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FTR #168 Caution: “Lone Nuts” at Work

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For decades, American political intellectual culture has ascribed the conspiratorial workings of fascism to the efforts of “lone nuts,” thereby misrepresenting deliberate treachery as psychopathology. When Buford Furrow (above, right) killed a Filipino-American mail carrier and shot up a Jewish Community Center in August of 1999, this trusted Aryan Nations functionary was represented as a lone nut by the media, despite his obvious and public political connections. This program demonstrates areas of overlap between the political milieu that spawned Furrow and the political milieu that spawned Lee Harvey Oswald, one of America’s prototypical “lone nuts”. (In numerous other broadcasts, Mr. Emory has demonstrated that Oswald was neither a lone nut nor a communist, but a patsy who had been set up by the forces of international fascism to take the fall for President Kennedy’s assassination.)

Beginning with questions about where the “lone nut” Furrow got the large amount of money and the array of expensive firearms he used, the program goes on to document the funding of the ’80’s Nazi group The Order by “German Families in Latin America.” In all probability, those families were actually the deadly Bormann flight capital organization, about which Mr. Emory has spoken so often. Furrow had been married to Debbie Matthews, the widow of Order founder Robert Matthews.

The discussion then proceeds to individuals involved with the milieu that gave rise to the Aryan Nations (to which Furrow belonged) and their involvement with America’s political assassinations. American fascist Gerald L.K. Smith attempted to pin the JFK assassination on “international Jewry”. (Smith and wife are pictured at right.)  Smith’s personal secretary of some 20 years, Jonathan Perkins, accompanied apparent Sirhan Sirhan handler Jerry Owen to his interview with the LAPD unit that was allegedly investigating the assassination of Robert Kennedy. The broadcast covers the involvement of former MacArthur staffer and Nazi paramilitary activist William Potter Gale with the milieu that figures in the investigation into the JFK assassination.

Particular emphasis is on the participation of Gale associate Loran Eugene Hall in a guerilla raid on Castro’s Cuba in 1963. (Hall is pictured at right.) Termed the Bayo-Pawley-Martino raid, this attack was used by fascist elements to try to pin the JFK assassination on Fidel Castro. (It was maintained that Castro apprehended some of the raiders, perhaps turning some of them, and subsequently retaliated against Kennedy.) Having previously and incorrectly cast aspersions on the credibility of Silvia Odio (who linked Oswald to anti-Castro Cubans) Hall helped train the Bayo-Pawley-Martino raiders. Hall’s participation in this event is noteworthy for the other figures with whom he was associated in this affair.

In addition to intelligence operatives such as future Watergate burglar Rolando Martinez, Hall’s associates in the affair included Life Magazine staffer Richard Billings, who concocted the House Select Committee on Assassinations’ final report. One of the financial backers of the raid was Julien Sourwine, counsel to the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. In FTR-158, Mr. Emory documented the involvement of Sourwine with Senator Thomas Dodd in floating the “KGB killed Kennedy” disinformation.

As was the case with the Bayo-Pawley raid, this canard was used to “paint Oswald red.” This “Oswald the communist” disinformation led investigators to cover up the assassination out of fear that, if the American people believed that Kennedy had been killed by communists, World War III would result.

The program concludes with a look at Loran Eugene Hall’s alleged participation in a 1980’s methamphetamine synthesizing operation, whose proceeds appear to have gone to the intelligence community and the Contra support effort. (Recorded on 9/5/99 )


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