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FTR #152 Update on Germany

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NB: This stream combines a 30 minute broadcast of FTR #141 and the first 30 minutes of FTR #152: Update on Germany, originally aired May, 1999.

Carrying forward Mr. Emory’s coverage of the evolution of German fascism and imperialism, this program features two important articles by heroic journalist and author Paul Manning, author of the vitally important 1981 book Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile (Lyle-Stuart, copyright 1981).

Written in 1982, these articles detail the suppression of Manning’s book, as well as telling the story of the remarkable and deadly Bormann flight capital organization. (As indicated in previous broadcasts, Mr. Emory believes the Bormann organization will prove to be the decisive element in human affairs.) Controlling all the liquid wealth of Europe at the end of World War II, the Bormann group controls the economies of the Federal Republic of Germany and Europe. As one banker put it, the Bormann organization is the greatest concentration of money power under one controlling authority in history. Through its connections with major American corporations, the Bormann group was able to successfully pressure publisher after publisher to decline Manning’s manuscript, as well as prevailing on major publications to avoid reviewing it. Of particular significance in the suppression of Manning’s superb book was the Thyssen family (patriarch Fritz Thyssen was Hitler’s earliest and most prominent backer among German industrialists.) His grandson, Count Zichy-Thyssen put the word out that it would be very much appreciated if American publishers stayed away from the Manning text. (In FTRs 122 and 123, German Corporate Control of American Publishing, Mr. Emory highlights the profound connections between the Bormann group, the Thyssen interests and the Bertelsman Corporation. The latter dominates American publishing, along with the German Von Holzbrinck firm.)

The second half of the program sets forth German corporate maneuvering on the international stage. Beginning with Bertelsman’s joint publishing venture with the British Pearson Corporation (the publisher of the vitally important Financial Times of London), the program highlights the proposed merger of Deutsche Telecom and Telecom Italia. This merger would create the largest telecommunications company in the world and might set the stage for Deutsche Telecom to purchase the Sprint network (in which it already owns a 10% share.) Deutsche Telecom is controlled by the German government (which owns a 72% share in the company.) The discussion illuminates friction between Deutsche Telecom and American telecommunications companies, the Siemens corporation’s purchase of American data networking assets and the profound dissatisfaction of Chrysler executives with the takeover of Chrysler by Daimler-Benz. One of the most important elements of discussion concerns the decision by Siemens to close a semiconductor plant in England, whose construction was viewed by many observers as an essential element in getting Tony Blair elected Prime Minister. The closure was in retaliation for Britain’s decision to delay entry into the European Monetary Union.

The program concludes with an examination of continued German pressure on the consummately important National Security Agency installation in Menwith Hill (Yorkshire). Scapegoating U.S. industrial espionage for Germany’s economic problems, Germany is calling for a response. Mr. Emory views the Menwith Hill facility as absolutely essential to American national security and considers the German pressure on it to be an act of war – in the “information age,” the equivalent of the Japanese attack on Pearl harbor. The program concludes with a look at an ad by Volkswagen in the largest Czech newspaper that makes light of the German invasion of Czechoslovakia in World War II. (Recorded December, 1998)


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