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FTR #167 No, the Aliens STILL Aren’t Among Us!

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Further developing a theme from earlier programs (FTRs 66, 68 and 105), this broadcast analyzes some of the political overtones of the UFO phenomenon and the ET myth. Beginning with discussion of Orson Welles’ 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast, the program highlights the critical role of the media in the incident.

A radio play based on the H.G. Welles science fiction novel of the same name, The War of the Worlds was mistaken for a real Martian invasion of earth, largely because of the realism of the production. The broadcast sounded so much like a real media event that many listeners did not question its authenticity, despite periodic interruptions and announcements. The result was near panic in a disturbingly large part of the listening audience, underscoring the importance of the media in determining our behavior.

Because of this tremendous power, recent television programs endorsing the “aliens are among us” myth are to be viewed seriously and with alarm. With a 1997 Gallup poll having found that 42 percent of college graduates believe that earth has been visited by space aliens, the NBC program Confirmation and local news programs touting the ET myth may well do much to strengthen the public’s belief in extraterrestrial visitors.

The program sets forth the argument that programs of this type pave the way for manipulation of the public consciousness in a very cynical, dangerous and fascistic manner, by lending the aura of credibility to a myth. With evidence that so-called “flying saucers” are real and terrestrial in origin, the possible use of that technology to deceive and control a target population should not be too readily dismissed.

The possibility of “ET’s” was also recently floated in a syndicated column by James Pinkerton, a major right-wing scribe.

The second half of the program presents some of the views of John Lear and Bill Cooper, two of the leading proponents of the notion that our government has been deceiving the public about the reality of ET contact. Both advance the hypothesis that our government has entered into a secret agreement with aliens, who are giving us access to their technology in exchange for our “cooperation” in a variety of different projects. Significantly, both have links to the intelligence community (Lear to the CIA and Cooper to the Office of Naval Intelligence.) Cooper also parrots a view that some of the “aliens” are blonde, “Aryan types.”

Mr. Emory presents author Jacques Vallee’s critique of the views of Cooper and Lear, noting the glaring deficiencies and inconsistencies in their arguments. In addition, Mr. Emory advances the hypothesis that some of the activities ascribed by Cooper, Lear et al to “aliens” might actually serve as a cover for experiments and other activities by humans. (Recorded in August of 1999.)


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