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FTR #180 The Underground Reich

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For years, Mr. Emory has spoken of “the Underground Reich,” which he describes as (literally) a clandestine Third Reich. In this broadcast, he documents some of the key features of this Underground Reich, drawing largely on excerpts from past taped programs. Beginning with a 1953 coup attempt in Germany by former Goebbels aide Werner Naumann, the program highlights what author T.H. Tetens described as a “Fuehringsring,” a system of Mafia-like control permitting Nazi administration of the Federal Republic of Germany. Realized by virtue of a network of small, underground cells, this control mechanism afforded a Nazi government-in-exile in Madrid and in Latin America and effective governance of the “new” Germany through the many “former” Nazi officials who held positions in its government.

The program includes a reading of a circular letter generated by the Nazi governing council in 1950, which evaluates the world situation at that period in time. Next, the program reviews material about the Bormann organization – the economic component of the Underground Reich.

The Bormann group controls corporate Germany, the economies of Europe, South America and much of the rest of the world. It also wields decisive political control over the Federal Republic of Germany. This program highlights Reichsleiter Martin Bormann’s consummate exercise of political clout in the then-West Germany of 1971. Bormann summoned West German President Walter Scheel (himself a former Nazi party member) and his wife to Bolivia, so that they could take charge of a boy named Simon Martin (almost certainly a child of Bormann’s old age) to be raised as part of German elite society.

The program also sets forth the critical role in world affairs played by SS General Heinrich Mueliler (the war-time head of the Gestapo and the feared security director of the Bormann organization.) In addition to handling the security of the Reich-in-exile, Mueller worked with Reinhard Gehlen’s intelligence service. (The director of intelligence for the Eastern Front during World War II, Gehlen jumped to the CIA, NATO and, finally, the Federal Republic of Germany with his organization. That organization (according to Colonel William Corson, formely of U.S. Army Intelligence and an adviser to the Church Committee in the 1970’s) was simply “a front for ODESSA Nazis”. Indeed, the program documents the fact that, even after he went to work for the United States, Gehlen was clearing his actions with Admiral Von Doenitz (who, nominally, succeeded Hitler), as well as General Franz Halder (his former chief-of-staff). As noted by author Carl Oglesby, this indicated that the German chain of command was still in effect, even when Gehlen was officially working for the U.S.

The broadcast also documents the collaboration between the CIA and the Bormann group. The program concludes with a look at connections between the Gehlen ODESSA milieu and Helene Von Damm, the woman who compiled the lists from which Ronald Reagan made his cabinet appointments. Von Damme was a protege of SS officer Otto Von Bolschwing, Adolf Eichmann’s superior in administering the extermination of European Jewry. Von Bolschwing became a key operative of U.S. intelligence in the post-war period. Von Damm’s relationship to Von Bolschwing suggests the distinct possibility that the Reagan Administration was, in effect, a front for the Underground Reich! (Recorded on 11/7/99.)


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