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FTR #165 Kosovo Update

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Updating developments in post-war Kosovo, this program begins with statements by the deputy mayor of Varvarin, Yugoslavia. Discussing storms and an earthquake that had compounded the troubles resulting from the bombing of the town, the deputy mayor voiced the opinion that both had been caused by “the CIA”. He went on to describe what was readily recognizable as project HAARP.

Next, the discussion highlights the fact that the KLA is becoming the de facto government in Kosovo. It appears that the KLA is remaining true to their criminal and fascist roots, looting, stealing, killing and terrorizing ethnic Albanians who get in their way, as well as Serbs. The German “peace-keeping troops” bear responsibility for ushering in the KLA and utilizing them as a civic force. (As discussed in FTRs 120, 147 and 161, German intelligence had sponsored and armed the KLA prior to the commencement of the bombing campaign.) The broadcast concludes with a look at Kosovo’s adoption of the Deutschmark as its hard currency of choice, moving the province a step closer to becoming a German colony.(Recorded on 8/1/99.)


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