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FTR #178 That’s Right, the Aliens Are STILL not Among Us

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This program continues an examination of the fascistic political manipulation of the “ET” myth. Previous treatments of the subject have documented the physical reality of so-called flying saucers. They do not come from outer space. They are advanced aeronautical devices that were developed on earth, by human beings. (Dating to the closing months of the Second World War, these aircraft were originally developed as anti-aircraft weapons by the Germans. The stealth aircraft which came into public view in the late 1980s were part of the same line of aeronautical research and development.) Previous programs on this subject have highlighted the deliberate creation of the myth of “extraterrestrial” by fascist and national security-related elements. This myth (believed by 42% of college graduates according to 1997 poll), has been manipulated in a racist, ariosophist manner.

This broadcast begins with discussion of Joe Firmage, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has publicized his belief in extraterrestrials as well as his conviction that they gave us our high technology. (The propagation of this same myth by fascist elements connected to the assassination of President Kennedy is documented in FTR-68.) More disturbing is the fact that Firmage has assembled a group to “research” this allegation, including personnel from NASA. In October of 1999, this group was scheduled to have a symposium on the subject. This symposium included Silicon Valley electronics executives who shared Firmage’s views and who were part of his research group. The San Francisco Examiner reported that these executives were going to capitalize Firmage’s organization to the tune of $100 million! An investigator from NASA was reported to be very concerned about this group’s inclusion of personnel from that agency. Specifically, he was worried that those personnel might disclose secrets concerning propulsion systems during the course of their ruminations.

Following discussion of Firmage & company, the program highlights the growing belief in creationism and Americans’ disenchantment with the notion that we evolved from “lower” animals. (According to one recent poll, 68% of Americans favor the teaching of creationism and 40% favor the exclusion of the evolution of species from school curricula!) With fascistic theories about humans having evolved from space aliens growing in popularity, the willful ignorance of Americans on the subject of evolution holds the potential for disaster.

Next, the program reprises an element of the discussion from FTR-66. Acting on behalf of an apparent neo-Nazi group, a colonel in the military promoted the notion that aliens visited earth and were still here. Utilizing the iconography of Hitler’s SS, this group claims to be preparing “a belief change in America”. One wonders if this belief change was along the lines advocated by the believers in “The Nine,” discussed in FTR-169. This Nazi UFO group warned researcher Jacques Vallee not to contact “the government”. The racist and fascistic theory that the so-called “Aryans” evolved from space aliens and that the Germans are, therefore, superior is a recurrent theme of volumes published by neo-Nazi publisher Ernst Zundel’s Samisdat publishing house. As discussed in FTR-167, former Naval Intelligence Agent Bill Cooper has sounded related themes.

The broadcast concludes with a review of a disturbing piece of information first presented in FTR-173. This concerns author Jim Marrs’ endorsement of the notion that we have been visited by space aliens and that they gave the Germans their “flying saucer” technology. Marrs has also engaged in Holocaust revisionism. The author of the book Crossfire and one of the influences on Oliver Stone’s film JFK, Marrs claims that the 6 million figure is greatly exaggerated. (This is in keeping with contemporary Holocaust denial, which claims that only some thousands died and that there were no gas chambers in the concentration camps.) Marrs’ endorsement of the untenable “ET” myth and his Holocaust revisionism is particularly disturbing, when one considers that learning the truth concerning the JFK assassination and other political conspiracies can leave a person in a state of intellectual relativism. Having come to realize that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill President Kennedy, a person may think “perhaps the Holocaust didn’t happen”. Because of this, Nazi elements have focused on conspiracy research as a vehicle for gaining credibility for their propaganda. (Recorded on 10/31/99.)


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  1. There is no link for FTR #178 That’s Right, the Aliens Are STILL not Among Us..it would be great if you could post one or re-broadcast the show (along with FTR#170 perhaps!)…

    Posted by paul harvey | December 12, 2011, 1:52 pm
  2. @Paul: Personally, this is one of my favorites amongst the UFO discussions on ‘For The Record’. =)

    Posted by Steven L. | December 12, 2011, 11:20 pm

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