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FTR #171 Further Discussion with Mike Ruppert

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In this interview, Mike Ruppert updates and further develops a number of stories, beginning with the subject of George W. Bush’s purchase of a kilo of cocaine. This purchase (allegedly in the company of his brother Jeb, who also purchased a kilo) was allegedly caught on film as part of a DEA sting at Miami’s Tamiami Airport.

One of the central points of discussion concerns the apparent use of CIA-generated crack cocaine to deliberately ruin neighborhoods in which there were substantive amounts of HUD subsidized housing occupied by African-Americans. Coming as it does from Ms. Catherine Austin Fitts (contributing editor to Mr. Ruppert’s From the Wilderness newsletter and a former Assistant Secretary of HUD under George Bush), this disclosure is as compelling as it is disturbing. Ms. Fitts and Mr. Ruppert noticed an unnerving overlap between the areas of Los Angeles in which the CIA-connected crack cocaine distribution operation of “freeway” Ricky Ross was located and the areas in which there was HUD housing. (The story of Ricky Ross is detailed in Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance series.)

The devastating effects of the crack epidemic of the 1980s decimated these neighborhoods, forcing the African-American residents to flee and opening up their properties to re-sale for pennies on the dollar. It is the considered opinion of Ms. Fitts that this policy was deliberate and constitutes a deliberate program of ethnic cleansing or even genocide. Ms. Fitts was a first-hand witness to discussions with associates of Newt Gingrich, in which they openly expressed the view that African-Americans were genetically inferior and implied that they should be exterminated.

Program Highlights Include: discussion of Ms. Fitts’ ill-fated attempts to restructure HUD projects in African-American inner-city areas in such a way as to permit many of the single mothers with children to do computer data processing (providing them with income and saving HUD money); the dismissal by HUD officials of Ms. Fitts’ proposal as “computers for niggers;” Mr. Ruppert’s rumination about the prospects of the United States going to war in Colombia; analysis of the significance of drug money for the long Wall Street investment boom; discussion of Mike Ruppert’s interaction with Congressional personnel investigating the CIA-cocaine link; the progress of several class-action suits filed against the CIA in connection with the Contra-cocaine connection.


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