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FTR #151 Drugs and the Kosovo Liberation Army

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Newly minted as international heroes after the beginning of the 1999 NATO air offensive against the Serbs, the Kosovo Liberation Army has been linked to drug trafficking. Drawing on research presented in Mike Ruppert’s From the Wilderness newsletter, the program documents the KLA’s connection to Albanian organized crime elements deeply involved in the international heroin trade. Beginning with discussion of Richard Armitage’s recent activities in the region, Mr. Ruppert notes Armitage’s long history of involvement with covert intelligence operations that involved drug trafficking. The program sets forth the similarity between past covert wars involving drugs and what appears to be going on in Kosovo. Mr. Ruppert notes the “Third Option” paradigm formalized by CIA deputy Director Ted Shackley in his book of the same name and suggests that it is being realized by U.S. and German intelligence in the Balkans. Much of the program consists of analysis of joint American and German policy in the region and suggestions by Mr. Ruppert and Professor Michel Chossudovsky (University of Ottawa) that the countries intend to recolonize the Balkans. Both men cite the severe conditions imposed on the region by the IMF and note that the hardship stemming from such draconian economic measures often presages conversion of depressed economies to the drug trade. Supported by both U.S. and German intelligence, the KLA served as the pretext for NATO involvement in the Kosovo conflict. Its operations appear to be sustained largely by the heroin trade, undertaken in partnership with powerful Albanian traffickers who have assumed an increasing role in the “Balkan route”. The latter is the route over which much of the heroin reaching the American and European markets travels. Program highlights include: Mr. Ruppert’s hypothesis that three U.S. soldiers captured in the conflict may have been deliberately set up; Armitage’s previous jobs as Bush’s Special Economic Envoy to the Soviet Union and his secret role during the closing stages of the Vietnam War; similarities between the Balkans conflict and the early stages of American involvement in Vietnam; the collapse of the Albanian economy that helped set the stage for the conflict; the rich mineral resources of Kosovo and Albania (the apparent focal point of American and German interest in the region); the contention that the scenario unfolding in Kosovo in 1999 had been determined by the time of the 1995 Dayton accords. (Recorded on 5/2/99.)


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