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FTR #145 Paul Manning’s Correspondence with Other Journalists

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Supplementing previous discussion of the remarkable and deadly Bormann Organization, this broadcast illuminates writer Paul Manning’s correspondence with various journalistic contemporaries concerning his remarkable text Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile (Hardcover, Lyle Stuart 1981.)

Anticipating the defeat of the Third Reich, Reichsleiter Martin Bormann set up 750 corporations in neutral countries, primed as vehicles to receive the liquid wealth of Germany. This capital flight was effectively realized. An organizational genius and the real power behind Hitler, Bormann successfully fled Europe for South America and administered a “Reich in Exile” in the years since the war.

With the SS as an enforcement arm, former Gestapo chief General Heinrich Mueller as security director, the 750 corporations as a base of economic power and the willing silence and cooperation of the Western Allies, Bormann guided his Organization to a position of consummate power. One banker quoted by Manning termed the Bormann Organization, the “world’s most important accumulation of money power under one control in history”. Controlling Germany’s major corporations, the Federal Republic itself and much of Latin America, the Bormann Organization is also a formidable presence in the United States.

A colleague of Edward R. Murrow during the Second World War, Paul Manning wrote the definitive text on the Bormann Organization.

This program details some of his contacts with major news organizations and individuals in a vain attempt to garner greater publicity for, and distribution of, his work. Although few acknowledge the Organization, awareness of the group and its influence is greater than might be supposed from the relative lack of discussion of the subject.

Program highlights include: interest in the rites to Manning’s book as a possible motion picture or theatrical production; CBS news’ partial sponsorship of Manning’s research on the Bormann story; the role of the Bormann Organization in the so-called “Economic Miracle;” the post-war recovery of the West German economy; acknowledgement by Simon Weisenthal’s top investigator that General Heinrich Mueller commanded the best intelligence organization in the world from his position as director of security for the Organization; Heinrich Mueller’s role in setting up Mohammer Khadafy’s secret service; Mueller’s skillful discrediting of author Ladislas Farago (author of Aftermath); Manning’s devastating rebuttal of criticism directed at his book by an L.A. Times reviewer and his unsuccessful attempts to obtain an interview with Bormann himself, despite sustained communication with both Mueller and Bormann. Sadly, there was no substantive response to the efforts of Manning’s contemporaries. (Recorded on 3/21/99.)


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