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FTR #160 More Conversation with Mike Ruppert

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In this program, former LAPD narcotics detective Mike Ruppert brings the audience up to date on a number of different stories relating to the intelligence community’s involvement in the narcotics traffic.

Much of the first half of the program consists of review and analysis of the case of Bill Tyree, a former Special Forces trooper serving time for the murder of his wife.

Tyree was allegedly framed for his wife’s murder because he (and his wife) attempted to expose his involvement in two operations code-named Watchtower and Orwell. Operation Watchtower allegedly involved the placing of electronic beacons in the Central American jungle for the purpose of guiding CIA drug planes into Panama. Operation Orwell entailed the surveillance and harrassment of civic and governmental institutions and individuals that were attempting to interdict the Watchtower-related drug traffic. Tyree has filed suit against a number of individuals and agencies including former President George Bush, President Clinton, Oliver North and the CIA in an attempt to win his freedom. The investigation into Tyree’s case has turned up connections to numerous investigations, including the assassination of President Kennedy.

In this update on Tyree’s case, Mr. Ruppert relates circumstances surrounding Massachusetts Senator John Kerry’s connections to the case. (Kerry was involved with the original prosecution of Tyree’s case.) In a dramatic development, a letter allegedly written by former CIA Director William Casey admits to and attempts to justify decades-long CIA involvement in drug trafficking as a component of the war against communism. (When the letter was shown to former CIA official Theodore Shackley, Shackley emphatically stated his belief that the letter was genuine.) The letter was sent to Dee Carone Ferdinand, the daughter of Colonel Albert Vincent Carone. Working variously (and sometimes simultaneously) for the U.S. Army, the OSS (America’s World War II intelligence service and the predecessor of the CIA), the CIA, the New York City Police department and the Mafia, Carone was a good friend of Casey.

The story of his remarkable career is one of the most important aspects of the Tyree investigation. Mike informs us that, after nine months, George Bush’s counsel has failed to respond to the suit. Following the update of the Tyree suit, Mike discusses the precipitous decision by Congress to hold secret, closed-door hearings on Volume II of the CIA’s internal investigation into allegations of Agency complicity in the Contra-related drug traffic.

Volume II directly implicates some of the defendants in the Tyree suit in the Central American cocaine traffic and Congress had stated its intent to hold public hearings into the matter. Obviously, that statement was less than sincere.

Next, the discussion turns to allegations made by former HUD official Catherine Austin Fitts, who believes that the crack-cocaine epidemic of the 1980’s was deliberately intended as a device to effect “ethnic cleansing” in neighborhoods that had received HUD loans.

Ravaged by the effects of the crack epidemic, these areas were soon abandoned by many homeowners who had received loans. This flight shattered the ethnic solidarity of the neighborhoods and left the real estate to be bought up at pennies on the dollar.

Another element of analysis concerned the relationship between the “underworld” drug economy and the “overworld” of Wall Street investment. Mr. Ruppert concludes the interview by discussing several class-action suits that have been filed against the CIA in connection with the Contra cocaine traffic and its relationship to the crack epidemic of the 1980s (Recorded on 7/11/99.)


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