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FTR #173 Hearts and Minds

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During the Vietnam War, American policy was officially aimed at winning the “hearts and minds” of the Vietnamese people. This broadcast highlights Nazi and fascist attempts at utilizing various cultural and intellectual milieus to win hearts and minds to their cause. Beginning with discussion of the Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk, Mr. Emory reviews the scenario outlined in that book. (Ostensibly a novel, this book appears to be a blueprint for what Nazi elements are actually doing.)

In this book, the SS go underground, build a capital organization and buy into the American opinion forming media. Ultimately, this leads to a Nazi takeover. The activities and organization described in the “novel” are a representation of what Mr. Emory believes that the remarkable and deadly Bormann organization is actually doing. (The economic component of a Third Reich gone underground, the Bormann organization has been described as “the most important concentration of money power under a single control in history”.)

As the century draws to a close, historical revisionism on the subject of the Third Reich is making front-page news, as Pat Buchanan trumpets his view that the United States faced no imminent threat from Hitler. In late September of 1999, that view was echoed by a syndicated Washington Post columnist. The program sets forth discussion of a new German film about Joseph Mengele, the infamous SS doctor of Auschwitz. This film whitewashes Mengele’s activities and, in so doing, justifies them.

Mr. Emory has discussed the Bertelsmann firm and the German corporate control of American publishing. Founded by Heinrich Mohn, a member of the SS, Bertelsmann is inextricably linked with the Bormann organization. In addition to its literary endeavors, Bertelsmann is one of the largest music distributors in the United States, owning both RCA Records and Arista. Rock music is one of the avenues that Nazi elements have been using to win young people over to their cause. The program underscores the manner in which musical genres such as “black metal” overlap the culture of fascism, acclimating young people to a potential fascist orientation. (Mr. Emory stresses that this culture is neither fascist nor Nazi. Most of its adherents are opposed to fascism. The cultural overlap with Nazi culture makes them susceptible to seduction to the Nazi cause.)

After reviewing elements of overlap between New Age culture and fascism, the broadcast underscores how neo-Nazi elements have blended factual information about Nazi development of flying saucers with mythology and occultism.

The program concludes with a look at the manner in which “conspiracy research” can also be used to seduce someone to a fascist point of view. When a person becomes aware of the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill President Kennedy and realizes the truth concerning other official lies, it can leave that person in an intellectually relativistic state. They are then potentially open to reorientation. “Perhaps the holocaust really didn ‘at happen?!” The author of Crossfire (about the Kennedy assassination) and adviser to Oliver Stone on the movie JFK, Jim Marrs has written a book called Alien Agenda, which endorses the untenable view that space aliens made contact with the Third Reich and gave them their technology. In addition to this highly suspect behavior, Marrs has also flirted with holocaust denial, claiming that only “thousands” died. Serious researchers should view Marrs with a jaundiced eye. (Recorded on 10/3/99.)


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