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FTR #182 Bloody Deeds and Possible Covert Action in the Former Soviet Union and Eurasia

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In late 1999, parts of the former Soviet Union were beset with violence and bloodshed. Groups implicated in the violence have a history of involvement with international fascism. The program begins with discussion of the assassination of the Prime Minister and Parliamentary Speaker of Armenia. Coming shortly after U.S. State Department officials attempted to negotiate a settlement in the long-running conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the killings were accomplished by members of the Dashnag party. The Dashnags are an Armenian ultra-nationalist group that actively collaborated with the Third Reich and other fascist groups from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. After recounting some of the details of this collaboration, the discussion highlights the Dashnag assassination of the Primate of the Armenian Orthodox Church in America, Archbishop Leon Tourian, in 1933. (The Dashnags accused him of being a Soviet sympathizer.)

Next, the program highlights Dashnag collaboration with the Christian Mobilizers, an American fascist group that sympathized with Hitler. The Mobilizers and their leader, Gerald L.K. Smith, were the direct precursors of the contemporary Aryan Nations. In the course of setting forth the history of the Dashnags, Mr. Emory speculates that the contemporary incarnation of the group may be collaborating with either the Underground Reich and/or elements of intelligence services. (The most likely suspects would be the BND or fascist elements within the U.S. intelligence establishment.) The bloodshed in Armenia was largely eclipsed by the war in Chechnya, precipitated by the invasion of neighboring Dagestan by Islamic fundamentalists associated with the Wahabi sect. (For more on Wahabism in the former Soviet Union, see FTR-103.)

A conservative Islamic sect based in Saudi Arabia, the Wahabis have been making their presence felt in many parts of the world in recent years. Prior to, and during, World War II, Ibn Saud (the first king of Saudi Arabia) and his mentor Jack Philby were allied with Nazi Germany. Their associate Allen Dulles (who helped to corral Saudi oil wealth for American petroleum companies) was a Third Reich collaborator, as well. The Wahabi attack on Dagestan threatened a key petroleum producing region in Russia, provoking the retaliation that followed. In light of the history of Wahabism, the possibility that (like the Dashnags) the Chechen guerillas are being manipulated by elements associated with fascism and/or the intelligence community should not be too readily cast aside. As discussed in FTR-103, perhaps the best known exponent of contemporary Wahabism is the Saudi terrorist Osama Bin Laden. (Like the Chechen warlord Khattab, Bin Laden got his military training fighting with the anti-Soviet guerillas in Afghanistan.)

After discussing tensions between the U.S. and Afghanistan over the Taliban’s continued hospitality to Bin Laden, the program sets forth business connections between Bin Laden’s family and George W. Bush. Bush’s Arbusto Energy company was begun, in part, with money from one James Bath. Bath’s reputed associations run from the Central Intelligence Agency to the failed BCCI. The later was a financial institution involved in drug dealing, terrorism and arms trafficking. (It was used by Oliver North for some of his Iran-Contra machinations.) Bath was the Texas business representative for Bin Laden’s family and the money he used to help start Arbusto may very well have come, in part, from Bin Laden’s family. (Like the Dashnags and the Wahabi sect, the Bush family has an historical alliance with the Third Reich.) (Recorded on 11/14/99)


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