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FTR #158 The Life and Times of Senator Thomas Dodd

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In the wake of the Columbine High School massacre in Littleton, Colorado, the popular sentiment in favor of gun control was greater than ever. Generally perceived as part of the liberal political agenda, gun control actually has its roots in the depths of international fascist intrigue. This broadcast documents connections between the assassination of President Kennedy and the world of Senator Thomas Dodd (right) of Connecticut.

A member of the U.S. prosecutorial staff at Nuremberg., this former FBI agent (Dodd) was close to the American Security Council (ASC), a domestic fascist group.  With its roots in the Hitler-Goebbels AntiComintern, the American Security Council was a key American link to the former World Anti-Communist League or WACL. Created by former FBI agents disgruntled at the demise of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s “investigations,” the American Security Council coalesced around the files of Harry Jung’s American Vigilance Intelligence Federation. Virulently anti-Semitic, Jung’s organization was part of the Anti-Comintern prior to World War II.

Counting among its ranks some of the most prominent names on the far right, the organization kept track of people it considered “subversive,” sharing political intelligence with prospective employers (particularly defense contractors). The ASC hated Kennedy and it is not, therefore, altogether surprising that Dodd helped to disseminate the disinformation that Lee Harvey Oswald had been trained in assassination by the KGB. With CIA assistance, Dodd inserted this disinformation into a Senate Subcommittee report. This disinformation, with roots in the same WACL milieu as the ASC, led liberals to cover-up the assassination out of fear that public perception that a communist killed the President would lead to a Third World War.

Dodd’s role in this affair is all the more interesting when one considers the possibility that Oswald may have ordered his weapons while working for Dodd’s Subcommittee. Investigating the mail-order firearms business, the Dodd committee focused on the two firms from which Oswald allegedly purchased his weapons. Oswald was apparently extraordinarily interested in mail-order guns, a strange way for a prospective assassin to acquire weaponry. In 1963, he could have purchased his guns over the counter with no trace of the transaction.

Manuel Pena, an intelligence-connected Los Angeles Police officer involved with the “investigation” of Robert Kennedy’s assassination, also worked with the Dodd Subcommittee. Pena helped to trace Oswald’s mail order gun purchases. Dodd was instrumental in crafting 1968 gun control legislation that borrowed from the Nazi weapons control act of 1938. It should be remembered that the assassinations of the Kennedys and Dr. Martin Luther King generated popular and legislative support for gun control.

The program also sets forth Dodd’s relationship with the Julius Klein public relations firm and, through it, key German corporations. When Senate investigations of Klein’s connections to those German corporations threatened that relationship, Dodd traveled to Germany in a vain attempt to convince Klein’s German clients that the Senate investigation should not stand in the way of their relationship to Klein. (They feared the publicity – Klein was an apparently unregistered foreign agent.) In Germany, Dodd met with Dr. Ludger Westrick. An economic adviser to German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, Westrick had been a key Nazi bureaucrat, liaison between industry and the SS and economic adviser to Martin Bormann. (Recorded on 6/6/99.)


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