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FTR #166 The Free Congress Foundation Goes West: World War II Redux?

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In AFA-36 Mr. Emory discussed the Free Congress’ activities in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, as part of an analysis of the destabilization of that region. (The material was drawn from an article in Covert Action Information Bulletin #35 entitled ‘The Free Congress Foundation Goes East”.)

Including an amalgam of domestic and European fascists in its embrace, the Free Congress Foundation appears to have played an important part in destabilizing the former U.S.S.R.

In this broadcast, Mr. Emory suggests the possibility that they may be engaging in similar activities vis-a-vis the United States in 1999 and doing so on behalf of Germany and what he calls “the underground Reich” – literally a Third Reich gone underground.

The program begins with discussion of increased friction between Germany and both the United Kingdom and the United States. A scathing London Times column about Germany has triggered a war of words in the editorial pages of the respective countries’ newspapers. The broadcast enlarges on information about a Volkswagen advertising campaign in the Czech Republic that made light of the German invasion of Czechoslovakia in World War II.

Next, the program introduces one of the central elements of discussion – the pressure by Germany to remove the vital National Security Agency installation in Menwith Hill, England and the related ECHELON electronic intelligence network.

Scapegoating NSA industrial espionage allegedly conducted from the Menwith Hill base for some of its economic difficulties, Germany has complained bitterly through both media and political channels. Interestingly, the Free Congress Foundation has recently begun complaining about the ECHELON network (including the Menwith Hill installation).

This organization’s sudden burning interest in protecting the civil liberties of American citizens (and foreign businesses) is more than a little strange in light of some of the institutions and elements which it embraces.

The Free Congress foundation was founded by right-wing lynchpin Paul Weyrich in 1974, the year after he started the Heritage Foundation. Weyrich had earlier participated in an attempt to take over the American Independent Party, an amalgam of Ku Klux Klansmen and John Birchers. Found within the FCF are individuals and elements associated with the milieu of the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations.

The Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN) was essentially a re-naming of the Committee of Subjugated Nations, formed by Hitler in 1943.

Comprised of fascist organizations allied with Hitler, such as the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists/Bandera or OUN/B and Hungarian Arrow Cross, the ABN advocated an anticommunist approach that not only favored the rolling back of Soviet influence from Eastern Europe, but the dissolution of the Soviet Union into its constituent republics.

The Free Congress Foundation appears to have been heavily involved in the dissolution of the former Soviet Union, utilizing individuals associated with both OVN/B and Arrow Cross, FCF’s director of “liberation” activities was Laslo Pastor, the Arrow Cross veteran who cemented the Nazi emigre milieu in the United States into a wing of the Republican party.

In light of FCF’s involvement with, and promotion of, elements like ABN, it is odd that they have become born-again civil libertarians vis-a-vis ECHELON, Menwith Hill, etc. The broadcast highlights the possibility that the FCF may, in fact, be functioning as a Fifth Column movement for German industry and the “underground Reich.”

German credibility on the issue of electronic eavesdropping is undermined by disclosure that they, too, had joined with NSA to encode a “trap-door” function into the encryption technology of Crypto A.G., the Swiss-based leader in encryption technology. This function enabled both NSA and the BND (the German intelligence service) to eavesdrop on all Crypto customers. Distributing their supposedly secure technology to 120 countries, Crytpo guaranteed the security of their systems. In fact, Crypto was a subsidiary of Siemens, the German electronics giant, engendering the NSA/BND collaboration on the encryption scheme. (Recorded in August of 1999.)


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