogenic qualities and making it more elusive. In addition, research presented by Dr. Ben Sweet revealed that even the “killed’ vaccine (marketed after 1963 and touted as “safe”) contained SV40. The formalin used to kill simian viruses and proven to have done so for the previous 39 simian viruses did not kill SV40, resulting in contamination of the vaccine administered after 1963. (Recorded on 3/21/99.)


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